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Free JAV! I get it, you horny mother fucker. You are hard as hell for the hot JAV content that will make you cum like a goddamn racing stallion. And you have probably visited nearly all of the JAV sites you found on ThePornDude. But wait, you haven’t seen everything, you dumb son of a bitch!


You are yet to appreciate what FreeJAV has on offer. This tube site has a ton of JAV content that will make you cum in your pants right before you can get your dick out of your chinos! It’s that fucking sexy, especially for those that get off to this kind of content in the first place. And even though the tube site does not have an insanely massive amount of JAV videos like some tube sites, it has enough unique features that it ultimately makes it all worthy of your time.


Jump in, you horny bitch. Grab that lube and start pounding your ghost penis. You’re going to need it when you see the kind of hot content you’ll find on FreeJAV!

Over 45 pages of English subbed JAVs

In general, when it comes to watching JAV content, the old saying about how beggars can’t be goddamn mother fucking choosers or something to that effect comes to mind. I understand the logic. We should be grateful that we can watch JAV content without having to fly to another goddamn country just to have the option of buying the content in a store and watching it on an outdated optical media player.



But with so many JAV sites out there, you have a multitude of choices. So it isn’t enough to just have a tube site that features a couple of JAV videos. There needs to be an edge to it. And I’m happy to say that FreeJAV has a fine-oiled edge of its own that goes beyond the norm.


Not only does this site avail content that solely features JAVs you cannot find in most parts of the world, but FreeJAV goes beyond by offering English subbed JAV content. That’s right, you horny bastard! Everything you find on FreeJAV is subbed in English, so you can follow along at home while you jerk off!


FreeJAV would be forgiven if they only had a few English subbed videos to choose from. But they’re not here to just play fucking games and get a few views. They want you to keep coming back for more. And that’s why they have over 45 fucking pages of JAV for you to browse through.


And with roughly 15 videos per page, there’s a total of over 670 English subbed videos to choose from. The great thing is that there is new content getting added all the time, too. And because the videos are always sorted by ‘newest,’ when you land on the homepage, all you have to do is scroll down to look at the latest English subbed JAV videos. It’s fucking easy to do, and you’re going to catch on pretty damn quick unless you are a total fucking idiot.


I found that it would be a lot easier and better in the long run if FreeJAV allowed users to sort content in more than one way. For example, it would be much better if you could sort content by popularity, most viewed, etc. Unfortunately, that’s impossible to do since FreeJAV does not keep track of these types of statistics. It would be convenient if they did, but that just does not fucking happen on FreeJAV.


Even so, FreeJAV insists that they have new videos every fucking day. Now, I don’t know about that. They do have videos on the regular for sure, but every day? You will just have to check back every day and see for yourself whether that is the case or not! Still, it’s hard to gripe about the amount of JAV available whenever you consider that all of the content is, again, translated into English. What a fucking win for those that are horny dogs and fluent in English!

Simple to watch content

A ball-busting trend that you see among some JAV tube sites is how visitors cannot stream JAV videos. In so many cases, you have to download the video if you want to watch it. This takes so much fucking time and creates additional hurdles that do not need to be there in the first place.



I am happy to say that FreeJAV does not compromise on that They simplify the process of watching JAV content by allowing you to stream JAV directly from the site. And if a video will not load or stream properly, you can select one of the servers below the embedded video. This will allow you to pick between at least a couple of different sources when watching a video. When one is down, another server is there to take its place, which makes streaming the content all the more convenient.


When you are ready to watch a video that will get you off, just click on the thumbnail and wait for the video to load. Then, finally, you will get to watch the full-length JAV video from the comfort of your device. No longer do you have to hop on an airplane just to get off to this kind of JAV content. It is all here for you, you horny fuck face. So get on with it, start stroking, and beat off to the kind of sexy smut that you have been longing for!

Decent selection of uncensored content

As you browse FreeJAV, you will notice a ton of censored pornography on the tube site. That is par for the course. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a tube site that has less censored porn than uncensored porn. And if you did, fuck me, it would probably be bare-bones anyway. The fact of the matter is that censored porn is still the norm in Japan, and there is just more of it than uncensored porn anyway.



That is fucking changing, though. When you look at FreeJAV, you will see that the Japanese are finally turning a corner and allowing genitalia to be displayed in their videos. Fuck, what does a guy have to do around here just to see some hairy Asian pussy riding uncensored penis?


The sheer selection of uncensored JAV pornography is pretty damn impressive as well. You will find that there are over eight pages of content with roughly 15 listings per page. That is over 120 uncensored videos to choose from. And while it may not sound like a lot, consider how it stacks up against the rest of the porn offerings on FreeJAV. Over 15% of all of the videos on FreeJAV are uncensored, with more feasibly getting added all the time. That is impressive and enough to make you want to come back to FreeJAV to jerk off to some more hot, uncensored JAV pornography!

Needs better information in listings

FreeJAV is far from perfect. One of the areas where FreeJAV needs to improve is the information displayed in video listings. I alluded to this earlier when I mentioned that you could not sort content by most viewed, top-rated, etc. because FreeJAV does not keep track of that info. Likewise, this information is not listed in the video listings, so it’s impossible to know what is popular whenever you visit FreeJAV.



When looking at the video listings on FreeJAV, you will notice the title, thumbnail, tags, and if the video is in HD. You can select any of the tags in each listing to see videos that match more of the same, but there is no way of knowing which videos have been the most-watched, most popular, and so on.


That needs to change. It needs to be simple to see the hottest JAV on FreeJAV. On top of that, there need to be additional categories beyond the current categories like big asses, big tits, blowjob, solo work, and more. FreeJAV is solid and has room to grow, but it needs to make several improvements if it wants to get to that next fucking level.


FreeJAV is a JAV tube site that features an array of uncensored and censored full-length videos. All of the content has been dubbed in English, making it easy to follow along and stream from your own device. It’s simple as fuck, but the video listings and categories need to be expanded to make finding quality JAV videos even easier. If these problems are fixed, FreeJAV will have a bright future for fucking sure!

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