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Thot HD lays out their simple premise right there in the title: this joint’s going to be full of thots, and they’re going to be in beautiful, crystal-clear HD. The term refers to sluts, skanks and sleazy slags in general, but has come to take on specific connotations in the world of online pornography. These ain’t necessarily the same bimbos you find on the traditional sex tubes, though you will find a few that have worked their way from the professional pornstar circuit back to this realm of next-generation amateur starlets.


In case you just crawled out of a cave and haven’t seen the internet since before the pandemic, let me spell it out for you in easier terms: is a new free tube with a focus on internet sluts, amateur pornstars and OnlyFans girls. They just launched a few months ago and their traffic has been skyrocketing since day one, with a few hundred thousand eager perverts tuning in last month alone. I’ve always been a sucker for pretty girls and free fap fodder, so I got all greased up, grabbed an old gym sock and went to see what kind of content they had.



Putting the Thot in Thot HD

As soon as I pulled up the front page of Thot HD, I knew I was onto something special. They’ve got a pretty typical tube-style layout, white and purple on black with a wall of thumbnails covering the front page. It ain’t the presentation that makes my boner stand at attention, of course, but the lovely ladies whose exposed flesh is taking up all those front-page thumbs. Right from jump, it’s pretty obvious what kind of thots we’re talking about.



The site features a beautiful, wide-ranging mix of babes from all the major social media and social porn sites. There are cute 18+ teen girls next door from TikTok, sexy attention whores from Instagram, and cosplay gamer sluts from Twitch. You’ll also find a shit ton of content from spots like OnlyFans and Patreon, saving you some change and giving you rapid access to some of the best shit online.


Like other tubes, the front page of features a selection of Videos Being Watched, as well as the newest material in the library. In both cases, I see a ton of boobies, exposed butts and pretty faces. If you’ve been crushing on some OnlyFans chicks, you might start recognizing women right away. Today’s front-window display features the likes of Genesis Lopez, Littlmisfit, and Babyraxxx.


All the really famous internet chicks are here, too. One thing I found interesting about ThotHD’s Models page is that the broads are ranked differently than on other OF porn sites. Sorting by Top Rated, the top slots are held by social media starlets like Genie Exum, Lena Hellie and Lara Marie Conrads. Belle Delphine doesn’t even show up until page two, with Amouranth on page three. Personal favorites like Bishoujomom show up much further down the list.


I think those atypical rankings are going to be a mixed bag; some of you will appreciate the different lineup of babes at the top of the list, while others might have to do a little bit more clicking to reach their favorite internet thots. I see so many social media porn sites that are damn near identical in everything from the layout to the videos being served, so I appreciate having a different set of beautiful women shuffled to the top of the stack. Looks like I’ve got a few new favorites, like Tati Evans, Ambsofficialxo and Coco Savage.



A Whole New World of Homebrew Porno

The pandemic had some big impacts on the porn industry. At the beginning, all the social distancing restrictions made it difficult for established porn sites to shoot fresh scenes. Newer operations, like my own PornDudeCasting, ran into some issues just getting off the ground in those days. (If you haven’t checked out my casting site lately, let me tell you that we’re putting out some great new movies every week now.) These limitations are one of the big reasons sites like OnlyFans and its copycats blew up the way they did.



At the beginning, nearly all of the OnlyFans porn we saw were solo shows, a natural result of models shooting on their webcams while social distancing. There’s still a lot of emphasis on the one-woman nudie show, but these days, there’s a much bigger variety, as you’ll see on ThotHD. They stock the shelves with a range of videos from solo stripteases to fetish scenes to full-on amateur hardcore. This ain’t your daddy and mommy’s homemade porno.


Just looking at the very newest scenes, I see a topless hottie in a desk chair showing off her big jugs, a girl in handcuffs and fishnets riding a dildo, and an Asian OnlyFans girl getting drilled by her boyfriend. There are naked mirror selfie videos, a goth girl playing with herself in a moving vehicle and an OnlyFans doggystyle creampie video. One of my favorites to hit the site today is a babe sitting her big g-stringed ass down on a spongy cake before twerking, booty covered in frosting. Happy birthday to me!


Those videos are all amazing as they are, but you want to know something else? They were all added today. In fact, all 22 videos on the front page were added in just five hours, and I had to flip to page seven to see anything added yesterday. is growing at a crazy pace, with new content hitting the site every few minutes. As I’ve been writing up this review, I’ve periodically made it back to the ThotHD front page. Every single time, there’s fresh smut that wasn’t there before.



Getting My Fap on with Thot HD

One of the big factors I look at when I review a porn site is how fast the library is growing. At around the same point in the review, I usually like to point out how big the current collection is. Thot HD doesn’t list a total video count, and their setup makes it difficult to find the bottom of the stack, so there is a little bit of guesswork involved here. That said, the Categories page gives some insight how big the site really is.



As of this writing, there are nearly 700 movies on ThotHD tagged with TikTok, and another 1800 filed under Teens (18+). There are 800 Masturbating movies, 300 Amateur films and 2400 with Ass. Social media porn is a big fucking deal around here, with over 4,000 flicks listed under the OnlyFans tag. Altogether, there are already thousands of free videos in this rapidly growing library. By the time you read this, that number may well have crossed into the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, easily.


With that in mind, I selected Cosplay from the Tags page, and ThotHD gave me the first page of its 33-video spread on the topic. Naturally, the selection is full of the babes that put OnlyFans and social media porn into the spotlight. Right away, I see Amouranth dressed like exra-slutty Harley Quinn, Belle Delphine in a sexy Tinkerbell outfit, and Octokuro with a friend and a double-ended dildo, both geared up like anime sluts.


One of the hardest things about jacking off to TikTok porn is that so many of the clips are so short. I skipped over a bunch of cosplay sex clips clocking in at under twenty seconds, conducting my fap test instead with a 12-minute video of Amouranth dressed like Cammy from Street Fighter. The costume is spot on, though I don’t remember the Capcom version ever fingering herself. lives up to its name, with their huge and growing collection of internet chicks exposing themselves. It’s an impressive, wide-ranging library of the hottest women from sites like OnlyFans and TikTok, showing the world exactly what made them internet-famous. Whether you’ve got an internet celebrity in mind who you’d like to see in an amateur sex scene, or you’re just looking for a good way to blow your lunch break and your load, these guys have got you covered.

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