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Lover Fans calls itself “The Uncensored Social Network for TOP Influencers,” which honestly sounds a lot like another site with a similar name. While they only get a fraction of the traffic OnlyFans pulls, their numbers have been rising steadily in a way that tells me they might have something special up their sleeves. Models have been jumping ship from OnlyFans for a while, and I’ve been wondering where they’re going. Could it be LoverFans?


It’s one thing to call yourself THE BEST FAN PLATFORM in red, all capital letters out on the landing page, but it’s another thing entirely to actually be the best. That’s why I was so curious to see what I could see at, an adult social network and content platform aimed at horny grownups. I just got banned from Instagram again, so maybe this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, but there’s only one way to be sure. Now, where’d I put my lotion and my silicone butthole?


Please, Sir, Can I Have a Peek?

One of my longstanding complaints about OnlyFans is their landing page. If you didn’t know there was porn under the hood, would you really sign up for an account? There’s no indication at all what kind of content they’re peddling, only that you can “Sign up to support your favorite creators.” Gee, thanks. LoverFans takes the opposite approach: right beside the signup fields, there’s a rotating selection of phones displaying girls in lingerie, buff boys in their boxers, and one naked chick posing in a way that hides everything but lets your brain fill in the details.



Like anybody who’s been on the internet for more than a few minutes, I really don’t like to type my email address into a form unless it’s totally necessary. That’s how you get your inbox blown up with spam. I knew was going to be worth ponying up some basic contact info, though, because they tell you out front how many models are adding material. As of this writing, they’ve got 26,000 creators. I’m one man putting out some incredible smut over at PornDudeCasting, but could you imagine an army of 26,000 PornDudes banging out the stuff?


Those creators have been pretty fucking busy, too. The current library stands at 102,000 videos and 106,000 photos. I imagine it’d cost you a fucking fortune to unlock every single one of them, but it’s the possibilities that get my brain ticking and my cock tingling. The front page states that “Hot Instagrammers, Tiktokkers and streamers are welcome,” and well, those are exactly my type of sluts. Say what you want about the weird effects social media has on society, but the attention-whore format sure has been good for masturbators.


Oh, and hey, if you still ain’t convinced it’s worth giving you’re your email address, they’ve got some more to show you. My biggest beef with OnlyFans has always been the near total lack of previews, but has a ton of sneak peeks and free content. They even let you browse a bit of it before you even sign up. Just click that Discover LoverFans link out front and it’ll serve up a ton of free content selected from the site’s Top Models and Newest content.


I won’t lie: I treated myself to some of those freebies before I actually signed up for an account. A gorgeous, thick Latina with red lips pouted at me from the Discover page, and I clicked through to her full profile. The girl’s got dozens of premium pics and vids, but the 3 freebies were easy to find by clicking the Free button. I ended up needing a break from writing this, because her no-cost material included a big nudie gallery and a couple amateur sex videos.


Running My Sticky Fingers Through the Pile

After making an absolute mess of my keyboard and getting kicked out of the library again, I decided it was time to sign up for a account. Signup as a fan only takes a few seconds, while creators will have to upload some ID to verify their account. Verification only takes a few minutes, and then you can start making money. I’ll be reviewing LoverFans as one of the those Lover Fans, the Fans of the Lovers, since I know that’s the angle most of you perverts will be shaking your dick from. It is worth noting that the payout rate is 80%, which is the same as OnlyFans.



As with other social networks, clean or dirty, LoverFans drops you off in your custom feed as soon as you log in. If you’re brand new and haven’t yet subscribed to or followed any of the Lovers, that feed is going to be filled with Recommended Content. I was a little bit disappointed to see that nearly everything in my starter feed is locked, with price tags over blurred-out images. Yesterday I visited their extreme-sex sister site, Scatbook, and found a lot more freebies mixed in with the locked premium content in my first feed.


I ain’t that mad, though. Want to know why? It’s because, unlike OnlyFans, they offer some really useful ways to browse and search the site. Clicking the Stars icon in the sidebar, for example, brings you to some of most popular chicks on the site, including that Latina I was gawking at earlier. I also see that Gia Derza has an account on the site. I had a huge porn crush on Gia even before I’d banged her on the PornDudeCasting couch, so I was excited to see her here.


I do wish they had a browsable menu of Categories or Tags, but found the search bar to be a suitable replacement. Type your favorite genre into the OnlyFans search bar and you’ll be lucky to find many models, since they only search through usernames and your own purchased content. On, the search function quickly delivered scores of models and posts for any keyword or subgenre I typed in.


Needless to say, there’s an incredible range amateur of content here. I found Asian porn and anal, lesbians, blowjobs and orgies. Kinkier stuff was easy to find, too, like feet, BDSM, cosplay and ASMR. If that’s still too vanilla for you, check out my review of Scatbook, which is basically the same but with a lot more poop smeared everywhere.


How Do You Want Your Amateur Porn

If I have any complaint about Lover Fans, it’s just that the prices can really start to add up if you’re a heavy consumer. You might want to set a budget before you go poking your dick around. The main ways to watch are through member subscriptions and VOD (Video On Demand). Check out the listed content numbers before you pull the trigger; usually, the monthly subs are a better value.



They’ve also got live streams, and I really hope to see some growth in this section of the website. The pickings are slim compared to the dedicated webcam sex sites, but I think the format is perfect for it. Instead of watching some rando who happens to be performing, you can have a live fap to one of your social media crushes.


Finally, you can also buy physical objects from the Lovers of LoverFans. During my visit, I didn’t find too many models offering up anything tangible, but I like that the option exists. As the site grows and its ranks increase, I think this has the potential to be one of the site’s biggest draws. In the meantime, those of you in need of some sniffable feminine musk can check out my Buy Used Panties section here at ThePornDude.


As I’ve been writing up this review, I’ve been clicking the Follow button on my favorite profiles. A couple hours after first loading up the site, my feed is now populated by big butts and big boobs, amateur sex and cosplay sluts. I’ve got a couple DMs from the babes, too, so I have a feeling this joint is going to keep me entertained all weekend, to say the least. may not yet have the same popularity or the same size as OnlyFans, but they’ve got some features that make for a more convenient experience. The site is easy to search and has a ton of free content to get excited about, and you don’t even have to sign up to start looking around. What are you waiting for?

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