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Senzuri Tube

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Senzuri Tube

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If you can’t tell by now, my obsession with porn runs deep. Gandhi didn’t love peace half as much as I adore a video of a woman having her pussy blown out. Micheal Jordon can’t play basketball as well as I stroke my cock. If God exists, he can’t even create a masturbator as well as I can take advantage of his creation. I’m undefeated, unmatched, and unparalleled.


There are a thousand and one different reasons for men’s love affair with pornography. For as many men as stroke, there are as many reasons for the habit. Some of these are universal amongst all men, though. In the end, we are but simple creatures. Our urges are still rudimentary and reptilian. We are blessed to live in a time where websites like Senzuri exist to deliver precisely what we need.


The number one reason men love porn is that we love seeing naked bitches. It seems stupidly obvious, but as I said, men are exceptionally simple beasts. Give us sex, sandwiches, sports, and sleep, and we are happy as a clam in the sea. The difference between the average man and the average iguana sunning himself on a warm rock is negligible.


It’s My Joystick

Similarly, another big reason men watch porn is because of the control. When it comes to women, my readers have absolutely zero control. They can’t manage their sexual urges toward them. They can’t influence women’s decisions on who to have sex with. They can’t affect when or how a woman becomes turned on. They can’t even handle how fast they cum when they finally have sex. To my readers, sex is a wild hurricane mixed with an earthquake and a tornado. Sex with a woman might as well be an act of God as opposed to an activity with another human.



Porn gives men the control over sex that their balls crave. If any women are out there reading this article, I’ll tell you this. You have sex because sex feels good. How fucking awesome for you. Men have sex because if they don’t, they go fucking nuts. As a female, you should know this better than anyone. The reason that guy with the crazy eyes opened a door for you, called you m’lady, and got pissed when you didn’t pull your pussy out is acting like a nut is because he hasn’t nutted in a woman for years, if ever. And guess what? He is an avid reader of mine. I probably know him by name because he comments on my shit all the time.


Porn can make a man like that feel like a divine entity made entirely of alpha masculine energy. He has every available form of sex laid out in front of him through the internet like an Old Country Buffet does cafeteria food. Would he like a scoop of anal sex? Done. Oo! Is that a midget sitting next to the mac and cheese? Don’t mind if I do. Wow, I don’t even know what the fuck that is, but I’m taking a whole plate of it back to the table with me.


Now a man for whom missionary sex with an old ugly bitch isn’t even on the table has access to every form of debauchery humans have yet invented. A man who could never even hope to lay his hand upon the breast of a flat-chested coma patient can now spill his seed while watching a gangbang featuring some of the most beautiful women on the planet. There’s no other way for a man like that to take control of his sexual desires.


I know that there are some men out there with wives that do get to have the occasional sexual experience with a flesh and blood woman, but I know you guys need to jerk off just as much, if not more, than those sexless types. You get just enough sex to crave more but not enough to sate the inner beast fully. Plus, that dumb cunt refuses to do anything more than lay still and silent on her back while you do your best to make her feel something. After twenty years of this bullshit, you would be willing to get pegged if it meant something different happened in the bedroom.


Porn gives men like that the opportunity to scratch a hidden desire that they could never tell their partner about. Your wife would hand you divorce papers if you told her you want to dress a midget up in a penis-shaped mascot costume and shove them up her ass. Even if she didn’t, your offspring would never look at you the same after she got drunk on white wine and spilled the beans to them at a family reunion.


This concept extends to the moment of the act also. There’s something exciting about not waking your wife while you sneak out of bed and head for your office. We all know the feeling of your heart jumping into your throat every time the cat makes a little noise. If you had a dime for every time you hurriedly put your pants back on while listening to your wife’s footsteps get closer and closer, you would be living on an island beach by now.


Last but not least is the moment of climax. No one would argue with me when I say pussy is one of the best feeling things in the world. It was tailor-made to massage your penis into a state of wild excitement. The soft moistness is a siren call for cum.

Here’s the thing, though. You and I have been choking the chicken since about the age of twelve, give or take, a year or two. Since that first time, we have spent countless hours stroking our members.


In his book “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell popularized the concept of “ten thousand hours” This idea is that it takes around ten thousand hours to master a complicated task such as playing violin or chess. That equates to about four hundred and seventeen days. How much time have you spent masturbating in your lifetime? I know that I’m well over the ten thousand hour mark.

Because of this, no matter how good pussy feels, pussy can never be as good at making me cum as my own hand. I know exactly what it takes for me to go from flaccid to cumming in under a minute. No one else can do that for me.


For these reasons and many more, I find myself on Senzuri more often than I find myself drinking water. They have done a masterful job paying attention to all the big reasons men masturbate and ensuring they have everything needed for a good time.

Senzuri specializes in delivering high-quality Asian porn to men all across the world. There isn’t a man on Earth who doesn’t love to see petite Asian bitches getting their pussies reamed out. It’s a universal urge.


Senzuri did a great job organizing all these bitches so you can find the perfect ones for you. The main menu sits up top and has the options Home, Newest, Top Rated, Most popular, Categories, Pornstars, Playlists, Community, Sign in, Upload, Language selector, and Txxx networks.


Gobal Popularity

These guys have one of my favorite home page menus. Like the naked Asian bitches it contains, Senzuri has international appeal, as evidenced by its language selector. And because of this, you can organize the front page thumbnails by their popularity in certain countries. From what I can tell, they include every country that exists. These guys don’t fuck around.



I think that’s why their general most popular category is so varied. I see MILFs and teens, I see soft and hardcore, and I see vanilla sex and BDSM. No matter what, though, I always see hot Asian bitches.


Senzuri knows all the most prominent reasons men masturbate and find ways to accommodate each of them. If you love Asian sluts you won’t find many better selections. The site’s global appeal means it contains porn of every theme and genre. Not to mention, the lack of ads and excellent web design makes browsing the site fun and easy.


Despite the site’s international appeal, they only offer it in a couple of different languages. Well, these days, translating websites is relatively easy, so it’s time for them to put the effort in.


All my readers love Asians because all masturbators love Asians. It’s a universal rule of the universe. If aliens ever visit, they will also want to fuck Asian bitches. When they arrive, I’ll tell them they can find the best ones on Senzuri.

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