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If you need JAV Quick, where are you going to go to find it? That’s more of a rhetorical question than anything else, because I bet you’ve already got something of an idea. You are reading this on NoLimitsFun, after all, which has long been regarded as the world’s best internet porn directory and the easiest way to find exactly the stuff you want to crank off to. The name of the site I’m reviewing today is also pretty spot on, indicating an instant collection of exactly the Asian porn subgenre we’re here to discuss.


Like it says in the name, is a free tube where you can get your Japanese Adult Video in a hurry. The site’s been around for a couple years now and pulls about 1.5 million visits a month, numbers which tell me the joint might be worth busting out the lube for. My yellow fever has been acting up like crazy lately, so this seems like a good day to go searching for a cure. Click the link to follow along at home, and wish me luck! My blue balls are just killing me…


Getting JAV Quick at JAVquick

As with a lot of JAV collections, JAVquick takes a slightly different approach to presentation than your average free tube. They’re rocking a thumbnail-based layout, similar to most tubes, but the thumbnails in question are scans of JAV DVD covers, front and back, instead of the usual screengrabs you find on your usual white-girl tube. The design is otherwise pretty unremarkable, keeping things clean and simple. There’s no real logo, nor is there any spam to be seen with my adblocker running.



The content of the thumbnails sets the site apart from the usual tubes, too. Most Pornhub knockoffs are stocked with similar selections of paysite samples, fetish clips and trivially short amateur flicks, but the movies here are all full-length Asian pornos. Instead of settling for a string of 12-minute sample scenes, you can tune in to whole-ass films that run an hour or more, easy.


Trending movies at the top of the front page offer JAV Quick starring sexy health teachers, sorrowful widows and big-tittied MILFs. There are taboouous daughters, office bosses with boundary issues, wives fucking stalkers and Japanese pornstars getting raw-dogged and creampied. From horny BBWs to shoplifting 18+ schoolgirls to middle-aged orgy enthusiasts and fake bus molesters, they’ve got you covered.


Their Genre page is a bit of a mess, as it’s a text-based list of tags in no apparent order, but they are peddling smut in a nice variety of kinky subgenres. They’ve got whole aisles devoted to Cuckold porn and Incest, Titty Fucks and Voyeurs. As a Japanese tube, can get a bit kinkier than your average vanilla porn site, with sections devoted to Fake Abuse, Breast Milk, Scatology, Vomit, Futanari and Tentacles. Yes, they’ve got a wide selection of Rape films, too.


A lot of JAV sites will include a link to their uncensored section out front, but I didn’t see one on JAV Quick. That had me worried for a few minutes, but I found JAV Uncensored listed on the Genre page. That led me to a nice variety of uncensored Japanese pornos in a ton of different categories. While it takes an extra click to find this section, I’m glad they have it, and I know the jaded, horny weebs in the audience will agree with me.


Where’d They Even Get All This JAV? hasn’t been around nearly as long as some of the other video tubes out there, and with their tight focus on full-length JAV, you might assume they’ve got a relatively small collection. That just ain’t the case at all. I’m not sure exactly how they’re sourcing content, but holy fucking shit, they’re building the stash pretty goddamn quickly.



As of this writing, there are nearly 102,000 Asian porno movies in the library. That’d be an impressive number even on the anything-goes tubes, but it’s even more of an accomplishment when we’re talking about whole-ass JAV movies. Assuming each movie is an hour long, that’s over a decade of non-stop sex vids if I’ve done my math right. How the fuck is that even possible? I’m not sure, but I am putting in an order for a few industrial-sized barrels of personal lubricant so I can get to the bottom of this.


Since I started writing this review a little while ago, they’ve added three new movies. The freshest video, uploaded less than ten minutes ago, has the simple and catchy title, “If You Call A Massage At Home, You Will Be Rubbed With A Sexy Married Woman With Much Exposure! I’m Glad And Talk About It, And I’m Excited To Be Able To Play The Pants So That I Can Bing… If My Husband Does Not Etch Or Caress, I Will Complain!” On a related note, I recently learned hentai has long, crazy titles because people don’t read the synopsis on the back. I have to assume JAV titles work the same.


Maybe they call it JAVquick because of how quickly the library is growing. They’re adding dozens of new movies each and every day. That’s the kind of growth I expect from the themeless sex tubes where anybody can upload anything, but again, tubes with this kind of focus tend to build a lot more slowly. Whether the site’s being built by hand or by machine, they’re working overtime at it.


In just the time it took me to type those last couple paragraphs, they added two new videos. One’s a 24-year-old babe’s creampie debut, while the other features three white-clad nurses working in a blowjob beauty clinic. “Natural Saliva Is Super Moist!” With movies coming in so fast, I really need to get fapping if I want to even make a dent in the collection.


Fapping a Dent into the JAV Collection

I get hung up trying to decide where to start fap testing a site even if I’m reviewing a paysite with just a dozen videos. With over a hundred thousand to choose from, JAV Quick presented something of a dilemma for the professional masturbator. I made my way first to the JAV Uncensored section, because I like to see tight holes getting penetrated, but that still gave me a huge range of free, full-length Asian movies to choose from.



After flipping through a few pages of uncensored possibilities, I spotted a hot Japanese chick carrying a huge, weird-ass sex toy on the cover of Semen Terminator Aki Sasaki. I clicked through to the full post, where I saw Genres listed like Bukkake, Older Sister and Training. I clicked the Play button and the 50-minute movie opened with a beautiful woman having dinner with an older businessman.


The video resolution ain’t the crisp 4K I’ve grown used to, but it looks decent stretched across my 14” laptop screen. As the story unfolds, the two end up in a dimly lit basement dungeon, where we learn the chick has some prisoners chained up in their underwear with bags over their heads. It’s hard to tell whether they’re screaming in pleasure or pain when she breaks out the power tools.


Sure enough, you can see the uncensored dicks when she shoves them into her scary-ass machine. I think the video was originally released in a censored form and then uncensored by computer, because there are some little digital artifacts if you look closely. It’s barely noticeable, though, and you’ll probably be too distracted by the cock and ball torture to think too much about the pixels.


My biggest complaint about JAVQuick is definitely the spam. I always run an adblocker when I’m doing anything on the internet, but even with that condom over my browser, I had some malicious spam trying to convince me my computer was infected. Given the huge volume of free porn, I don’t think the spam is going to be a dealbreaker for many if any, so just be careful about those tricky ads. has one of the most extensive, wide-ranging libraries of full-length Japanese Adult Video that I’ve seen in a while. It’s a well-organized stash, letting fans dig into the fetishes and subgenres that get them the most excited, with just a bit of spam as the low cost of entry. Most of the collection is censored since the content originates in Japan, but they’ve got a big enough variety of unedited material that even the most depraved perverts will be able to get their rocks off again and again. Check it out and tell me I’m wrong.

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