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What exactly is a Fansteek? I asked the question out loud when I first got the link to this next site. I happened to be hanging out with my grandma at the time, who said, “Oh, it sounds like a nice knitting site!” I forgot all about it for a few days until I got a hysterical call from granny. She wanted to know who was sending me these filthy links, and where she could get a pink, double-ended dildo like the one she saw Belle Delphine going to town on. (I told her to check out ThePornDude’s list of Online Sex Toy Shops!)


Honestly, I’m still a little confused about the name, but I am happy I found this joint. is a newly founded free tube dedicated to the social media attention whores of sites like OnlyFans, Instagram, Patreon and Snapchat. They’ve only been around for five months, but they’ve been steadily building traffic along with that big-ass porn collection they’re building. As of this writing, they’re already pulling over 4,000 horny visitors each and every day.



Welcome to the Future (of Jacking Off)

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret I haven’t told many people except my Viagra dealer and the crackwhore who stole my wallet. When the pandemic first kicked off and everyone started social distancing, I spent a shitload on homemade videos of 18+ cosplay girls diddling themselves and Insta-thots whispering sweet ASMR nothings into my headphones. My whole stimulus check went toward Patreon donations and OnlyFans subscriptions to girls who I’d been cranking it to on Twitch and YouTube.



I wasn’t alone in this. The whole genre has exploded ever since everyone got stuck at home. There’s an entire new crop of self-made amateur pornstars coming out of the woodwork, aiming webcams at their snatches and cramming furry-tailed buttplugs up their poopers. Even traditional video whores have gotten in on the action, supplementing their income with DIY vids as the big paysites figure out how to film safely. has content starring some of the hottest Internet celebrities, pornstars and exhibitionists. I’m still on the front page and I already see girls like Christina Khalil, Amber Hayes, Caroline Zalog and Gwengwiz. They’ve got a Sara Underwood sex tape, a video of Iggy Azalea’s pussy and a Patreon video of Amouranth working her magic in a tiny blue bikini.


I noticed a Bella Thorne video on the front page, so I had to take a look. The former Disney star has been making actual fucking headlines for shaking her ass on OnlyFans and potentially ruining the fun and profits for the amateurs on the site. She’s hot, but the skimpy bikini dance video is incredibly underwhelming for a hardened pervert like myself. If I had paid for it, I would have been pissed.



ASMR Whispered JOI from Cosplay Cuties

If you’re not familiar with the genre already, you’ll probably notice the subject matter on Fansteek is a little different from typical free tube material. These chicks are usually shooting the videos themselves at home, which means they’re mostly solo scenes. That said, they do have a fucking fantastic selection of sex tapes, girlfriend blowjobs and even an occasional threesome.



Despite the solo leanings, Fansteek has a nice, diverse selection of fappable content. The social media porn format has proven to be a fucking goldmine for vanilla perverts and fetishists alike. Kinky shit like ASMR porn and JOI movies were practically unheard of a few years ago, but Fansteek’s got them in abundance. As a nerd at heart, I can’t help but appreciate all the cosplay going on, either.


I wish I could find a master list of Tags on the site. They make for a quick, easy way to browse the collection and find out what’s on the menu at the same time. For now, you can use the search bar to type in your sexual interests and fetishes.


The Categories page breaks down the collection into broad categories, mostly related to where the babes came from. OnlyFans is currently the most popular by a wide margin, with nearly 600 videos available already. Instagram is a distant second with almost 200 videos, followed by 70 movies from Patreon, 50 of YouTubers and a few dozen Snapchat sluts. They’ve only got 4 TikTok movies so far, but honestly, that’s probably on the ‘Tok for not having enough porno.



Damn, That’s a Lot of Content

I looked around for upload dates on the videos, but I couldn’t find any. That means I’m not sure exactly how often Fansteek updates their collection with fresh videos and nude Snapchat sluts. It’s clearly often, though. For one thing, I’m reviewing this a couple of days after Halloween, and there are a bunch of fresh Halloween content out front.



Another sign that they update all the fucking time is the size of their collection. Remember, has only been around for a couple of months. That makes it all the more impressive that they already have around 800 videos in the library. I know this number is going to jump dramatically depending on when you end up reading this review. A year from now, that number will certainly be in the thousands.


It’s admittedly less than the millions of all-purpose porno vids you’ll find on major tubes like Pornhub, but they’re brand new and their focus is much tighter. Anyway, 800 pornos is still a lot of masturbation. I’m a goddamn professional and I’m not even sure where I should start my official fap test.


By default, the front page at shows you the Newest content first. Like other tubes, you can reorganize the full collection by Most Viewed, Longest or Random. I clicked Popular, to see what all the cool fuckers were cranking it to.



An Intimate Look at Belle’s Bathwater

Holy shit. I was all hard and drippy looking at the front page before, but now that I’m looking at Fansteek’s best stuff, my dick is about to break through my jeans. I’m at Starbucks right now and they told me they’d definitely call the cops if that ever happened again, so I’m going to have to be really sneaky.



Their most popular movies right now include OnlyFans porn from babes like Francety, Whiptrax, Dripxxx and Juanita Belle’s beautiful round ass. They’ve got Vicky Stark trying on panties, Kristen Hancher spreading her ass, and a four-girl strap-on party with Viking Barbie, Allison Parker, Layna Boo and Emily Knight.


I watched a nude tease video starring Belle Delphine, where she cracked raw eggs all over that sexy body. Belle’s a world-class cutie, but I wish she’d get more explicit without censoring herself like she always does. She ended up making me horny for something harder, but thankfully I was on a good site for that.


Next, I checked out a 5-minute OnlyFans video of Coconutkitty143 playing with herself. She’s wearing a sexy little red dress and red fishnets that give a mouthwatering glimpse of her feet. The homemade video, shot in her bedroom, is a great example of the high intimacy that has helped make this new genre of DIY smut so popular.



Where’s the Spam, Though?

One of the things that struck me about my visit to Fansteek was the site’s minimal spam. Like the tubes that have free porn movie samples from the paysites, these sites often shoot you in the face with a shotgun full of dick-pill ads, live webcam girls and malicious identity theft attempts. I was expecting it here, but I didn’t really see any spam with my adblocker enabled.



However, I did have a little trouble with video buffering at certain points during my visit to Fansteek. It wasn’t nearly bad enough to ruin my visit or my wank session, but I did swear under my breath a couple of times. Speaking as a webmaster, there’s a damn good chance this was just because of their rapidly increasing traffic. That means it’s a temporary problem, and hopefully, they’ll have adjusted by the time you read this. is a good place to catch nudes of your favorite Internet sluts. They’re just getting off the ground, but the formula is strong. I have a feeling these guys are going to be around for a while, and build an incredible collection of OnlyFans sluts, Patreon whores and Instathots along the way.

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