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What makes Nafty Babes so damn nafty? Well, maybe I’m fucking old, but I looked up the term on Urban Dictionary. I found a few different definitions for Nafty, a few of which didn’t sound all that appealing to a pervert like me. They referred to Nafty as a synonym for awful or the opposite of nasty. One of the less popular definitions was a dude jizzing and cumming in a girl’s mouth at the same time, but I don’t think that’s what the site is about. If I had to guess, I’d say they’re using Urban Dictionary’s top definition of the word: something between nasty and naughty.


Based on my initial impression of the landing page, I’d say that’s a fair assessment. This is a premium amateur site that collects content from the sexiest OnlyFans models. If you’re already a fan of this new breed of homemade pornstars, you’re already aware of how well they straddle that surprisingly fine line between nasty and naughty. Once I knew what it was they were hawking; I was more than eager to get inside and take a look for myself.


Nafty Babes Getting Nafty

NaftyBabes is a brand new site; the domain registered just a month ago. It looks brand new, too, with a sparkly clean, high-end layout that screams class. There’s a big auto-playing montage at the top, like you’ll find on a lot of the bigger paysites out there, though the preview is a bit softer than the cum-drenched sneak peeks you get from some of the other guys. The bikinied babes laying in the sun, jumping into pools, and getting ever so close to kissing help add to that veneer of refined luxury. This isn’t a back-alley glory hole with a two-bit entry fee, that’s for sure.



When I first heard the setup, I assumed this would be another OnlyFans site. However, as soon as I saw the expensive, professional layout, I knew I was wrong. Digging into their documentation a bit, I have a better understanding of how it works. It might not matter to many of you who are just concerned about whacking off, but the models opt into NaftyBabes, which recycles their old content to help them get more fans.


One of my longstanding complaints about OnlyFans is that it’s not really searchable, so many great models are languishing in obscurity if they’re not already social media starlets. There’s just no way to find them! Signing up as Nafty Babes gets them some extra SEO and marketing they don’t get with OnlyFans, and I hope the model takes off. (Then again, if OnlyFans would build a real fucking index and preview system, that might strip NaftyBabes of some of its utility.)


That’s great for the models, but what about for you, the end masturbator? Well, the big selling point here is that you get access to the whole thing for one subscription price. As much fun as I’ve had on OnlyFans, it really adds up when you’re spending ten, twenty, thirty bucks per babe. Of course, if you’re whacking off on a budget, will let you get your rocks off while saving enough to keep eating, too. It’s always a tough decision, but you don’t have to make it anymore.


Low Prices and a Porn Crypto Option

Speaking of pricing, it doesn’t cost all that much to get inside and shake your dick around. Supposedly, their actual price is $40 a month, but that’s crossed out and replaced with a lower price out front. They’re so new that it’s hard to know if this is a temporary sale or the permanent real price because paysites pull the cross-out move all the goddamn time. That said, the going rate right now is lower than you’d pay for a typical paysite.



As I type this up, a month is a penny under twenty bones. What’s more, NaftyBabes actually has its own cryptocurrency called NAFTY, and you can save a couple of more bucks if you use that to pay for your membership. It’s not super widespread yet, but NAFTY is trusted by a few porn sites like Fancentro and Vitaly Uncensored, and their token can be traded on some of the big crypto exchanges like Coinbase and CoinGecko.


If you’ve ever tried to get into the porn business or checked out my site, you already know how banks like to dick around smut peddlers. They label the whole industry as “high risk” and use that as an excuse to charge massive fees and withhold the basic protections offered to other businesses. So a porn-specific cryptocurrency is a really fucking great idea for getting around these issues, and I hope it works out.


But What Does That Get Me?

So, what exactly do the twenty bucks get you? Well, I mentioned that models opt into becoming Nafty Babes, and the site is still very young. As of this writing, there are over 40 models and 40 videos, plus nearly 1200 photos. I expect this number to proliferate if and when NaftyBabes finds proper footing, so make sure you check the updated counts on the front page! Hopefully, they’re all way higher by the time you look.



Forty doesn’t sound like much. It’s low compared to some of the social media porn sites out there, but at least here, you have the peace of mind of knowing the girls are getting paid for their work. They don’t get shit from the shitty sites, so they have no incentive to keep taking pics and shooting videos. If they make money here, they’re going to be active here.


And active they are! One of the great things about these internet models is that they’re social media savvy, and that means posting a fucking ton of content. They’re clearly still building up that roster of chicks, but there are already over 100 content updates to the site every day. That’s excellent news for anybody who appreciates a good fap to fresh fodder every morning, mid-afternoon, evening, and late night. Am I projecting here?


Finding Your Ideal Nafty Babes

I want to touch on the lack of searchability at OnlyFans again because once I got logged into NaftyBabes, I found another way they one-up the original. Nafty Babes has a great set of search filters. As the site grows, this will be even more important, but I’m happy to see the infrastructure already in place. You can filter your chicks by country, hair color, body type, breast size, and ethnicity. There are a few checkboxes, too, for attributes like Silicone, Cosplay, and Teen. Ideally, these tags will extend to include different sex acts and fetishes as the site grows.



Currently, though, the list of models is short enough to just scroll through and choose. I found a bunch of fappable hotties, but this purple-haired 18+ cosplay teen named Alice Bong quickly caught my eye. Having taken a big rip from the three-footer before I started reviewing the site, she seemed perfect for my official fap test.


The model profiles on NaftyBabes contain the usual baseball card of stats at the top, a big fat bio blurb at the bottom, and links to all her fan platforms and social networks. The rest of the page is devoted to the good stuff, the photos and videos you’ll be whacking off to. Alice has 50 photos so far, but only half a dozen vids. Fortunately, they’re sexy as fuck and definitely worth adding another layer of crust to the ol’ trusty gym sock.


As I watched the brace-faced Russian cutie stick out her tongue, show off her tits, and work herself over with a vibrator, I thought to myself, “These babes really are nafty.” I barely knew what the term meant before I started writing this, but now that I understand, I want more. A lot more.


I guess I’ll have to keep tuning into, checking out their all-day updates, and monitoring those growing content numbers out front. They may be a new site, but the setup’s a winner. The collection is still relatively small because I’m reviewing this barely a month after their launch, but I’m definitely going to be keeping my eye on this one. If they can build enough traffic, I think they may even give the original OnlyFans a run for their money.

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