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Today’s site is a relative newcomer to the Asian porn tube scene. It was mid-2018 when JAV Fun started serving up videos of beautiful Japanese women in unsavory situations. The site’s popularity has grown steadily since. As of this writing, they’re getting about 5,000 visitors a day.



Why Is This JAV So Much Fun?

I’m going to cut right to the chase here. JAVFun has a feature that makes it really stand out from other JAV sites. What’s that feature? Cunts and cocks.



Wait a minute. Shouldn’t every porno site have a bunch of dicks going in and out of pussies, over and over again, super close-up, gaping and glistening in full HD? Isn’t that the whole point?


It usually is. JAV, or Japanese Adult Video, is a strange exception in the world of porn. Most of the time when you watch JAV, the wieners and cooters are censored. You can watch people bang, but the genitals are all hidden behind a pixelated mosaic.


Anything coming out of Japan is going to have the same issue with censorship. You see it a lot with hentai, too. Yeah, the country that pioneered tentacle porn doesn’t want anybody to see a pee-pee or a wee-wee unless it’s obscured by a bunch of little boxes.


Back to JAVFun. Yeah, JAV is in the site name, but so is Fun. This ain’t the bullshit censored JAV you may be used to. The name is almost misleading. They could have called it Uncensored JAV Fun or something, but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.



Yes! JAV with Uncensored Vaginas!

The very first video I watched was a full-length number with the catchy title Caribbeancom 070514-637 Videos Kinky Exclusive Cumshot Orgy Uniform Big Breast. Nothing happened when I clicked the trailer button beside the title. My ad-blocker turned whatever ad lurked over the video into a blank box. I closed that and played the video.



There are some previews for other pornos at the beginning of the video, but I’m pretty sure it’s because this is a DVD rip. Right away, I notice we can see full muff on display, distinguishing JAVFun from many, if not most of its competitors.


The video player is pretty bare bones. There’s no speed control or looping features, but you can at least adjust the quality. This video was tagged with HD on the front page, but my only options are 360p and 720p. It’s definitely good enough to crank out a few loads to, but you might be disappointed if you’re spoiled by 1080. (Then again, you might just be a pretentious fucking snob.)


My player defaulted to 360p, and the higher setting didn’t play as smoothly for me. If you run into issues, JAVFun does give you a couple of server options to stream from.


There’s a fairly long written description of the video, but it ain’t in English. No, this is what they call Engrish. Either someone with a really bad grasp of the language wrote this, or they ran it through weak translation software. Check this out:


“From beginning to end no matter what work you are CA smile, however, work for ski Mono women contrary to the face in the private cock wanted to guys watching. Uniform astride a man the dripping juice flowing Jari want unlimited.”


Pure gibberish, right? Well, I watched it. For research purposes only, of course. Maybe I can help with a better description.


The start is slow as hell by Western standards. The pilots and sexy stewardesses gather in a room and speak Japanese to each other, and it takes nearly 20 minutes before they’re even making out and pulling their tits out. If you like a nice, long wank, you’ll love this.


Thankfully, it ramps way the fuck up from there. The kissing party turns into a full-blown orgy in a hurry. Uncensored cocks spear uncensored twats in all their glory for a good hour once it gets going. These Japanese girls make a lot of noise for such tiny babes.


The movie is good enough that I wanted to save it for later. JAVFun doesn’t have any kind of user accounts, so I can’t save it to a Favorites list or anything. The front page claims you can “Download JAV HD Free”, but I can’t find a download link anywhere. Maybe that’s what they’re talking about in the mysterious notice I see above all the videos: “We are updating the error video.”



Students, Masturbation, Gangbangs, and College

Beneath the video description is a list of Categories the video is filed under. Masturbation, Uncensored, Gangbang, and College all made the cut.



Underneath that is a list of keywords related to the video. Here we have #students, #masturbation, #cumshot, and #uniform.


The only real difference I can find between Categories and Keywords is that Categories have their own page, accessible via the drop-down in the top left. Having both is a little redundant. It could potentially make browsing the site more difficult since similar videos may be filed in different places. I’d say it would affect the search, but the search isn’t great, anyway.


I typed “college cumshot masturbation uniform students” into the search bar. If you were able to search Keywords and Categories at the same time, that video I just beat off to would come up. Instead, you get nothing.


JAVFun doesn’t let you type more than one search term into the bar at all. You’ll find videos for Lesbian and videos for Dildo, but nothing for Lesbian Dildo.


Searches are also unsortable. There’s nothing to do with those pages of Lesbian movies except choose based on thumbnails. I can’t arrange them by newest, most popular or duration.



Getting Around in This Bitch

For newbies, the best way to browse JAVFun might be the main page. It shows the latest videos by default. There’s a Featured button, but it’s right next to that “We are updating the error video” message and doesn’t do anything.



JAVFun caters to the true fan of JAV and Asian fuck flicks in general. If you know the studios you like, you can find them linked in the Studio dropdown in the menu. Red Hot, JavHD, Gachinco, and dozens of others are listed. A few, like 1Pondo and Caribbeancom, have their own section links in the header.


If you know what you like, just not who’s putting it out, check out the Category page. It’s not as exhaustive as some porn sites that have thousands of micro-genres on a text list, but they’ve got a solid selection.


The categories are broken down into three pages of thumbnails, with about 120 genres total. All the typical sex movie stuff is here: Facials, Creampies, and Cumshots can be found in abundance, as can Deep-Throating, Face-Sitting, and Doggy-Style. There are only a couple pages of Taboo, but they’re full movies, so I’m a happy man.


I feel like such a cultured motherfucker when I’m sitting here greasing the ol’ pole and I notice all these little cultural differences. Japanese BBWs, for example, aren’t half as ginormous as American BBWs. These thick Asian chicks look like they order a milkshake from time to time, not eat a human family of four as a midnight snack.


You’ll also find a lot of distinctly Japanese kinkiness. There’s a Breast-Milk category, plus Cosplay, and of course Bukkake. If you were sad about the missing pixels over the pussies, checked out the Censored section.


The broken downloads were a bummer when I visited JAVFun, but at least I know that’s a feature they supposedly offer. By the time you read this, you should be able to download all those videos of Japanese office girls gagging on cum. The weak search engine and missing sort features are a bigger problem, and really my only issue with the site.


JAVFun is a good place to go to get your Asian fix, especially if you have a thing for Japanese girls. The movies are full-length, freaky, and free. Best of all, unlike most of the Japanese Adult Video you find online, this JAV doesn’t hide the dripping cunts behind a wall of pixels.

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