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Ahh, pussy! I feel I’m not alone when I say it’s one of the most incredible things on earth. I mean, is there any better feeling than the red-hot kiss of a soaking wet twat connecting with the tip of your dick, then doing a perverse magic trick and making it disappear balls-deep inside? Well, actually, there is!


Pussy is great, but it also comes with a few design flaws that keep us from enjoying it to the full. Not only is it out of action for a significant portion of the month, but there’s also that underlying worry about busting a nut into a chick and getting an unwanted surprise nine months later. Luckily, a woman’s asshole provides an excellent workaround for all of the issues a pussy comes with!


‘’Fuck my ass, Daddy!’’ or ‘’Stretch that fuckin’ hole!’’ are just the type of things you hear in porn flicks, and the world of adult entertainment has done a fine job in opening our eyes to the pleasure that lies behind the sphincter of a beautiful woman. So much so that some people have taken an anal-only pledge and are no longer interested in pussy, placing all of their porn interest into the cornholes of sluts instead.


It’s understandable because watching a chick get her asshole turned into a windsock is one of the finest porn experiences one can get. Anal porn has become a thriving category in recent years, and dedicated ass fucking websites have popped up with a mission to provide some of the finest anal porn on earth to an ever-growing fanbase of butt-fucking enthusiasts.


As a porn connoisseur who adores the sight of a girthy cock pushing its way into a tight asshole and later pulling out and leaving it looking like a punched lasagna, I’ve become a renowned anal porn specialist with a deep insight into some of the great anal porn websites around, as well as a working knowledge of the sites that give you a virtual experience equally as shitty as banging a chick up the ass who hasn’t bothered to douche beforehand.


Luckily for you, I’m more than eager to share my anal porn knowledge with the world and keep you in the loop about which sites to check out and those you need to avoid. Today, I want to slide into the ass of another anal porn site called


From deep anal creampies and interracial ass fucking to chicks getting fisted in the ass and lustful whores indulging in some ass-to-mouth, I’ve been told that this site is a paradise for those who appreciate hand-picked collections of anal porn. But this review will find out if the word on the porn street is true or not!



What is is a porn tube site dedicated to, you guessed it, anal sex! It describes itself as a collection of hand-picked ass fucking porn spread across various categories for butt fucking fans to enjoy for free.



Even though it’s a relatively new site, hasn’t wasted time in building up a porn collection that will leave you more wide-eyed than a 19-year-old standing face to face with nine big black cocks on her first anal gangbang porn shoot.


The site is home to practically every anal sex category you can think of, and some of its most popular ones range from BDSM anal and ass fucking gangbangs to anal porn music videos and interracial anal.


But while a throbbing array of categories is one thing, the question of whether the porn contained within each one is far more critical. So, without further ado, let’s pull this site’s cheeks apart and gape open its porn collection to see what it offers!



What’s the Anal Porn like on

As I said earlier, there’s a fuck tonne of anal porn categories on this site, often with hundreds of videos contained within each one, so don’t let the newcomer status of this site fool you because it has enough anal sex videos on offer to make your dick twitch uncontrollably!



But to streamline your exploration of this anal porn site and apply the required lube to help you find out what it offers in the most efficient way possible, I explored its categories from top to bottom to bring you some of its most notable anal porn highlights!


● Silky Smooth 18-Year-Old Adores Anal! – First is a gem from the iconic Pascal White. When the well-known Belgian Dom was approached by this 18-year-old blonde slut begging to have her asshole rearranged, who was he to turn her down? Ball-gagged and wearing sleek black lingerie, this girl soon learns she might have bitten off more than she could chew as her tight asshole is pushed to the brink of destruction. The divine O-face she makes as Pascal’s dick hammers her asshole is incredible, and she isn’t shy about unleashing some elite-tier deepthroating on the same cock that’s just been balls deep in her asshole seconds before!

● Elle Brooke Takes a Special Delivery From the Pizza Guy – Being a food delivery driver can be a shitty job, but it’s all worth it when they get an order for a nympho slut like Elle Brooke, who’s hungry for cock just as much as she is for pizza. When this delivery guy came into her house, he was quickly seduced and led to the couch to get his cock worshiped. When she slides her pussy over his dick and rides him in cowgirl, she finds his wandering fingers sliding into her asshole and takes the hint. This lucky guy is then given balls-deep access to her tight asshole and free-reign to cum inside it. The quivering anal orgasm Elle experiences in reverse cowgirl is immense. It triggers her random lover into spurting ropes of cum deep into her asshole, resulting in an anal creampie finale that looks tastier than the pizza he delivered!

● 18+ Latina Teen’s Asshole is Obliterated – What anal porn site would be complete without a scene from LegalPorno? This nasty scene shows a fresh-faced 18-year-old Latina turn up on set with a bold ambition to get her asshole destroyed. Spoiler alert; it doesn’t get destroyed; it gets obliterated! Even the warm-up of this scene is debauched and shows her thrusting a crystal-clear dildo deep into her asshole before sucking off the lube with her nympho mouth. This chick loves the taste of her own butthole and takes this insanely girthy dick like a champion before sucking the contents of her co-star’s balls out and emptying his cum all over her cute face!



Design of the Website

The template that the admins of have chosen to use is a relatively high-end porn tube theme that looks and feels excellent while offering tremendous ease of use for all technical abilities. It starts from the top with a prominent logo spelling out the site’s name and is fittingly accompanied by a large egg logo underlined by the tagline, ‘’Only handpicked videos!’’ After this is a wide search bar stretching across the site’s top.



The main menu separates the logo from the rest of the homepage. It is a short and well-formatted affair that directs users to places like the homepage, the latest, top-rated, and most-viewed videos, followed by portfolios of the site’s categories and models.


The homepage itself is split into two parts. The first is a vertical sidebar detailing the top categories and the best anal models on the site, accompanied by the number of videos within each category/model profile.


The second part of the homepage is a portfolio of the site’s latest anal videos. These are displayed in easy-to-navigate rows of three videos with easy-to-see thumbnails and metadata covering the title, user rating, duration, upload date, and the number of views.


Towards the bottom of the homepage is a series of popular video tags and categories that users can further take advantage of to narrow down the content to the various niches they want to jerk off to. There’s also a block of text explaining what the site is all about, although it’s hard to read due to being dark grey text on a black background.



What I Like Most About it

Even though is a new site compared to many other well-established anal porn websites, it has already built up an impressive collection of anal porn videos. All of them are hand-picked and include some genuinely unforgettable ass fucking adventures. Plus, the site’s design looks far more well-established than it is, and the mods haven’t missed any opportunity to make it look like a contender for some of the older anal porn sites on the scene.



Amongst the various categories on, one can find generic anal porn themes such as interracial and Asian. However, there are also some very niche categories that were great to see being included, such as girls with pigtails being fucked in the ass and chicks wearing glasses taking a rough anal fucking.


The design of the categories page is also badass and is a lot of fun to explore. Why? Because rather than using generic images to represent each category or, even worse, using a boring list format, the site’s mods have used relevant anal porn GIFs to introduce you to each category.


Also, you’re greeted with a nice thumbnail preview whenever you hover over a video, allowing you to see the highlights of what’s contained within it without having to click on it. This simple feature can save users a lot of time while exploring the site.



What I Don’t Like

My only gripe with is that the admins have missed a ripe opportunity to add well-written content to the site in the form of an About page and a blog. Sure, there is a small paragraph in the footer detailing what the site is all about, but it’s hard to read and something that many visitors will miss. Regarding a blog, there are countless topics on anal porn that you could write about, such as ‘’top 10 anal pornstars’’ or ‘’the greatest anal porn scenes of the 1990s’’, and attract more relevant traffic to the site.




Suggestions I Have for

Your porn collection on the site is downright formidable, so add some written content and diversify the content more. A well-written blog and an optimized about page will not only be beneficial to your SEO and traffic, but it’ll also reinforce your site’s brand as a reputable provider of anal smut.





Damn, my journey through has made me want to slide the egg on the tip of my dick into a pigtail-wearing slut with a twitching asshole hungry for cock. Overall? might be a new site, but it’s no joke. This is a dedicated anal porn website with a hand-picked collection of smut that is well worth exploring. Still, it could be made even better by adding more written content via a dedicated blog and an About page.

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