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Slut Vids could be an alternate name for the shitty trail mix I once bought from a hospital vending machine. It was just a sad bag of peanuts and one lone raison, despite the illustration of dried fruits and a smiling sun on the package. Of course, you’re reading this at ThePornDude, so you already know the nut in question is a stickier, messier type of protein. Instead of the hard, edible kernels they serve you on an airplane, the title here refers to your one and only goal while watching a dirty movie.


So, who’s ready to nut? That’s kind of a trick question, because there are only a few reasons to visit me here at ThePornDude. The folks who run have those reasons in mind, because they’ve built a free tube stocked with social media porn and more traditional hardcore. They’re a newer joint, launched halfway through 2024, but they’re already pulling close to half a million visitors a month with a traffic graph heading ever upwards. My boner has been doing the same thing since I pulled up the front page, so let’s get into it, shall we?



What Are You Trying to Do? Slut Vids!

It’s no secret that OnlyFans has had some massive reverberations across the entire porn scene over the last few years. The pandemic era of social distancing ushered in a new wave of amateur models performing dirty tricks in front of their bedroom webcams, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been loving it. As a porn reviewer, consumer and fan, I’ve seen a lot of sites popping up aping the OnlyFans format or just showcasing videos in the genre. As soon as I saw the title, I knew SlutVids was going to be one of them.



Even from the front page, though, it does feel a bit different than your average social porn tube. Whoever’s curating the collection seems to prefer flicks with more of a traditional hardcore style than the solo shows you usually find on these sites. There were some masturbation scenes and a POV jerkoff vid on the front page when I first landed, but most of the thumbnails offered full-on fucking in pairs, threesomes, and even a couple big-ass group scenes with four or more participants.


It’s a different range of material than I’d expected, which is not to say I’m at all disappointed. carries a great, sexy spread of material. I hadn’t even begun digging before I spotted cheating Asian wives, POV anal scenes, lesbian orgies and big-dick interracial movies. Their Categories page could use some more entries, but they’ve got sections devoted to Big Ass, MILFs, Teen (18+) and OnlyFans.


If you don’t see what you’re into, you could always ask for a little something. Slut Vids seems to want to make their visitors happy, going as far as including a request form linked in their header. There’s no guarantee they’ll be able to post your preferred fap fodder, but I do appreciate that they’ve made requests so easy. With most tubes, you’re just expected to take what you’re given and nothing more.



Pornstars and Internet Girls You Know and Love

It’s not just the subgenres of social media porn that separate from its myriad competitors out there on the web. I’m sure it’s largely a result of their hardcore focus, but they’ve got a lot more big names than I usually expect. There are tons of major pornstars in addition to the usual Instagram sluts and OnlyFans models.



The latest videos out on the front page right now include sexy scenes with famous chicks like Riley Reid, Kimmy Granger, Alexis Fawx and Adria Rae. The social media chicks seem to be in the minority here, but I did spot models like Bettie Bondage, Bigtittygothegg, Amouranth and Hotwife Heidi Haze. The Slut Vids Creators page is already up to eight pages, and it’s got lots of major players.


That includes a fair number of the beautiful women who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know quite intimately over on the PornDudeCasting couch. I spotted Sera Ryder, Nicole Doshi, Angel Youngs and Anissa Kate before I’d even left the front page. I didn’t find any videos of yours truly boning them, but you can always visit my site if you’re interested. I’ve even got plenty of free samples!



Long Pornos and More on the Way might not be growing quite as fast as some of the big anything-goes sex tubes out there, but they are adding fresh material at a more than respectable pace. I’m reviewing the joint on a Tuesday afternoon, and they’ve already added a dozen new pornos today. That ain’t unusual, because they add fresh videos to the stash every day.



The site’s only been around for a few months now, but those daily updates add up. As of this writing, there are just over 300 videos. I know that’s tiny compared to tubes with tens of thousands of flicks, but keep in mind, this is a newer video site with a tighter focus than most.


What’s more, these ain’t the usual short videos you find on most social media porn tubes. SlutVids’s focus on the hardcore stuff gives them yet another advantage over the other guys, because most of the videos here run nice and long. If you’re looking to settle in for a lengthy marathon fap, this is a good place to do it. You’re all stocked up on lube, right?


Case in point, the very latest upload is a 41-minute video of Sera Ryder getting face fucked, eating ass, and taking a dick from behind. Today’s uploads alone total about two and a half hours, and that’s just the slippery wet tip of the iceberg. You can reshuffle the full stack of scenes by duration, and there’s already a nice handful clocking in at over an hour long. I’ve got time, so what should I do? Slut Vids!



Getting My Kicks with SlutVids

I spotted a 26-minute movie with the lovely Slimthick Vic on SlutVids’s front page, and it seemed like a great place to start my official fap test of the site. In case you missed it, the perfectly proportioned Vic rode my dick at PornDudeCasting and I’ve been fantasizing about it ever since. She introduces herself in the opening of this video, adding, “I’m going to be trying some new Spanish cock today and I’m so excited.”



They get right into it. Vic’s got her mouth full before the ten-second mark, her throat making glurg glurg glurg sounds as the dude fills it up. I had the hottest sense of déjà vu as Vic worked her oral magic. After some dick pulling, the guy returns the favor with a tongue in the snatch. My huge head makes that move a little impractical for me, but I love to live vicariously.


If I have any complaint, it’s just that there’s no obvious way to save the video. That ain’t uncommon on a free tube and even a lot of paysites these days, but I always appreciate an easy download. Slut Vids’s video player is streaming content from who knows where, and I wasn’t even able to find an mp4 link when I viewed the page source. Ultimately, this ain’t going to be a big deal except for some of the collectors out there.


It didn’t even occur to me until halfway through the movie, but I hadn’t seen any spam at all during my visit. I always use an adblocker, of course, but some sites really do all they can to bust through your defenses. Tubes with longer videos like this tend to be some of the worst offenders, so I was very happy about the overall lack of advertising.


All in all, nails most of the elements I look for in a free porn tube. The collection is still a little light, but I’m writing this review shortly after their launch; with updates this fast, it’ll grow in no time. There’s a nice range to the stash, and I know this one’s going to appeal to fans of social media porn who prefer longer movies with more explicit dick-in-hole penetration than the usual little solo scenes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve only got one thing on my mind, and it ain’t an almond or a cashew.

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