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Blacked JAV was the very first thing I pulled up on my laptop this morning. It’s a Monday, and I figured, what better way to start my week than with a little interracial action starring some little Asians getting filled up with big BBC? It’s hot as hell watching white girls take on black monster cock, but the girls here might be a little tinier and a bit tighter. Oh, and don’t even get me started on those sexy noises the JAV idols make as they’re getting banged. I may not understand every word they’re saying, but those squeaks and squeals are music to my ears.


Close to half a million weeaboos, Asian porn fans and general masturbators have been visiting every month, and it ain’t all that difficult to see why. According to the subheader beneath the title, they specialize in Interracial JAV Featuring Black Male Actors with Japanese Female Actresses. In other words, it’s a blog that collects full-length interracial JAV movies. The Viagra is starting to kick in hard, and my dick is starting to bang the bottom of my table here at Starbucks, so let’s get into it before I make a mess.


JAV That Goes Black

JAV sites tend to go light on the layout, and BlackedJAV is no exception to the rule. They’ve got a really barebones blog setup, letting the free JAV thumbnails sell themselves. Most of the little images are scanned DVD covers covered in much smaller pics of naked Japanese ladies, but I see a couple screengrabs. The screengrabs are a good sign, because those are usually amateur productions, which are usually uncensored.



I had to be sure, though, so that video still of an amateur Asian babe being carried by a black dude was the first thing I clicked. Sure enough, they’ve got this one labeled as Uncensored right in the title. I clicked the tag and found BlackedJAV’s Uncensored aisle. They’ve got at least a couple dozen Japanese pornos where you can see all that unedited, unobscured penetration. It’s not the deepest stash of uncensored JAV, but it’s a start.


If you’re a fan of Japanese Adult Video or Asian porn in general, you’re already well aware of the censorship issue. Most of the porno released officially in Japan is censored all to hell, and that’s unfortunately the case with most of the Blacked JAV content. In between the censored and uncensored content, they do have hundreds of decensored videos with digitally restored genitalia. The catch is that the decensored versions are available to paying members only. (More on the membership options in a bit.)


Altogether, the current library has over 900 Japanese Adult Videos. I was struck by the quality of the links, too. On a lot of download blogs like this, the older updates are full of dead links and broken video players. I spotted an early BlackedJAV update from the beginning of 2020 starring the beautiful Marika Hase, who I’ve gotten to know personally over at PornDudeCasting. I figured a link this old on a site like this would be a lost cause, but the video players and download link were still fully operational. Looks like I’m going to have my hands full of Marika for the next couple hours, but I’ll get back to this review after I clean up the sperm. has a hand-curated vibe. Most free porn sites these days seem like they were built by a machine that just sucks up content from other sites and then regurgitates them into a stale, lifeless presentation. By contrast, BlackedJAV’s slow and steady updates feel more like an interracial JAV fan sharing their stash with likeminded perverts. There’s a single update almost every day, which seems more personal than the batch uploads you get elsewhere.


Black Studs and Tiny Asian AV Idols

With over 900 movies to choose from, Blacked JAV’s catalog could easily become cluttered without proper organization. To that end, they’ve done a good job classifying the flicks based on censorship status, and then tagged with the appropriate subgenres, sex acts and scenarios. There’s a nice variety of perversion going on here, the sole common denominators being Asian women and black men. It’s right there in the title, folks!



The sidebar menu of tags is one of the best ways to browse the collection if you’re looking for something in particular to get your rocks off to. All the usual interracial categories are covered like Amateur, Anal, Big Tits and Creampie. It’s a Japanese porn site, though, and you probably know what that means: Fake Abuse, Bukkake, 18+ School Girls and Voyeur are also on the menu. There’s Cuckold and Confinement, Nampa and Nasty, Squirting and Thick Women.


Thick women are a rarity in Asian pornography, so I was intrigued as soon as I noticed their tag here. Clicking through, I found a few dozen interracial JAV updates with big-bootied Japanese chicks. There’s a chick with a fat ass surrounded by black dudes on the cover of JUFD-862, and I just had to see more.


There are two embedded video players on the page, both of which worked, though the second option had less spam. Within seconds, I was watching this chubby Asian chick showing off her body. There’s an interview, similar to how I shoot my pornos, and then the fucking begins. The full film runs over two hours long, as do many of the movies, so make sure you’ve got some time on your hands to go with all the lube.


I liked the movie enough that I wanted the full version. There’s an R18 link if I want to buy an official copy, but I was curious about Blacked JAV’s download options. There are free download links provided for all the movies on BlackedJAV. They’re on file locker services, though, which means free users will run into some limits that might cramp your style a bit.


This video’s 1.75 GB, which will take more than three hours to download at free-user speeds, so I checked out the membership options. Blacked JAV offers tiered memberships starting at $9, which gets you access to the decensored library, fast downloads, higher quality video streams, and subtitle files. Moving up the tiers, higher paying members can nominate new movies to get decensored and some other little perks. At the highest end, the $100 Platinum plan, you can choose movies that ain’t even on yet.


I was willing to wait for the slow downloads, but I am intrigued by the Decensored movies. They ain’t perfect, that’s for sure, but the technology does seem better every time I watch one of the movies where the dicks have been put back in. It’ll be interesting to see how the stuff evolves now that we have deepfake technology to help add even more realism. I’ve been watching this chubby Japanese chick bang in another window as I type this up, and goddamn, I’d love to see her pussy, even if it is a digital fake.


At the end of the day, my biggest complaint about Blacked JAV is more of a general complaint about Japanese Adult Video. Japan is a tiny country that has always produced some of the world’s freakiest erotica, even from the earliest days of tentacle porn back in the 1700s, but they’ve always been on the cutting edge of censoring it, too. As a perverted Westerner used to seeing the hardest of hardcore, and even producing it for PornDudeCasting, the Japanese attitude toward nudity and sex will always strike me as weird.


Of course, I’m still going to beat off to it. In fact, that’s pretty much all I plan on doing today, and is going to be the vehicle driving my faptastic adventure. The site does a great job collecting interracial JAV, sticking tightly to the theme but still delivering an absolute fuck ton of content. A paid membership earns you slightly easier access plus all that decensored material, but there’s more than enough here to keep the cheapskate library masturbators happy, too. If you want to see well-hung black studs banging in full-length JAV but you don’t want to pay full price, or anything at all, this is the spot.

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