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The front page of MYM encourages visitors to “Be more than just a fan!” It’s honestly kind of a vague pitch, as they’re far from the only brand claiming a deeper connection with their customers than mere appreciation. I’m all for forging these bonds whenever and wherever possible, but let’s be real: you don’t earn brand loyalty through slogans. In this business, you do it by giving your visitors something really good to shake their dicks at.


Does deliver in this respect? That’s what I aimed to find out as I loaded up the front page and dug out my favorite jizz sock. They’re a social media platform where creators can hawk their content directly to their fans, drawing obvious comparisons to OnlyFans, the big king daddy of this modern amateur genre. The domain’s been around since 2018 and they’re pulling a hell of a lot more traffic than most OF competitors, with over 7 million visitors stopping by last month alone. Naturally, I was eager to see what they were all gawking at.



This Sure Does Look Wholesome

While OnlyFans has gotten a lot better about their front-page free previews than they used to be, the social porn giant still keeps it pretty clean on the outside. MYM takes a similar approach, but I’d say this one’s even more sexless. Instead of pretty girls in dresses and swimsuits, MYM’s front page mainly features dudes. Nobody’s outfit would get them kicked out of Starbucks or sent home from work, not even the one female influencer I see on the page.



Honestly, if I didn’t know any better, I would have assumed the whole joint was fully wholesome and barely worth a Porn Dude’s time. MYM stands for Me, You, More, suggesting the type of intimacy you find on OnlyFans, but there’s no hint or real implication of sexiness anywhere on the tour. They tell you to start unique relationships, follow activity reserved for subscribers, and request personalized content, but that could apply to all sorts of material, SFW or otherwise.


I mainly aim these reviews at end-using masturbators, but I dug into MYM’s support page to see what kind of perks they were offering new creators. Models get the industry-standard 80% on most transactions, but only 75% on subscriptions. It seems like a small difference, but it just seems crazy to me to offer less than OnlyFans. The userbase here is much smaller, which means average payouts will be too, so a few extra percentage points might help lure more models onto the platform.


Signup for MYM is quick, easy and free. You can go the classic route with your email address or do a one-click registration using your Facebook or Google credentials. I chose the latter option, agreed to their ToS and Privacy Policy, and was inside moments later.



Seriously, Where Are the Boobies?

My first impressions of the member’s area weren’t much different from my first impressions of the front page: there ain’t much for a pervert like me! The first thing I saw was a familiar feed like I’d see on any social porn or social media site, though it felt more like Facebook than OnlyFans.



Since I’m brand new and haven’t followed any creators yet, my default feed is full of French psychics, skiers showing off their mountain moves, interior decorating photos, meditation videos, poetry and memes. The only remotely sexy content doesn’t appeal to me, but might be of interest to the gay dudes in the audience: there’s a buff guy who likes to take shirtless photos with his food.


MYM doesn’t want people stealing their creators’ content, so they’ve watermarked all the images. I appreciate the effort and the protection it provides, but it was a little jarring to see my real name superimposed over a shirtless man’s ripped abs. I haven’t seen this style of watermarking before, but I know it’ll be a lot more effective at stamping out piracy than just stamping a logo on the pics.


Then again, I don’t think a lot of people are going to try stealing SFW selfies of a middle-aged psychic to share on their porn image sites—no shade intended. This isn’t the first social media content platform I’ve reviewed that seemed worksafe on the surface, but typically, I’d at least have seen a bikini shot by now. If there was any truly fapworthy content here, it was so well buried that I had my work cut out for me.



Digging Deep to Find…

If you’ve perused my list of Premium OnlyFans Sites here at ThePornDude, you know what my common complaints are. Ever since OnlyFans blew up the internet, I’ve been bitching about how difficult the site is to search and browse, and how that fucks over models, fans, and even OnlyFans itself. The better knockoff platforms have addressed the issue through tagging, Categories indexes and Model menus, but the straight-up copycats often fail in the same way as the original.



There’s no sidebar menu of recommended creators like you’ll find on OnlyFans and its ilk, and I’d already been disappointed by the suggestions in my starter feed. There are no menus of Tags, Categories, or Creators to flick through, nor an obvious free section collecting the previews.


The only potential way I saw of finding creators was the search function. I held my breath as I clicked through to the Search page, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a feed of the site’s newest posts beneath the search bar. It took a little more clicking to find the free previews from there, but there are some freebies to be seen.


The thing is, every last pic or video I saw was Safe For Work. Some of the fitness influencers on the platform have content you can definitely jack off to, but it ain’t half as scandalous or openly freaky as your average free tube. If you can browse Instagram at work without getting in trouble, you can browse MYM, too.


I do like that the search bar sifts through usernames, hashtags, locations and more. A lot of these platforms, OnlyFans included, only let you search through usernames. That ain’t all that useful except when models put your favorite tags in their handles, like SexyASMRBabe, AnalFootSlut, BDSMBlonde or FurryLesbianAsian.


You know what sucks, though? I had minimal luck typing my favorite keywords into the box. ASMR and Cosplay turned up one result each, but I got nothing for Lesbian, Anal, Blowjob or Swinger. I did find a few hashtag results for BDSM, Feet and Fetish, so perhaps this is just a waiting game. It’ll get easier as more models join the fray.



Settling In and Tickling Some Feet

My search for Feet turned up the most results by far with a baker’s dozen of creators showing off their tootsies. While the roster is still small enough that it can be hard to find what you’re after, they’ve at least got a decent spread of models. Even this initial spread of foot models includes blondes, exotic mixed chicks, and a handful of dudes. Gay representation is noticeably heavier here than other OF imitators, which might make it an easy choice for queers, especially as the roster grows.



I found a foot model in New York offering monthly subscriptions on for about 6 euros a month. Creators can set their own prices and they do vary a bit, but most of the profiles I looked at had prices hovering around the 10-euro range. It’s about what you’d pay at OnlyFans.


In keeping with the OF-type theme, you can also hit up your favorite creators directly. You’ll have to subscribe first, but you expected that. This is a business, after all. The only question is whose DMs you’re going to slide into. I don’t know about you, but I’d be more excited if more of these chicks were hawking nudes instead of tarot readings. ain’t my favorite OnlyFans imitator, if only because it feels so damn clean and wholesome. The basic infrastructure is familiar and functional but nothing special, not really building anything new or improved on top of the foundation set by OnlyFans. That’d be fine if they had a typical spread of nudie models and amateur pornstars, but it seems like the platform has largely attracted creators and influencers working in less erotic niches. I feel like the potential is there, but there’s just not enough T&A to recommend this one to the average masturbator just yet.

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