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Slushy is living on such impossibly good internet real estate that I’m shocked it wasn’t grabbed up by 7-11 or some other outfit selling syrupy frozen drinks. I’m certainly not complaining, as I think the site’s offerings are much more enticing than brain freeze and diabetes. Speaking as a porn webmaster and the guy who runs, it’s just wild to me that the dot com was even available, and that it’s now serving up next-gen amateur porn with a super-modern interface.


That’s right, folks: is a freemium social porn platform delivering short videos by the buttload. They’ve called themselves “TikTok gone wild”, which I think is an apt description. Their traffic has been steadily rising lately, with about a million perverts tuning in for a peek last month alone. I’m crazy about DIY smut and I love the rapid-fire format of apps like TikTok, so I couldn’t wait to lube up and shake my dick at the screen. Let me tell you all about it!



TikTok Meets OnlyFans

It’s a great time to be a porn fan. The pandemic era brought us a whole lot of unpleasant bullshit like more expensive groceries, the death of 24-hour stores and angrier arguments over Christmas dinner at your uncle’s place. On the other hand, it also turned OnlyFans into a household term and turned legit girls next door into bona fide internet pornstars.



I don’t think the rise of TikTok has the same kind of direct correlation to social distancing, but the format’s a perfect fit for our declining attention spans. I’ve reviewed a fair number of free video tubes that ape the TikTok interface with different degrees of success, and I knew right away Slushy was something a little bigger and better.


As well as those other sites emulate TikTok, they’ve typically got a pretty low-fi vibe. I see a lot of low-resolution clips that look like they were scraped from whatever free tube or social media site they could find. Slushy ramps up the production values with videos that just look better, as well as a presentation with a few more bells and whistles. It’s obvious they put some real money into this one.


It takes money to make money, right? One of the things that separates from the other adult TikTok clones is an OnlyFans-style subscription model where you can follow your favorite models for a few bucks. I really like how it’s implemented, too: swipe on a free booty-shaking or titty-flashing clip and you have an opportunity to see more for a price. One of my longstanding complaints about OnlyFans is how it’s basically impossible to find new models directly on the platform itself, and I think Slushy’s solution is beautiful.



Sexy Women at the Swipe of a Thumb

The desktop version of is still in beta, so I’m checking out the mobile version for the purpose of this review, and to make sure I’m getting all the features for my own personal use. Every website in 2024 is mobile friendly unless it’s trash, but this one is seriously optimized for mobile in a way most porn sites just aren’t. As long as you’ve got one free thumb, you can use the rest of your digits to massage the ol’ hotdog.



You’ll want to sign up for an account even if you aren’t planning on buying into any of the premium stuff. Yeah, I know it sucks to give out an email address if you don’t have to, but you’ll get a lot of nag screens until you do. More importantly, setting up an account lets you set your preferences and follow your favorite models. Naturally, I slid the content slider beyond SFW and NSFW into Adult territory.


They offer up a nice selection of Featured Models as the last step of the registration process, so I stocked my feed with cosplay cuties, big booty thick girls, Asian babes and Latina knockouts. There’s a beautiful range of beautiful women, and you may even recognize some if you’re a fan of social media porno. Amouranth was among those Featured chicks, and yeah, I hit Follow as soon as I saw her red hair and pretty face.


You don’t have to enter a payment method right away, but they make sure to remind you what you’re missing. feels a lot like TikTok meets OnlyFans, as the perks include private text messages, custom requests and personal media swapping. You can even do uncensored video calls straight from the platform, which ain’t even a given on the OnlyFans clones out there.



Getting to the Good Stuff with Slushy

The default feed had me pretty hard to begin with, but I feel like the site really opened up once I had my account set up. The screens nagging me to sign up are gone, letting me swipe effortlessly through butt-shaking blondes, girls in firemen hats and fake police uniforms, and babes slurping on dildos like they haven’t eaten in days.



I’ve spent a fair amount of time talking about Slushy’s premium setup, but there’s a ton of free material for the cheapskates out there. You’ll still get nag screens about setting up your payment method if you haven’t yet, but you can swipe right through those and get back to the jiggling butts.


A lot of the free material has tags like #uncensored, #NSFW and #boobs, but actual nudity seemed to be pretty damn rare. If you were hoping for a free fap to some hardcore porno, this ain’t the place. If you’re looking for a subscription site with better previews than OnlyFans, though, you’re on the right track.


Things did heat up when I started playing with search function. I decided to go hard right from jump, typing “Anal” into the box. That turned up some free clips of babes and their silicone friends, though the really naughty bits have been censored with flesh-colored Tetris pixels. The blowjob hashtag turned up slightly more explicit content, though the girls are sucking on dildos rather than real hogs.


There’s already a great range of content on Slushy, and the platform is still pretty new. I was able to find content for any keyword I searched for, from Feet to Femdom, BBW to BDSM, Cosplay to Creampies. Again, though, it seems like all the really dirty stuff is hidden behind the various paywalls. If you want to see uncensored content, it’s going to cost you.



Show Me to the Fully Naked Girls, Please

Models on the platform can set their own prices, and they vary wildly. In just a few seconds, I found a chubby chick selling subscriptions for a buck, a girl with a buttplug who wanted $11.99, and a Latina asking $25. As with OnlyFans, it can add up quickly if you ain’t careful or you’re prone to falling in love with girls on the internet.



Some models also have individual posts for sale. Again, the prices vary like crazy, but can include multiple pieces of media. I found a sexy Asian chick named Alice showing off her ass in black lingerie, and I could unlock the full set for thirty bones. It’s a steep price, the same rate I charge for a month at PornDudeCasting, but it includes 3 pics and a video from the babe herself. I am a sophisticated man who likes to support the arts, so it may be time to add my payment method.


It ain’t all that relevant to what I do here at NoLimitsFun, which is largely masturbatory, but Slushy has a surprising number of social media features baked into the interface. I opened my profile to see my Liked videos and found places to enter info like my favorite sports teams and favorite songs, complete with Spotify integration. It seems like it might be overkill for a porn site, but I’m curious to see how it’s all used in the feature. If nothing else, you can find out who your favorite models are rooting for.


I’m not even bullshitting when I say is the best adult oriented TikTok knockoff I’ve tried so far. It’s not just the highly polished interface or the wide range of babes hawking their sexy wares, but the OnlyFans-style subscription model and related perks. They’ve managed to combine the best features of both platforms, resulting in something new, fapworthy, and more than a little addictive. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up, so I recommend setting up your own custom free feed to start with.

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