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Fansly might be completely unheard of were it not for the actions of its main competitor, which is a little fucking ironic and more than a little funny. Remember back in August, when OnlyFans suddenly announced they would ban adult content in a few months? Well, they quickly walked back the statement, but not before damaging the ever-loving fuck out of their own brand. Even after assuring DIY models, Insta-celebrities, and camwhores they’d be safe on the platform, the site continues to see an exodus of creators who think OnlyFans can go suck a dick. Guess where those fed-up OnlyFans girls are going?


You can look at the traffic graphs if you don’t believe me, but a few months ago, was just a tiny blip on the internet, a forsaken island that could only ever dream of being the next big social media porn platform. Well, until OnlyFans made their stupid announcement, at which point Fansly shot from two to twenty-five million visitors a month. You could call the site a knock-off or alternative to OnlyFans, which would be a fair assessment, but what really separates it from the original? I figured the best way to find out would be to lube up and shake my dick around, so let’s hope I don’t get kicked out of Starbucks before I can finish my review.



Looks a Lot Like OF to Me

Like the barren landing page you find at OnlyFans, Fansly likewise gives you nothing to entice you inwards. It looks professional as hell; the stock photos of pretty people don’t exactly scream sex. However, there’s some text slapped around tastefully, telling creators to “Interact with your fans” and “Sell content to your audience,” which most modern perverts will recognize right away as the setup for an OnlyFans-style DIY media platform. Grandmas stumbling onto the site, on the other hand, might think it’s an excellent place to find and sell apple pie recipes or photos of their needlepoint crafts.



The outside setup is so clean that, unlike most porn sites, grandma might even go away unoffended. You can’t see a damn thing on Fansly without signing up and logging in first. After going through the 10-second signup process, though, it becomes even more apparent what the site is all about.


Once you log in, the member’s area is a familiar feed of content you’ve seen on pretty much every social media or social porn website. However, since it’ll be your first time and you’re not following anybody, they offer a few suggestions along the side of the screen. The very first babe they recommended was none other than Amouranth, aiming her ass at the camera and hiding almost nothing with a couple of thin black straps in her little thumbnail shot. In case you just escaped a cave, she’s one of the biggest current stars of this new amateur genre and recently made internet headlines after being banned from almost every other online platform.


I quickly filled up my feed with sexy recommendations. Since only really took off recently, I was worried it would be populated by second-tier wannabes, washed-up has-beens, and full-on uglies. Instead, I found a nice mix of established internet chicks and plenty of newbie homemade starlets. Of course, there are some dudes and trannies on the platform, but based on the recommendations they gave a completely new user, it’s safe to say most of their creators are the type of Insta models, cosplay chicks, and webcam pornstars you find on similar sites.



How Do I Find the Good Stuff?

One of my longstanding complaints about OnlyFans is that it doesn’t have any really good way of browsing the selection. Unfortunately, Fansly is pretty much identical in this respect. You can type in a model’s name or handle if you know it, but you can’t browse a list of girls putting out content catering to your favorite fetishes. Of course, either site would have to invest money in the infrastructure needed to set that up, but it seems like easy money once implemented. So here’s a bet: whoever rolls out something like that first will have a strong edge on the competition.



Until then, though, you’ll have to wait until models you follow elsewhere give out their link. The only alternative is to choose from the girls who pop up in the Suggestions sidebar. I know it’s only giving me a limited selection—likely determined by who’s trending, who’s paying, or some combination of the two—but I do like how the site has a wide range of content.


Just scrolling through content put out by the dozen or so random girls I followed, I see BDSM photoshoots, stripteases, naked yoga, foot fetish fantasies, masturbation, some full-on sex, and a ton of cosplay. The diversity of crank material visible here alone makes the site’s lack of searchability even more of a shame. I wish I could just click on tags to jump from the dildos to the tit-wanks to the MILFs to fetish models.


I got a little curious about what was allowed and what wasn’t, so I checked out the terms of service. It’s more or less the same set of basic standards you find elsewhere. Almost anything legal goes, but they draw the line at taboo, shitting and puking, animal stuff, and hateful content. Those are community standards that you find on most porn sites, especially ones accepting payments. The credit card companies don’t fuck around when it comes to content.



Get More of Less for Your Money

One of the most noticeable differences between Fansly and OnlyFans is Fansly’s tiered pricing. For example, Amouranth’s regular subscription rate is just under ten bucks a month. If you’re in love with this chick, though, you can spring for one of her more expensive tiers. She’s got Diamond membership available for a hundred, or there’s a VIP for twice that if you’re a big spender or just a fucking retard. The bigger dollar amounts aren’t just donations for the pay pigs and findom enthusiasts but actually buy you into more content for more money.



You’ll see the implications of this all on your feed. I like how this setup lets models release both free and paid material from the same account instead of making you subscribe to different profiles like on OnlyFans. The big drawback is that your feed will also be cluttered up with empty boxes where all the locked content stays hidden.


It’s a neat feature, but will it be enough to draw creators and users over from OnlyFans? I’m not sure, but I think fans are going to follow wherever their favorite models go. Both sites have the same basic setup, where you can subscribe directly to adult content put out by the same chicks you’ve been jerking off to on social media. But, again, both sites offer the same social media-style direct access to the chicks, where you can hop into their DMs or give them a tip for some custom content. That’s one of the magic elements that made the genre what it is, that bit of unfuckable intimacy you can’t get from the big studios. was offering models a bigger cut of the profits for a while, but now they’ve backed down to the same 20% OnlyFans pays out. That isn’t surprising because OnlyFans is still big enough to set the standards for these types of DIY porn sale platforms. That begs the question of just what they’re doing to lure creators over, well, other than hoping for the ill will toward OnlyFans to keep burning on its own. The whole thing does seem built to deliver but still needs more meat in the stockroom.


The lack of searchability makes it kind of hard to recommend Fansly for a quick fap right now, but the same can be said of OnlyFans. Either site might be perfect for the occasion, but it depends a lot on which of your favorite models are posting material to the platform. The random suggestions they give you in the sidebar offer an okay place to start looking, but I think users aren’t really going to get hooked until they see more girls posting their link on their other social media accounts. However, based on the snowballing traffic, I think that time may be coming.

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