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Porn is produced all over the world, and each location has its own flavor, but few are as recognizable as JAV. Even if someone shot a JAV with no Japanese actors, you could still identify it. Everything from the lighting to the stage has a distinct feel. Whatever they are doing works because people the world over love to watch JAV.


I know why I love it so much. First, the lighting mentioned above is perfect. It’s so bright and bubbly that every detail is clearly visible. Second, they always find sexy bitches to star in them. Every woman in Japan can’t be that sexy, so there must be something in the water that makes hot chicks want to get naked in front of a camera. Can we ship some of that water around the world? Third, the sites tend to be well designed. JAV sites find clever little ways to make navigation or video selection convenient and efficient. Plus, the thumbnails are hyper-detailed. They usually look like a DVD cover laid out flat.


There are many other reasons to love JAV, but I digress. This is about a particular JAV site called RoshyTV. Roshy has all the hallmarks that make for an excellent JAV site, plus some extras that take it above and beyond. The bitches these guys find are grade-A, and boy, do they know how to destroy some cock.


The website is surgical theater clean, and the black, pink, and white color scheme pops around the thumbnails. Somehow it makes me want to get right to work beating my dick up. The main menu options are Home, Studios, Actors, Porn star, Nude celebs images, and a link to yours truly. And that’s how you know this is a real porn site.


There is a log-in function. It’s not required to have fun on RoshyTV, but it will give you access to both a watch-later and a favorites folder. I’m a big fan of watch-later folders because you never know when you might find a great booty when you happen to be on the hunt for some incredible tits. Throw that shit in the watch later, and next time you crave some booty, it’s right there waiting for you like Richard Marx.


Down the center of the site is video thumbnails organized by most recently added. They use the awesome DVD cover thumbnails, so you know everything that’s about to happen before you even click. They also display an associated tag list right above the title if the cover didn’t do it for you. As you scroll down the main page, you will notice something that ties nearly all the videos together. Every one of these bitches has giant knockers, and the Japanese aren’t known for having big tits. I’m wondering if every well-endowed bitch in Japan has made porn or two. Is this the special water at work again? I have to get me some of that shit.


There are a few more libraries right of center to help you seamlessly navigate RoshyTV. Up top are the top movies of the year, in the middle are the top films of the month, and down below are categories. If this is your first visit, I recommend starting your journey here. Why not start by seeing all the best shit Roshy has to offer? One of the few times I trust the fetid masses is in the realm of what to jerk off to. It’s a universal language.


Object Insertion

The category list is expansive, to say the least. There are around one hundred and forty of them, and they cover the gambit from the odd but innocuous like various workers and substance use to the more direct like object insertion and gyno exam. So if you have a thing, in all likelihood, you will find it here.



Roshy used some of that JAV ingenuity when designing their video player page. There are a couple of things here I think every porn site should adopt. For instance, before you hit play, the viewer is full of screenshots organized chronologically. I can’t believe I don’t see this more often. It’s super easy to do and makes both selections and scrubbing a much easier task. They are almost like chapter markers. A fun next step would be to make it so the video jumps to that spot if you click on a specific screenshot.


Above the viewer is a small switch to turn on an auto player. And while I think most sites should include this feature, I’m not sure RoshyTV requires it. The content here is often two hours or longer. So unless you’re like me and either don’t have a job, or your job is jerking off, I don’t think you’ll get much use out of it.


Below the screen is a small menu where you can vote, share, add to your watch later, and turn off the background light. I love jerking off in a dark, damp room, so I’m all over that light button. I jerk off like I’m Anne Frank with bells hanging from her balls. I think it’s a leftover habit from playing pocket pool in my parents’ house as a young man. Those experiences had the opposite effect on me than most of you, considering all you fucks want to fuck your parents.


In case the primary video link isn’t working, each has backup links to ensure you can watch the content you are hoping to. The backup links open on the same page and have the same high quality as the primary link. Usually, you see this move made by torrent sites, but I also love to see it here. Once I’ve made my mind up on a video, I don’t want anything stopping me.


There are a couple of final features worth mentioning. First, there is a subscribe button. That only matters if you have registered, but I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how convenient that is. Roshy also lists the stars of every video, and by clicking on them, you can see the rest of the available content. Last but not least is a space for comments at the very bottom. Not many people have gotten around to commenting, so perhaps you should break the ice.


Show Me the Money Shot

Another piece of ingenuity RoshyTV is using is the “decensored” video. If you have ever read one of my other JAV site reviews, you know my passionate distaste for censored porn. It’s an oxymoron. I’m here to see every detail I possibly can. Roshy understands my plight and has developed some form of an algorithm that can swipe the fuzzies away. The results of the decensoring are far from 4k HD, but they’re much better than that pixelated garbage. I still prefer never censored video, but decensored does the trick if that’s not on the menu.



Let’s check out the top movie of 2024 on RoshyTV. This is also a good time to comment on the lengthy titles JAV often has. This first video is nothing compared to some others, though. “We’re Inseparable – Lusty Stepmother/Stepson Bound by their Mistakes – Ayaka Muto” First thing I noticed was the age discrepancy. I’m pretty sure the stepson is older than his stepmom, but that’s a plus to me. Clearly, the stepson has no regard for his asshole father. And besides being an ass, his father must also not have any dick game because Ms. Stepmom was craving cock like the desert craves water.


This feature has some of the best decensoring work I saw anywhere on the site. As long as the camera is backed off enough, it almost looks real. Anytime they dive in for a close vag shot, though, it’s pretty apparent the video was manipulated. But, once again, that shit is still better than fully censored could ever be.


RoshyTV is a premiere JAV site doing the Lord’s work by decensoring all the shitty pixelated content from Japan. We want to see labia, God damnit. The site is squeaky clean, a dream to navigate, and packed with bitches that are as sexy as can be. You have never seen more big-titted Japanese whores in one place.


As great as it is, I can still spot an area where change could do Roshy some good. A master tag list would put the icing on the cake as far as navigation goes. Add that, and Roshy becomes one of the most navigable porn sites on the web.


Enough talk. It’s time for you to pull your cock out and start fiendishly masturbating. I doubt you will need the entire two hours that most of these videos offer, but don’t be disappointed in yourself. It’s not your fault. It’s these big-titted Japanese bitches fault.

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