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Finding full-length Japanese adult videos (JAV) can be quite the challenge if you don’t know where to look. While it is true that there are so many Asian porn videos out there, not all of them deliver the kind of content that you are looking for. Some of them seem too vanilla, while others just don’t feel like they are from the ‘Land of the Rising Sun.’


When you want authentic JAVs and want no fucking excuses, you need to visit JAVFindX. Here, you will find a wealth of JAV videos just waiting for you to jerk off to. If you crave hot, authentic Asians from their home countries, you need to check out JAVFindX to get that stroke on. From one video alone, I think you will fucking be glad that you did!


Helpful sorting options

If you are looking at the videos on JAVFindX and you don’t know where to start, do not fret! It is extremely fucking easy to sort the videos on JAVFindX to find whatever it is that you are looking for. Simply select the ‘drop-down menu’ that is labeled ‘recent’ to the far-right of the page.



From there, you can select the sorting order that you prefer. The default sorting option is recent, popular, highest rated, most discussed, most downloaded, longest, and most watched. Any of these sorting options will work well for you, so choose accordingly.


If your eyes perked up whenever you looked at the most downloaded sorting option, I can see why you horny mother fucker! You love Asians, and there are so many fucking full-length videos that you want to collect as many as possible. Unfortunately, ThePornDude could not find any videos that you can actually download. At least, I don’t think I did.


If that makes me sound like a dumb fuck (which I’m not, so watch your tongue bitch!), let me explain. There were so many pop-ups that appeared when clicking a video to watch that it became an exercise in patience just to start watching a video. Pop-ups would appear in new tabs when I clicked fucking anything! As I tried to watch the video, I also noticed that pop-ups would appear in the video window itself. There are also ads around the content on the same page, which is annoying in its own right.


I even noticed an ad that said that my Flash player was out of date. Hey, news flash, you fucking ad. Flash is as dead as fucking Prince Phillip, so don’t think for a second that I’m going to be persuaded into clicking the ad. If you fall for that trick, you have only yourself to blame. There are pop-ups, pop-ups everywhere and it’s so goddamn annoying.


In the middle of all of these pop-ups was a button that looked like a video download button. It said something alone the lines of, ‘click here to download.’ With so many ads and pop-ups littering the page, it was unclear what was an ad and which buttons were actually legitimate. The only button that looked and was safe to press was the ‘click to play’ button.


When you combine that with the fact that my anti-virus software would not even connect to the site without giving me some kind of ‘malvertising’ warning, something has to give. I think it’s safe to say that being picky on what you click on is best practice while browsing JAVFindX. I cannot say for certain that there is indeed download buttons where you can download video files. But if there is, they are fucking hard to find and look like ads anyway. If they think most users are going to click the button to download the video file (if that’s even what happens anyway), they are only kidding themselves.


Over 2880 pages of JAV porn

Even though it can be a real pain in the ass to watch anything, once you get over that hump, you are going to see the strengths of JAVFindX for yourself. That’s because there are over 2880 pages of JAV porn available for anyone to fucking watch at any moment. Whether you are watching on your mobile device or desktop, you are going to find that there is a fuck load of JAV porn videos to watch.



That’s over 25 videos per page! On top of over 2880 pages of JAV porn, you are going to have more than enough videos waiting for you. Not only that, but there is JAV content posted on a nearly daily basis. When I was looking at the most recent JAV videos, I noticed that there were a substantial amount of videos that had been posted on multiple days. What was bizarre to me was that even though I was browsing by most recent, some of the videos were out of order. In other words, some that were older were posted before the newer videos.


This was not a huge deal, though. Most of the videos displayed when you sort content by recent looks to have been posted within the last few days. So you’re not getting the newest of the newest content when you use this sorting options (which can be annoying), but at least you are seeing what is most recent.


To that end, I suppose the sorting option is doing its job. Just know that whenever you visit JAVFindX time and again, you will find plenty of newer content posted regularly. That’s awesome, because the quality is what is more important here than the quantity anyway. Knowing that you are getting so many full-length JAV videos is what fucking counts.


Tons of full-length content

One of the things that pisses me off more than anything else is when I find a hot-as-fuck porn video, only to find that it’s a teaser. I hate those goddamn videos that are only three-minutes long! Or those videos that show 10-minutes of build-up and 30-seconds of hot action. I want the full-course meal, not just a crumb from an appetizer, you cheap fuck!



Fortunately, JAVFindX does not play that game. They know that you hate to be teased just as much as I do. Come on, if you’re going to lick my balls, you better open up wide and take that cock in the back of your throat, bitch! You won’t find any blue balling going on here. JAVFindX offers a fuck load of full-length content that you won’t be able to turn away from. If you even remotely love Asian pornography, this is where you’ll want to fucking steer it!


JAVFindX has the kind of pornography that you would find strolling down an adult district in Japan. If you walked into a porn shop, these are the movies that you would fucking find. Fortunately, you don’t have to go hunting for these full-length movies and clips around Japan, nor do you have to look through sites and forums written in Japanese just to get a glimpse of sexy JAV pornography.


When I say these videos are full-length, that is exactly what I fucking mean. The content that you will find on JAVFindX are basically movies. I noticed that so many of these videos last over an hour, meaning you won’t find a fucking thing cut out. These are the raw, uncensored videos that you crave. Check them out, because I know you are going to be ecstatic by the kind of content you find!


Good selection of uncensored porn

JAV content is all well and good. Hell, even the censored videos will turn you on and make you fill up that condom you’re using to whack off. But every JAV freak knows that there is nothing quite like seeing an uncensored JAV that doesn’t blur a goddamn thing.



Fortunately, there are over 480 pages of uncensored JAV content! JAVFindX knows exactly what you want. That is why they have listed the uncensored JAV section at the top of the page. Click it, and you will only see uncensored JAV content that leaves nothing to the imagination.


Censored JAV content is hot. But uncensored JAV, where you can see a close-up of tight, wet Japanese pussy in all of its glory, is what will really get you off! No matter what kind of JAV you want to watch, the thumbnails will make you want to click and watch the content.


So what are you waiting for? Get your cock out and start stroking it to the hot and sexy videos on JAVFindX. You will be glad that my intelligent ass pointed you in the right direction! Just watch out for all of those goddamn pop-ups!



JAVFindX has a ridiculous amount of full-length JAV pornography that can be viewed all for free. Unfortunately, there are too many pop-ups that make it difficult to watch content straight away. The JAV tube site needs to seriously decrease the number of pop-ups and ads that litter the website. It drives viewers away and ultimately makes the website look ugly as hell.

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