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Loyal Fans are the type of fans who are more than willing to throw money at the objects of their affection, whether it’s an Instagram model, a pornstar, or the girl-next-door who they’ve got a painful crush on. A loyal fan will tune in on the regular to see new content from their favorite creators, throw some coins in the bucket and shake their dick at the screen. A truly loyal fan also hopes, prays and wishes for a chance to chat those babes up or at least know they’re reading the comment sections.


There’s a whole new world of homebrew smut that’s been gaining traction on the web, not just because the girls are sexy as fuck, but because the new format promises one-on-one interactions with the women. Until recently, OnlyFans was the main place for loyal fans to get those types of personal kicks. is a new social media porn site where fans can subscribe to content, chat and message with their favorite Internet sluts. They’ve really been taking off over the last few months, and they’re now getting more than a quarter of a million visits a month, with a hell of a lot more on their trajectory.


Social Media Porn in the Pandemic Era

The rapidly growing popularity of LoyalFans clearly owes something to OnlyFans, who turned this direct, individual clip-subscription model into a global phenomenon. I’m a cynical motherfucker, though, so I’m going to go ahead and give COVID-19 a little bit of credit, too. Well, a lot of credit, actually. The mountain-shaped traffic graphs for either site are shaped pretty much like the mounting death toll.



It’s no fucking surprise that people are jacking off more during the pandemic. A lot of the bars are still closed, and the local Tinder fatties might give you the coronavirus in addition to the usual herpes infection. It ain’t just the perverts who are stuck at home, though. Everybody is, and that includes a shit-ton of potential performers.


Throw in the joblessness and economic uncertainty, and it makes a lot of fucking sense why chicks have been migrating to these platforms en masse. Pornstars are getting onto sites like LoyalFans to get by until it’s safe to shoot, webcam sluts are using it to supplement their incomes, and Instagram models are using it to hawk the nudes they can’t share over their usual channels. Even everyday babes who’ve never considered selling dirty pics are getting in on the action; selling feet pics can be a fun and easy way to make sure the lights don’t get shut off this month.


LoyalFans has all kinds of babes in their growing social network of sluts. Their top content creators include recognizable pornstars like Eva Notty, sexy brand-newbies to the business and some assorted fetish freaks. These clip sale sites are always good for that niche stuff, huh? There’s a dominatrix and a femdom comic artist in the top row, a beautiful professional farter in the second, and an all-male corporal punishment studio from Russia in the last.


Browsing a Picture Menu of Babes

I really like that front-page list of Top Content Creators at LoyalFans. One of my biggest beefs with OnlyFans is that it’s nearly impossible to browse without knowing exactly who you want to subscribe and masturbate to. Both sites could really benefit from a deep, searchable genre/model directory, but is immediately more accessible than OnlyFans thanks to their Creators page.



If you click the Show All button under that initial list of Top Content Creators, you’ll get a damn-near endless scroll with hundreds of babes (and dudes) from the site. I think it may well be the full list of models for the site, and there’s an even bigger variety than I saw out front. There are a fair number of MILFs and even GILFs mixed into the pot, a few BBWs and even SSBBWs, and sexy bitches of every ethnicity. Crank it to Asians, Latinas, exotic mixed chicks, ebony goddesses and a whole lot of white girls.


You can also browse the models by newness, again by heading back to the list on the main Creators page. They’re getting new creators all the fucking time. The newest ones include a couple of gaylords, a furry hentai broad, and an old dude who I suspect just got confused during the signup process when they asked if he was a fan or creator. The rest of the new sign-ups are hot chicks, including a sweet-faced redhead brat girl, a black cosplay chick, a face-masked babe with pretty eyes and a gorgeous rack, as well as world-famous video slut Dana DeArmond. is super fetish-friendly. If you’ve got kinks, this place may serve you even better than a lot of the big hardcore networks. Other recent recruits include a bunch of foot models, a fair number of fat chicks, and a few who would be more than happy to call you demeaning names while accepting your tribute money. I clicked on a hot girl expecting the usual offer of tits and it turns out she was famous for her flatulence even before LoyalFans was founded. There are stoner girls, goth girls, rock n’ roll girls, and one bitch in straight-up clown makeup.


Set a Budget and Spend It Up

There are two different ways to buy content on LoyalFans. You can purchase coins, the on-site currency, for a little more than ten cents a pop. Those coins can be used to unlock videos on the site. Alternately, you can subscribe to a creator’s feed for access to more content. I prefer the subscription model, since you typically get a lot more bang for your buck.



The models set their own prices and take in 80% of the profits, which ain’t a bad rate. There is a lot of fucking variety in the price ranges, though. Generally speaking, you pay more for the kinky stuff. A sexy but relatively vanilla model might charge ten bucks for her feed, but the girl blowing gas out of her ass wants double that. Some of the doms I clicked on wanted even more.


I do wish there was more preview material available, because it’s easier to spend money when I’m already hard and drippy. They are better than OnlyFans in this respect, but many of the models are still relying on their outside social media reps to bring the visitors to LoyalFans. You’ll usually find those links on the About pages.


The individual user profiles are set up pretty much like you find on OnlyFans. There ain’t all that much to see in the feeds if you ain’t a subscriber, but like I said, they do give you a peek more than the other guys. Once you’ve subscribed, you get all the sexy new updates in one place.


Chat ‘Em Up On Live Video

One-on-one interaction is a big part of the social media porn formula, so naturally, rolls the feature in like a boss. Besides direct messaging and commenting, the site also features live shows and audio/video calls. A lot of the girls take paid calls even if you’re not a subscriber, with a big list of them on that Creators page I enjoy so much. Again, the girls set their own prices, but you’re typically looking at a few bucks a minute, plus any tips you may want to give her. was clearly designed to be an OnlyFans competitor, and I think it’s on track to give them a run for their money. They could really benefit from a sortable, searchable central directory of babes and genres, but they already outdo OnlyFans on browsability. Even if you don’t know who you’re looking for, you can easily click around until your dick is hard enough to push your wallet out of your pants.


This new social media porn format is getting so popular that I’ve been seeing the major studios try to create their own versions, but it ain’t quite the same. nails the formula, with a wide variety of babes doing a wide variety of sexy and kinky shit. From classic pornstars to fetishists to genuine girls next door, LoyalFans provides a platform to let you not only fap to their videos, but support and interact with them directly. I have a feeling this one’s going to keep getting bigger and bigger.

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