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Who’s up for a little Bim Bim? I know that sounds like a Korean dish or some bullshit goo-goo ga-ga baby talk, but you already know your old friend ThePornDude ain’t going to point you toward any family-friendly, G-rated entertainment. Nope, this is an adults-only operation, so put the fuckers to bed, lube up and tell the wifey you’re going to be playing video games in the basement for the next 4 days. I have a feeling this one’s going to be addictive.

Maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. is brand spanking new, going from 0 to 40,000 visitors a day in the span of like a week. That’s an incredible, explosive breakout, but it’s not like the site was slapped together by a couple of amateurs testing the waters of online porn. BimBim was created by the smut-peddling masterminds behind LiveJasmin, meant to compete with social-media/clip-sale porn sites like ManyVids and OnlyFans. Hell, I would have checked it out even if it was some half-ass newbie porno operation, but now I’m even more excited to get in there and start shaking my dick around.

LiveJasmin’s Answer to OnlyFans

Right from the jump, it’s clear they’ve got high production values at BimBim. Even if I didn’t know about the LiveJasmin connection, I’d be impressed. They keep the sexy red-on-red color scheme of their webcam empire, with a very similar thumbnail-based layout. There’s a mix of vertical and square thumbnails, which helps give it a slightly more modern look than LiveJasmin; it feels more like a sexed-up social media site than a cam joint.

There are live streams, though. Right below the streamlined, app-like header, there’s a row a babes performing live on BimBim right now. The cam icons are small, because they’re more of a sideshow to the main events lining the rest of the page. All kinds of gorgeous amateur models and social media sluts are posting stories here.

The front page is a fapworthy smorgasbord of beautiful women. Sections of Top Creators and Trending broads show busty (18+)teens, stunning cougars and I even spotted a decent-looking GILF in a corset. There are blondes smiling, brunettes pouting and redheads showing their best fuck-me faces. There’s a range of boner-inducing body types, from skinny chicks with perky little tatas to athletic babes with tight asses and tight abs, plus a few thicker babes with big butts and monster jugs. White girls, Asians, Latinas and black girls are all showing off for the camera, as well as exotic mixed girls from all over the place.

Those front-page thumbnails are basically all you get at without signing up for an account. Whether I click on a pretty girl doing a Live show or one of the chicks posing in her underwear, I get the same message telling me not to miss all of her stories. “UNLOCK FOR FREE!” they keep screaming. The catch is you have to validate your credit card first, which ain’t at all surprising. LiveJasmin’s whole business model is luring you in with free shows and hoping you’ll spend your entire paycheck on camsluts. How much you end up spending here may have everything to do with your masturbatory willpower. Let’s test mine.

Free Credits? Don’t Mind If I Do!

Registration is quick, easy, and unlocks a bunch of content after you give them your credit card digits. You also get 30 free credits just for signing up. They immediately offer to sell you more, with 50% bonus credits tacked onto any credit package; $11 will buy you 7.49 credits, while $180 will buy you 236.99. I wasn’t ready to buy any just yet, since I didn’t know how far any of those credits go on the site.

I scrolled down to the Trending area to check out some of the more popular sluts. An exotic babe calling herself MerryFox caught my eye, so I clicked her thumbnail. BimBim said, “Don’t Miss MerryFox’s Stories. Unlock now!” The button below said I could UNLOCK FOR FREE, so I clicked that bad boy.

Once unlocked, I was treated to an Instagram-style story. First, I got a nice shot of this Fox’s ass peeking out of her panties, followed by a lingerie shot and a handful of pouty-faced selfies. One said, “Call Me! Calls is Available!” At the bottom, a row of icons enticed me to start a video call, a voice chat, send a gift, or share the story through a shit-ton of social media links. There’s also a text box to send her a message.

I unlocked a couple more profiles like this, including a gorgeous blonde chick with incredible legs, and a Latina with what I’d call a truly profound ass. Each time, BimBim showed me her newest public videos or pics. I was already enjoying myself before I realized you could click a model’s name to visit her full profile. That’s where I found even more content, and it was even more explicit!

How to Find the Boobies on BimBim kept letting me unlock these Stories for free. I watched babes twerking on webcam wearing fishnets, posing in sheer teddies, and one busty babe almost coming out of her panties but not quite. I knew it was just a matter of time until they asked for some of those credits they gave me. That moment came when I found the actual NSFW stuff.

Whether or not you get fired for viewing the free stuff on BimBim is between you, your boss and the HR department, but up until now, I hadn’t seen any real nudity. Nipples have all been covered and asscracks bisected by bikinis and panties. The model profiles are where you’ll find the actual dirty movies.

This chick AdalynRusso lotioned up her long legs in a free lingerie show out on the front page. Clicking through to her profile, I found more free stories and a handful of premium ones. The paid thumbnails are blurred out, but the names are enticing as fuck: Boobs, Playfulness, 18+ Naughty Schoolgirl and Enjoying Myself.

The description for that last one was, “My pussy loves touches.” I love watching pussies as they get touches, so I spent 10 credits unlocking the video. The purchase button says SUPPORT ME, highlighting one of my favorite things about social media porno: a big cut of your dollar goes to supporting the models directly.

Enjoying Myself is a 3-minute vertical video, but it looks like Adalyn has a nice phone because the picture quality is crystal clear and beautiful. Sitting on her bed, she strips slowly out of her white lingerie, first revealing a fucking perfect set of cans that she gropes for the camera. She rubs her twat through white lace panties before taking those off, too. Enjoying Myself is a good title for the video, because I enjoyed Adalyn as much as she enjoyed herself.

A Sexy Sign of Things to Come

BimBim may be new, but I already have a feeling they’ll be a force to be reckoned with. The formula is there, and the LiveJasmin people have the resources to pull it off. What they’ve built here is one of the first real, direct competitors to OnlyFans I’ve seen. They’ve got a wide range of beautiful chicks making a wide variety of DIY sex videos, with a freemium model that’s going to draw in a ton of perverts who love a free show.

I did run into a few issues. For the old-schoolers out there, the lack of downloads is going to be a buzzkill. You have to pay for videos that you then have to view on the website and only on the website. Honestly, though, that’s just the state of online porn these days.

My bigger issues were probably temporary. For one thing, BimBim could definitely use some improvements to their searchability. This genre thrives in large part due to the sheer variety of perversion and how models cater to all kinds of fetishes, from cosplay to ASMR to JOI to good, old fashioned BDSM. Right now, there are only a handful of categories to browse, and the search bar wasn’t as helpful as it could have been.

I also ran into serious bandwidth issues while trying to watch videos. If I have to watch the movies on the site, they need to play smoothly! The vids I watched would play for just a few seconds before stopping to buffer. This is definitely a result of gaining 40,000 viewers in a week, and I have no doubt it will be remedied soon as they adjust to the traffic. is a fucking strong contender on the social-media porn scene. They’ve got a beautiful and efficient setup, plus a beeline of amateurs and webcam models signing up to get naked on the site. As with LiveJasmin, they get you in the door with an absolute shit-ton of free content to whet your whistle. Just be careful about getting addicted to these babes or it could get expensive!

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