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JAV FC2 might sound like some kind of super-secret code for nerds, at least if you ain’t in the know. On the other hand, those mysterious combinations of letters and the singular Arabic numeral are going to instantly light up the brains of weeaboos, otaku neckbeards, yellow fever victims, Japanese masturbators and regular ol’ Asian porn fans. Porn-related acronyms create boners with the mere hint and prospect of perversion, whether we’re talking about JAV, MILFs, POV, BBWs, DP or IR. I bet you recognized at least one of these sets of initials, and I guarantee you’ll find them all on this next website.


To be fair, you only really need to know one of those abbreviations to guess what is all about. If you already knew that JAV stands for Japanese Adult Video, well, congratulations on being a well-informed pervert. (Hey, I’m in the same boat, but try asking all your coworkers and family members if they know what JAV is!) As everybody but the absolute retards have figured out by now, JAVFC2 is a free tube full of JAV. They’ve been around a few years now and they’re still gaining popularity, with nearly a million weebs and Redditors tuning in last month for a wank. Today, your old pal ThePornDude is lubed up and among them.


Putting the JAV in JAVFC2

JAV FC2 hit me with the good stuff the very moment I loaded up the front page, making a strong impression by giving me a hard dick right away. The layout is an extremely basic, stripped down, tube style affair, without even a logo to differentiate the site from every other JAV tube out there. What does differentiate JAVFC2 from many of them, however, are all the bare, naked, uncensored vaginas I saw staring back at me right from jump.



If you normally just beat off to American porn, shaking your dick at famous white girls via household porn brands like Brazzers and PornDudeCasting, you may not understand why visible poon is such a big deal. Well, the long and the short of it is that Japan has some surprisingly restrictive censorship standards. Who would have guessed that the country who invented tentacle sex and bukkake would be so worried about corrupting minds with unedited images of human anatomy?


Everything officially released in Japan for Japanese consumption is censored all to hell. If you’re a regular on JAV sites, you’re already familiar with the pixel mosaics that cover so much of the good stuff when you’re just trying to rub one out before you get kicked out of the library again. has a ton of uncensored JAV, so you don’t have to settle for those vaguely vaginal Tetris blocks.


JAV FC2 breaks up their catalog into a few broad groups. That’s pretty common on a JAV tube, but what ain’t nearly as common is the fact that all their main categories are uncensored. The subgenre at the top of the front page is JAV PPV FC2 Amateur. For those of you who don’t yet know, the amateur section on any JAV site is a good place to find uncensored content since a lot of it wasn’t officially released in Japan. The other front-page categories are JAV Uncensored Porn, JAV Uncensored, as well as a section for Featured Models.


AV Idols, Pornstars and ThePornDude’s Personal Friends

I’ve been on something of a JAV kick lately, so I got a little harder and drippier when I found that Featured Model section. JAVFC2 does a great job tagging all the relevant talent in their videos, and have a fantastic index of Japanese AV idols, models and pornstars. Current featured babes include Ai Sayama (with 31 movies in the library), Saeko Matsushita (19 vids), Sofia Takigawa (only 8, but they’re all sexy as fuck) and Yui Hatano (a whopping 66 JAVs). I even found half a dozen films with my friend Marica, who I got to know quite intimately over on the PornDudeCasting couch.



The full menu of starlets stretches on for nearly 200 pages, with photo thumbnails in case you don’t know your JAV stars by name. I was surprised to find a fair number of American pornstars, too. On just the first page of the Actors index, I found chicks like Abby Cross, Adria Rae and Adriana Chechik listed side-by-side with JAV idols like Adachi Yuri, Abe Kanna and Ai Kano. (I’m typing this up as Adriana is getting out of her first surgery for her recent injury in the concrete-lined Twitch foam pit. We love you, Adriana, and wish you a speedy recovery.)


I’ve really got to applaud all the effort they put into organizing the JAV FC2 catalog. Usually when a pornstar menu on a tube has thumbnails, they start trailing off after a few pages and get replaced with blank icons or placeholder images. A lot of the pics are just video screencaps or JAV cover art, but many of them look to have been hand selected. Porn libraries of this size tend to be built by bots and algorithms, so a little human touch can go a long way in keeping the catalog well cataloged, which ultimately makes it easier to browse and to search.


On the same topic, the videos are well tagged with all the relevant subgenres, sex acts, scenarios and fetishes. There’s a fantastic variety of JAV on JAVFC2. There’s a cloud of popular tags out on the front page, including stuff like Cowgirl, Cosplay, 18+ School Girls and Titty Fucks. If I have one complaint about the setup, it’s that I couldn’t find a full index of tags to peruse. It’d probably be a sprawling, hundred-pages-deep menu of perversion, but that’s what I’m into. does have a browsable, thumbnailed Categories page, but it’s not what I expected. Instead of the usual category breakdown of kinks and porno styles, they’ve got it organized by source. They’ve got Japanese Adult Video from a ton of well-known producers, studios and sites. This is going to appeal most to the big JAV fans who know their shit, though with such a convenient presentation, I bet a lot of you turn into brand new connoisseurs of the format.


Honestly, I’m still less familiar with the Japanese brands than I am with American porn studios, but I did recognize a lot of these right away. JAV FC2 has Asian pornos from 10musume, 1pondo, TEPPAN, Weekender and Yellow, just to name a few. I found a few American sites mixed in there, like Blacked Raw and Pornhub, but it’s mostly Japanese material.


Get Your Faps In and Save Some for Later

JAVFC2 is the kind of site where you can waste a whole day just browsing the previews, and then waste the entire rest of your life shaking your dick at the screen. There’s even a download button beneath the videos, so you can save all those movies and have something to whack off to after the inevitable collapse of society. Start saving now so you can trade thumb drives of uncensored JAV to the local warlords for fuel and ammunition.



The current stash already has tens of thousands of movies. If I did my math right, there are over 17,000 in just the Uncensored aisle alone. Considering how many of them are full-length Japanese Adult Video, that should keep your hands busy for a really long fucking time. I hope you’ve been doing your forearm stamina exercises, because this could get demanding.


Oh, and they’re adding new stuff to the pile every day, so you really ought to get cracking with that Fleshlight and tube of lube. A ton of the stuff out on the front page was added in the hours immediately before I wrote this up, including amateur outdoor sex, black electrical tape bondage, and an Aokan cum orgy. Goddamn, I really need to wrap this up so I can enjoy it all with two hands.


Having experienced it for myself, I can say as a professional masturbator that deserves all the traffic they get. It’s not just that the catalog is huge and well-organized, but I also love the absolute wealth of uncensored JAV. You guys already know as well as I do how rare that can be, but JAV FC2 has it in abundance. If you need me, I’ll be in my fap chamber with my waifu pillow and silicone doll snatch.

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