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XNXX Japan

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XNXX Japan

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The Japanese porn on XNXX either ruined my day or made it, depending on how you look at it. Well, what happened is I got so distracted by all those Asian blowjobs, threesomes, and weird fetish scenes that I accidentally missed jury duty. I may have to pay a fine or spend a couple of days locked up, but at least I got to ejaculate into a crusty gym sock. I won’t be suffering from blue balls, that’s for sure. On the other hand, my yellow fever might need a little more treatment, and thankfully, this site has exactly what I need.


As one of the very biggest porn sites in the world, hardly needs an introduction. They’re an absolutely massive free tube that gets billions of visitors per month, making them slightly more popular than your mom. Given the overall size of the joint, it should come as no surprise that they’ve got a meaty selection of Japanese porn movies. That’s where I’m going to be focusing all my attention today. So who’s up for sushi?


That’s a Whole Lot of JAV

What needs to be said about XNXX that hasn’t been said before? Well, they’ve long held a high slot on my list of Free Porn Tube Sites, where they’re right behind Pornhub as number two. They have the same basic thumbnail-based layout as the rest, though I’ve always thought their color scheme and general design seem a little crusty compared to some nicer-looking spots. But then again, that crustiness may just be a product of age. These guys have been around twenty years, a ripe old age in internet years, and look better than other sites of the era that have managed to stick it out this long.



A major component of their popularity is just the sheer size of the library. There’s a full count out front, and today the total is 8,997,786 movies. But I’m not reviewing the full collection today, so I clicked my way to the Japanese aisle. It may only be a slice of the whole pie, but it’s a huge slice because it’s a huge pie. They’ve got nearly 75,000 Japanese pornos on the menu. And those are just the movies with Japanese girls, specifically; the more general Asian category has well over 130,000 videos.


Japanese porn is weird. I’m not talking about the kinky genres, which we’ll get into shortly. No, I’m talking about how, despite coming up with some of the freakiest fetishes the world has ever known, Japanese porn tends to be censored all to hell. If you’re a fan of JAV (Japanese Adult Video), you’re probably used to visiting websites where all the dicks and pussies are covered up by flesh-colored Tetris bricks. You may have even hit CTRL+F to find this section of the review where I talk about censorship because it’s such a common concern for JAV fans.


I’ve got great news for you, weebs. While I see some blurred-out ding-dongs, I also see a ton of uncensored Japanese content. In fact, most of the material on the front page of’s Japanese section has the genitals on proud display in their full, unobscured glory. For example, the top row alone features an office lady sucking an unedited cock, a big-tit mommy getting uncensored doggy-style and a 12-minute JAVHD sample of a teen getting her fully visible twat stuffed with fully visible human sausage.


Japanese Girls in Weird, Sexy Situations

This is usually the point of the review where I tell you how often the site is updating since new content is always a draw for masturbators. Unfortunately, XNXX has kind of an odd setup in that you can’t reshuffle the search results by upload date, nor are upload dates even listed. Nevertheless, it’s such a massive, throbbing site that I feel confident telling you there’s fresh Japanese porn being added day and night, but I can’t really tell you exactly how quickly.



Not that it matters. With 75,000 movies already, it’s not like you’ll fap your way through the whole collection. I’m mainly here to write a review today, and even I’m hung up just trying to decide where to begin my official fap test. Should I watch a babe getting boned on a train, a chick getting dicked in a hotel room or a massive Asian orgy with lots of sperm flying all over the place?

Even if we stick to’s Japanese porn, there’s still a wide variety of material. Threesomes, taboo family roleplay, creampies, and harem fantasies are arguably just the beginning. Suppose the vanilla stuff isn’t hardcore enough for you. How about some public sex, some BBW facesitting, some hairy muff diving, or something really rough with a naughty 18+ schoolgirl being punished severely and sexually?


Remember, folks, this is the country that gave us bukkake, tentacle porn, and hentai. For all their weird issues with censorship, Japanese porn is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to depravity. I’m a professional masturbator, and JAV still sometimes manages to surprise me with new fetishes I’d never imagined.


Just clicking through the pages of JAV on XNXX, I quickly found cuckolding movies, first-time teen group sex, back alley double blowjobs, and a chick giving a risky blowjob in a real dentist’s office. Further in, I was greeted by hardcore rope bondage banging, bizarre food fetishism, synchronized 18+ schoolgirl classroom sex, and a limp-dicked grandpa trying his best to make a much, much younger girl happy.


Settle in For a Nice, Long Asian Porn Fap

After flipping through ten pages of’s Japanese porn section, I’ve got a couple of observations. For one thing, the collection is really well organized because I saw very few misfiled white girls on the shelf. Sites this big tend to be an absolute fucking mess when it comes to tagging, so I’m guessing there’s some strong moderation going on at some point in the chain.



Another thing I notice is just how few of the videos are censored. Japanese porn is censored by default, so XNXX’s algorithms must shuffle the best stuff to the front. While I appreciate that, I wish they offered more ways to shuffle and filter the content. I always like the newest-first view because it lets you know precisely what the freshest material is. The feature is especially important on a site that’s part of your regular masturbation routine.


The few available filters let you choose options like video quality and period uploaded, which is alright. But I did make a pretty nice discovery when I fiddled with the Length filter. Maxing it out at 20+ minutes brings back over 65,000 results. Most Japanese movies on XNXX are nice and long, so go ahead and settle in for a nice long wank session.


I’ve always been a sucker for public stuff, so I was quickly drawn to a 22-minute video in my search results. The thumbnail simply titled Cute Japanese Girl shows a cute Japanese girl fooling around with a couple of fellow passengers on a train. Clicking through, I see it’s a crummy 360p, but low-resolution is a common pitfall of JAV. The video opens with voyeur footage which quickly segues into public groping.


It’s a sexy scene, though the quality is a bit low for my tastes. The next scene I watched was a 1080p Japanese orgy, though, and it was fire. The XNXX video player has a download button, so I saved it for the permanent spank bank. The only catch is that you’ve got to sign up for a free account to take advantage of the downloads, which is a fair trade, in my opinion.


Fair trades abound on because you can stream and download as much Japanese porn as possible without paying a goddamn dime. It isn’t any mystery why the site continues to enjoy such a ridiculous amount of traffic—it’s the absurd amount of porn. It’s hard to find serious complaints with a website serving up this much adult content over the years without ever asking a thing in return.

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