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Nerds browse Wikipedia, but Fapopedia is going to appeal to Internet users who would rather drench the keyboard in semen than learn about obscure Australian archaeologists or the history of graham crackers. Honestly, I have a feeling this site is going to get a few of you banned from the library, but at least you won’t have blue balls when they book you in at the county lockup. Imagine getting arrested for public indecency and having nothing to show for it but an increased knowledge about the invention of the tea bag.


But you ain’t going to spend your visit to researching food products, world wonders or any other college essay subject. No, you’ll clicking through the site one-handed, looking up the hottest Internet celebrities and social media stars, seeing them naked and watching them fuck. It’s not going to help you finish your homework or plagiarize a few paragraphs about the Neolithic era, but it’s free and they don’t beg you for money like Wikipedia or the homeless guy who kept interrupting my fap session this morning. I’ve got to stop taking the bus.



Stunning Social Media Sluts and Internet Celebs, Naked

In case I haven’t been clear enough, Fapopedia isn’t another video tube, the most common form of free porn site. In fact, their collection is photos only, with no moving pictures or ASMR audio to give you goosebumps while making you ruin another pair of boxers. It’s not a nude celebrity site either, at least not in the traditional sense. While you will find some traditionally famous broads like Demi Lovato, Cardi B and Miley Cyrus, the focus is mostly on chicks who weren’t famous until they started taking their clothes off for the Internet.



The younger masturbators out there already know exactly who I’m talking about, though I think some of the older perverts are still catching on. This is a truly modern free porn site, following the newest trend in smut that’s really taken off over the last year and especially since the pandemic started. Yes, my friends, this is an alphabetical library of social media sluts and Instagram models, private Snapchat babes and the DIY starlets of Onlyfans and Patreon.


As far as trends in porno go, Snapchat porn is a fucking game changer. The new form of amateur smut is blowing up way faster than VR, which perverts thought they wanted for decades. Believe me, in a few years, social media porn sites like OnlyFans will be as ubiquitous as cam sites and reality porn, formats that rose up in the early ‘00s and now feel like they’ve been around forever. Social distancing has definitely accelerated the trend, with traditional pornstars and even former Disney girls cashing in from home with their webcams and iPhones. has been around for barely over a month, but they’re riding the fuck out of this new wave of homebrew peep shows. They already get well over 3,000 visitors every fucking day, and on track to get a whole lot more. They’re smart to get in on this game early, giving them an edge on what I’m sure will be a massive wave of wannabe sites chasing their coattails. All they’ve really got to do to keep that edge is keep coming up with killer content, keep the package pretty and make sure it’s all convenient.



Checking Off the Boxes of a Killer Site

If killer content, a pretty package and convenience are my primary factors, I can start checking off boxes as soon as I land on’s front page. The design is simple but attractive, with a clean white color scheme that could almost be mistaken for a wholesome social media site or online encyclopedia were it not for all the topless broads, twat-spreading whores and unashamed cocksuckers lining the page in perfect square thumbnails. With my adblocker running, there’s no spam to be seen, a trend that would continue throughout my visit. The layout is more Instagram than Wikipedia, as there’s not much text on the screen.



There’s not much to say, though, so who needs text? The pretty girls speak for themselves, and by speak, I mean they silently sell themselves with their good looks, pretty smiles, and willingness to take selfies with cat ears or ball gags. I can check off the Killer content box on my review form. They’ve got a ton of my social media favs like Mackzjones, Amouranth and Belle Delphine, celebs like Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande, and a fair number of beautiful young 18+ Instathots who I’ve never heard of, but who will be occupying my masturbatory fantasies for a while. has even got the much-hyped Bella Thorne Onlyfans content. Bella’s certainly not a bad-looking babe and I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers or squirting on my bedsheets, but it’s wild to think this is the girl who “broke” Onlyfans. Maybe I’m jaded by all the hardcore creampie fisting orgies I watch, but I would have been disappointed if I paid for her largely SFW selfies.


Fapopedia is updated every day with new social media nudes, explicit content and cosplay galleries. They added 3 galleries on Saturday and another 3 on Sunday, but it looks like that’s only because they slow down on the weekend. I’m reviewing the site on a Monday and they’ve already added 8 new galleries, including Veronica Weffer, Uptownjenny and Amandaxpornstar.



Thousands of Instathots and Onlyfans Whores

We’ve established that looks good and is jam-packed with incredible content, namely social media nudes and porn, but how about convenience? Well, so far, so good! It’s definitely an accessible collection right from the jump. The front page has quick access to the latest updates to the site, followed by the most popular content over the last hour, the last day, the last week, and the last month. Like any good smut peddler, they put the latest and greatest out front.



The site’s called Fapopedia, so I expected some similarities with Wikipedia. If you think about it, there’s only so much a Patreon/Onlyfans/Snapchat nude gallery site can have in common with an online encyclopedia about everything. I think Fapopedia is almost as close to Wikipedia as it can get. There’s a search bar that will bring up over 6000 naked models from social media sites, plus a clickable alphabet at the top so you can browse by the letter.


If I have any single suggestion about the site, it’s one that would make it more similar to both Wikipedia and other porn sites: content tags. You can only search and browse by name right now, making it hard to find specific genres of content like blondes, cosplay, feet or masturbation. Tags would also offer a good way to link between similar and related models, making for a more smooth-flowing wank session.



Easier to Jack Off to Than Wikipedia

I spotted a thumbnail of Angie Griffin looking sexy as fuck with blue hair and vampire teeth, so I clicked through to her full gallery. I picked a good one, because Fapopedia has over 600 pics of her. Every gallery has links to the real social media sites, so I can check out Angie’s Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Onlyfans or Patreon. This chick gets around, and I’m happy about that.



Their gallery format is pretty standard; you get a wall of thumbnails, with full-size pics available at a click. There are only 50 thumbs to a gallery page, so Angie’s gallery stretches on for 13 pages. Well, I guess I was overdue for a forearm workout anyway.


Overall, Fapopedia is a really nice site. might not have the nerd cred of Wikipedia, but my exhaustive experimentation has proven it’s a lot easier to jack off to. Their collection of Patreon porn, Snapchat content and social media nudes is growing at an impressive rate, and their streamlined format makes it easy to get off without a bunch of spam getting in your way. If you’ve been crushing on some Onlyfans girl but already spent your allowance on a new body pillow waifu, try looking her up in the Fapopedia.

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