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Baddies Chicks! Do you love beating off to amateur pornography? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t love jacking off to beautiful women that look like someone you may have come across in your mundane, everyday life? It adds another layer to the jerk-off session and even makes you consider the fact that, hey, maybe you’ll get laid someday.


Don’t be disappointed if that day never comes. Instead, visit Amateur PornHub and find all of the sexy fucking content that this tube site has to offer a poor sap like yourself. It’s worth a visit just to see some of the sexy fucking content that they have available for you, and I know you’re going to come away feeling satisfied by the porn you find. It has a little something for everyone, so fucking come on down!



Over 1100 videos

If you are thinking about taking a quick fucking trip to Amateur PornHub, know that you are going to have a collection of content just waiting for you to jerk off to right here, right now! And although the number of videos that are available on Amateur PornHub may not be that substantial compared to other tube sites out there, understand that you have enough content to look at, that you are bound to find something that will really get you off.



What makes me so fucking sure? Because Amateur PornHub has over 1100 videos for you to jerk off to right here, right now! I don’t have to tell you how goddamn awesome that is, though for the avid masturbator, you may run out of content to watch quite soon.


Sure, that can be a real fucking problem. And for those of you that visit tube sites regularly and are accustomed to having tens of thousands of videos to watch, the number of videos may be sucking the air out of your ballsack. You may be a bit disappointed, but I don’t want you to be. Won’t you cheer up for me? The mind behind ThePornDude?


Well, you better mother fucker! Because of the over 1100 videos that Amateur PornHub has to offer your ass, you may think that the tube site does not have the variety you are looking for. But you would be mistaken by thinking that.


What makes me so fucking sure? Because you can find a wide variety of content on Amateur PornHub within the categories and tags that are represented on this tube site! The tags and categories that are represented are pretty fucking vast, and it’s a great way to fine-tune and explore absolutely everything that Amateur PornHub has to offer on one page.


But don’t take my fucking word for it, mother fucker! Let’s explore these sections together. Then, you will see exactly what I mean when I tell you that Amateur PornHub makes it easy to look through and browse the kind of content that this tube site delivers!



Decent variety of categories

Although Amateur PornHub only has a little over 1100 videos as of this review (that number may have grown whenever you visit the tube site on your own time), that does not mean that you will not find a variety of categories designed to help you to find precisely what you want to beat off to. It’s easy. Take a look for yourself to see what I mean.



When you select the ‘categories’ section at the top of the homepage, you will see a few categories on the proceeding page. No, Amateur PornHub does not have an assload of categories like some other tube sites out there. But did you really fucking expect them to? There are only a little over 1100 videos (again, as of this review), so it would be foolish to expect to find page-after-page of categories on Amateur PornHub.


What kind of categories can you find on Amateur PornHub? You will find an abundance of categories when you compare it to the video count. I noticed that there are categories such as anal, Latinas, (18+)teen, pornstars, and amateur. It seems pretty damn obvious that there would be an ‘amateur’ category on a site called Amateur PornHub, but you will be surprised by the size of this category.


Is that a good thing or a fucking bad thing? You be the judge bitch. But for now, know that the category section has a decent variety of categories to help you find exactly what you need. Try it out right away, and I think that you will be impressed as hell by what you find here!


But what if you do not want to look through a variety of categories that you can find on Amateur PornHub? What if you want to find a very specific type of porn video? If being broad (and I’m not talking about the one that shot you down when you asked them out at Bingo last week!) is not what you need, then take a look at the tags section instead.


What the fuck are you going to find when you select the ‘tag’ section on Amateur PornHub? A fuck load of tags! It’s pretty damn helpful when you want to pinpoint the exact kind of content that you want to jerk off to on the tube site. To access it, select the tags section at the top of the homepage.


Once you have selected the tags section, you can then begin exploring the hundreds of tags available for you to browse. You will notice that there are tags that feature the names of porn stars. Which is perfect if you want to watch a specific porn star getting busy for you to get off to on Amateur PornHub. Not only that though, but you can also find specific keywords like ‘OnlyFans’ and more, giving you the option to look at precisely the kind of porn that you are horny for on Amateur PornHub.


If you want to use an easy method to find the right kind of tag for you to beat off to, I urge you to take advantage of the ‘find’ function in your preferred browser. Every browser has this feature, so don’t think that you are not going to be able to use it and find just what you need. It is easy as hell, so type in the keyword that you want to search for using this option.


Once you do, you will notice how fucking simple it is to actually find the kind of porn you are looking for. What is even more awesome is that Amateur PornHub utilizes long-tail keywords. So if you want to find more specific types of tags – such as ‘big booty Latina,’ for example, you can find keywords that match tags using the ‘find’ function.


It is so goddamn convenient that this might as well be the page that you use to find exactly what you want to watch. Each tag also appears larger the more videos that match that particular tag. This gives you a much better understanding of which videos are popular on Amateur PornHub.



Too many pop-ups, not much amateur porn

Amateur PornHub is not a perfect tube site, though. One of the major problems I had with the site is that every time you click on anything, a new pop-up appears. There are already several that appear whenever you visit the site, too. Often, clicking on a video or even a section on the tube site brings up more pop-ups. I literally clicked over half a dozen times at one point before a video would simply play.



Add to the fact that there isn’t as much amateur porn as you may be thinking there is when you first visit Amateur PornHub, and it becomes clear that there is room for improvement. Amateur PornHub is still worth visiting if you want a variety of pornography to get off to. But understand that the site comes with caveats you will have to be content with.




Amateur PornHub is a tube site with over 1100 videos across a wide spectrum of categories and tags. It is quite simple to find the kind of content that you are looking for via the tags section alone. Though, the categories also make it pretty damn easy to find what you want to get off to as well.



But Amateur PornHub is not perfect. Namely, the pop-ups that appear whenever you try to click virtually anything make watching porn on Amateur PornHub a hassle. Further, because the name of the site is ‘Amateur PornHub,’ one would naturally think that there is mostly amateur porn on Amateur PornHub. But there isn’t. The majority is AAA porn.


These issues need to be addressed and fixed to ensure that more people than ever continue to visit Amateur PornHub regularly. Dial back the pop-ups and add more amateur porn. That way, the tube site will be a better reflection the kind of experience that it is striving for.

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