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I’ve been slowly (or quickly, depending on your perspective) turning Japanese since I hit puberty. Pretty soon, you’ll have to call me Mr. Sezuki. I’ve petitioned Japan for citizenship, but I haven’t heard back yet. Hopefully, you’ll see me walking the streets of Tokyo sometime soon. I’ll be the guy beating his meat under a trench coat while he strolls down the sidewalk.


Remember when you’re mom would tell you to stop crossing your eyes or they’ll stay that way? Or when she would say, “if you keep eating blank, you’re going to turn into a blank”? If those principles hold true, then my genetics should have switched over to Japanese long ago. Not only do I play pocket pool all the time, but I also do it while watching Japanese adult videos.


There are few things like Japanese adult videos in this world. To put it simply, the japs know how to make a good god damn porno, and that’s something to be very proud of.


Because of this, there is no shortage of Japanese porn sites, but as you can imagine, all are not the same. Many are barely useable shit shows with garbage design and broken links.


There’s something about shitty JAV websites and ads. If anything is going to make a JAV site shitty, it’s not content or aesthetic. It’s an overwhelming amount of ads that make watching a video nearly impossible. It’s a great way to guarantee a person never uses your porn site again.


It’s not hard to slap together a semi usable site. Limit the ads, design an intuitive menu, help people filter content, and get out of the way. Unfortunately, many web designers out there don’t know what the fuck they are doing and just want to jerry-rig a porn site to make a few fast dollars. Fuck those motherfuckers to hell. How dare you waste my penises time with your bullshit.


Skip all that and take yourself over to Javhay. Javhay has many of the aspects I look for in a JAV porn site. It’s a fantastic medium for pouring sexy Japanese sluts deep into your retinas.


What isn’t there to love about fucking petite Japanese bitches. The pussies are so tight they will squeeze the lifeblood from your genitals. It won’t know whether you’re boning a whore, or putting your cock in a vice grip. The first time I blew a load in one, I was the person making an ahegao face.


Tiny Holes

If these bitches have pussies that tight, then you can only imagine what their assholes are like. Holy fucking hell. They barely qualify as an orifice. I have no idea how they even shit through those things. It must come out looking like lo mein noodles. But I know it doesn’t because I’ve seen hundreds of Japanese bitches shitting on each other over the years, and it looks no different than my poops.



Getting your cock inside a japasshole is like fitting a camel through the eye of a needle. Imagine jabbing your cock into a tiny blood pressure cuff and blowing it up until your dick tip turns purple, and you’ll have half an idea of what ass fucking these bitches feels like. A word to the wise, don’t get freaked out if a little bit of blood comes out with your cum. That’s natural and perfectly healthy.


Now that your mouth is watering let’s take a tour of Javhay. As with many JAV sites, it has a classic tube design with a twist that helps to grab your attention. The main menu runs along the top of the site and includes the options Home, Censored, Uncensored, Decensored, Uncensored, Amateur Japanese adult video, a Search bar, and a link to the world’s number one pervert extraordinaire.


The videos in the “amateur JAV” section look better shot than many studio porns. The camera quality is spectacular, the audio sounds like they have a boom mic, and the ladies are model quality. I’m not sure what happened in their lives to stop them from hitting the runway, but I’m glad it did. Something tells me I have some deadbeat fathers to thank for the porn I’m enjoying today. I’ll make sure to include my gratitude in my nightly prayers.


The “uncensored” section is packed with videos intended to be censored. Some do still include partial blurring. This is probably my least frequented area of Javhay.


I very much appreciate the work being done in the “decensored” category. Whoever puts in the tedious effort into turning scrambled pussy into unscrambled pussy deserves a Nobel Peace Prize or some shit. My hats off to you. If you fuckers have a Patreon or some shit, I’m happy to donate. You’re what makes this world go round. Beauty is all around us.


Are the results of decensoring perfect? No, unfortunately not. But they are as good as they can get. It’s not a skill issue. It’s a tech issue. Hopefully, one day we can live in a world devoid of such useless garbage as censored porn. It’s a fucking oxymoron. As much love as I have for people decensoring videos, I have hate for those censoring. If I could wrap my sweaty, hairy palms around their throats, I would.


Of course, the uncensored portion of Javhay is where I spend most of my time. I need that raw, unfiltered, untainted porn. The only thing I want between me and seeing a dick penetrating a pussy is the thin glass of my computer screen. Are computer screens even made of glass anymore? I’m not sure, but regardless, leave my porn as God intended for it to be seen. Uncensored, high def, and hardcore.


Below the main menu is a side scroller automatically rotating through thumbnail covers of popular content. Click at any time to be sent to that video. The featured bitches are a great place to start your Javhay journey. It always contains some of the hottest cunts on the site.


D Tips

Under the scroller are a few developer notes for people visiting. First and foremost, they let us know that they update every fucking day. These guys would hate to see you starved of fresh Japanese Adult Video content. How kind of them.



Second, they confirm that they understand ads can be annoying, but it’s the only way to pay their server costs without charging the consumer directly. The ads on Javhay are not particularly intrusive, so I don’t let them bother me. Everybody needs to make a buck in this world.


Third, they invite you to bookmark the site right away. All you have to do is hit control D, and your computer will handle the rest. God knows years of porn watching has destroyed your memory.


The fourth item is a warning that some older videos may be down or have no stream option available. Requested reports via the comments will be prioritized over the ones they find themselves.


Lastly, in case you’re having trouble loading the site or the domain is blocked, you can try It will take you to the same place through a different route your IP should accept.


The rest of the home page is taken up by content thumbnails. Nobody does a thumbnail like the Japanese. These aren’t the DVD cover-style thumbnails I love the most, but they still include details that most others don’t. Why more thumbnails don’t have more than one screenshot, I’ll never know. It’s the perfect way to give viewers an idea of what’s happening throughout the video before they start watching.


Men all over this big blue dot of ours adore watching tiny Japanese pussies getting walloped but fat throbbing cocks. I certainly know it brings joy to my heart. Javhay is one of the best sites for you to get your fill. their selection of videos is on fucking point, and the design is both familiar and novel.


I have a suggestion to help the site and perhaps make it easier for the admin to update and maintain the place. Much of the ad space on Javhay is empty. There is no way there aren’t willing businesses ready to display ads on the site. They have to either delete the blank space or find someone to fill it.


If you’re suffering from a deep hankering for high-quality Japanese Adult Video, then get over to Javhay this instant.

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