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Who will I XXXFollow today? Well, broadly speaking, I know it’ll be a bunch of sexy broads, but that’s pretty much all in a day’s work for your old pal ThePornDude. The real question is what separates this site from every other free tube and social media porn platform on the internet. Is it the models, the kinks and subgenres, the format or something else entirely? I ain’t sure just yet, but you better believe I’m all lubed up and ready to find out. is a freemium social media porn site styled after video-sharing apps like TikTok. Those apps offer a killer delivery system for serving up rapid-fire media, but they tend to come with community guidelines that can lead to a debilitating case of blue balls. My doctor recently told me I should stop trying to jerk off to that SFW shit before my sperm gets backed up into my brain. Hopefully there hasn’t been any permanent damage, and I’m hoping this NSFW platform will undo any related issues I’ve given myself. Let’s see how it works out.



Easier to Fap to Than TikTok

As soon as I pulled up XXXFollow in my browser, I was greeted by a stunning Latina wearing nothing but red lipstick, a bra and panties. She had her big ass aimed at the camera, and after shaking it for a few seconds, she pulled her panties aside to give us a better peek at what was beneath. The babe smacked her ass, spun around, and then the video looped back around to the beginning. First impressions count for a lot, especially when they make my dick hard.



The site’s interface looked awfully familiar, too, as it will to anybody who’s played with a social media video app. The looping video takes up the bulk of the screen, with little icons to follow the creator, like the video or share it, and even leave a comment if you’re so inclined. At the bottom, you’ll see another row of icons that you’ll probably know instinctively how to use, provided you ain’t elderly or spent the last decade in prison. You have a smartphone, right?


Speaking of smartphones, looks and feels fucking amazing on mine. Pretty much every modern site on the internet claims mobile compatibility, which ain’t a big deal anymore, but this one is genuinely optimized for your small screen. They’ve done a great job mimicking the interface of the popular video apps, so it doesn’t feel the least bit clunky flipping through vids on your iPhone or Android. In fact, this is one of few sites that may actually offer a superior experience on mobile over desktop.


I swiped the screen. The Latina was replaced by a naked redhead licking a tentacle-shaped dildo. Another swipe brought me a PAWG with her Phat Ass in the air, followed by a TeamSkeet orgy sample, a tattooed babe in fishnets spitting on her own pierced titties, a montage from a premium taboo site, some BangBros content, and a blonde twerking with a Lovense vibrator and a buttplug dangling out of her holes.


It’s a nice variety of content, to say the very least. Within just a couple minutes of swiping, had shown me a range of material ranging from DIY OnlyFans-style clips to professionally shot scenes from major paysites. The kinks and subgenres are all over the fucking place, too, rapidly offering everything from big-booty twerking to BDSM spanking to hardcore anal sex. I went from tit fucking to foot sucking to bunghole fingering with a few flicks of my finger. Meanwhile, my other hand was busy with more personal matters…



All the Dirty Stuff You Really Love

One of the complaints I’ve had about TikTok-style porn sites in the past is how some of them don’t tag anything. I’ve seen a few where you don’t have many options when it comes to dialing in your own masturbatory preferences, forcing you to settle for whatever comes up next as you swipe your fingers. XXXFollow, on the other hand, includes the usual types of tags you expect from a porn site. Tap a hashtag at the bottom of a video loop and you’ll get a fat selection of other videos featuring Latinas, Blowjobs, MILFs, Big Boobs or Doggystyle.



The magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen brings up the hashtag search bar I was expecting, but that ain’t all I found on their Discovery page. It also served up a selection of the site’s most popular tags, along with a spread of vids for each. As I type this up, I see a row of Ass movies, another full of Amateurs, and one for Teens as well. Dildo, Ebony, Pussy, Blonde and Curvy are just a few of the extensive options.


I fell down the rabbit hole of videos tagged with Thick, and then again with BigAss, where the hashtags led me directly to the Curvy aisle. Each time, the selection was as thick as the girls. XXXFollow’s overall setup makes it difficult to get a full and accurate count of the videos on the platform, but there are easily thousands of sexy video loops here. I’m not sure exactly how they’re sourcing all the content, but given how new the site is and how big the stash is already, I have a feeling the library is going to get even bigger in a hurry—just like my dick as I watch!


I’m not sure what the ratio is, but at least some of videos are uploaded by the content creators themselves. The creator signup page says they pay out 80%, which is the same as OnlyFans. The weird thing is that I’d been poking around for a good half hour without signing up for a user account, nor encountering any paywalls of any kind. As far as I could tell, was a totally free site. As we’ll see in a minute here, I was wrong, but the reality ain’t bad at all.



What Do I Have to Pay for Around Here?

As I’ve already mentioned, some of the other TikTok porn sites serve up whatever they have, with no options at all when it comes to customizing your feed. On XXXFollow, you can follow your favorite creators. You just have to sign up first. One thing I really love about the signup process here is that, unlike almost every other porn site, they don’t even require an email address. Gods of spam be damned!



Once I had my account, I started following some of my favorite creators. That’s when I finally found some paid content. Some of the creators offer optional subscriptions that let you watch some bonus videos that ain’t included among the free clips on the site. As with OnlyFans, creators can set their own prices. The ones I saw had rates ranging from five bucks to twenty per month.


The good news is that the vast majority of videos on the platform are still free. Even the models offering premium subscriptions had loads of free content to whack off to. Honestly, I really like this setup. It keeps the bums and basement dwellers happy, and also gives potential paying customers a hell of a lot more to entice them than you’ll find on sites like OnlyFans. It’s much easier to convince me to bust out my wallet if I’m already hard as a rock and gawking at your boobies.


While you can follow most of the current lineup of models for free, I did run into another paywall when I tried to send one a message. I followed a model named Maddi for free, but when I tried to hit her up, I was told it’d cost five bucks a month for the privilege. This supposedly includes “Exclusive Content”, though her profile page only shows the publicly available clips. XXXFollow is such a new site that I’ll cut them some slack on the confusing pricing scheme, but I hope they iron out the kinks and spell things out a little more clearly in the near future. has a lot to offer, and I think it has serious potential for a paid content platform as it continues to grow. Even if you ain’t planning on spending a dime, though, it offers a whole shitload of free, short sex videos, served up rapid fire a la platforms like TikTok. That alone makes it a good place to spend your lunch break or your entire weekend, which is exactly what I’m planning on doing right now.

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