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I had Fapeza open in my browser this morning, and I have to blame the site for my total lack of productivity today. That’s partly because I was so busy jacking off to all those sexy Instagram sluts, and partly because the cops showed up before I could cum, so I had to go hide behind a dumpster for a while. I never seem to be able to finish a review when I’m trying to work at Starbucks. Maybe it’s the overpriced coffee, maybe it’s the prudes behind the counter.


Whatever, though, because I’m back home where I can appreciate with both hands, and without some party pooper dropping deuces on my good time. The site collects hot pics and vids from some of the sexiest social media sluts on the internet, making it a worthwhile stop along your daily masturbatory travels. They only launched a couple months ago, but their traffic has been rising fast; they had 4 million visits last month, and are on track for a lot more this month. Numbers like that can suggest a lot about the quality of a porn site, but only a fap test can truly ensure that quality. Let’s see how it goes, shall we?



Who’s Your Favorite Social Media Slut?

Fapeza makes a strong impression from the moment you hit the front page. So many free porn sites share the same basic format that they all start to run together. Fapeza covers the front page in big thumbnails, just like a lot of other sites, but they really polish the hell out of the whole thing. I think it’s a combination of the clean white background, the lack of clutter and that classy little angel logo in the corner that does it. It feels less like stepping into a dank-smelling porn shop and more like walking into a really upscale strip club.



The images themselves are different than what you’d find on a random free tube, too. There’s some sucking and fucking like you’d find elsewhere, but most of the front-page shots feature solo (18+)girls wearing little or nothing at all. The imagery makes it clear that around here, the women are the main draw.


Oh, and let’s talk about those beautiful women. The whole site has a social media look and feel, which fits because it’s full of hot social media chicks, pornstars, models and celebrities. Really, they’re all social media chicks, but these days, even the traditionally famous chicks want to get in on the fun.


I didn’t have to go far before I saw such notable internet thots as MissyPwns, Bishoujomom, Bhad Bhabie (aka the “cash me outside” chick), and of course, the ever-present Belle Delphine. I also saw traditional celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Avril Levigne and Denise Richards. The first big-name pornstars I noticed were Kagney Linn Karter, Riley Reid and Angela White, and I also noticed a few girls I’ve banged on the PornDudeCasting couch, like Harley King and Natasha Nice.


All in all, it’s a very nice spread with a lovely presentation. Navigation options are streamlined, which may be a mixed blessing. A short row of icons at the top of the screen gives you quick access to’s top posts, videos and search function. The Explore button opens up a few more options, such as viewing by Likes, Followers or Views, Random Girls and Last Comments.



Cosplay Chicks and Instagram Sluts

I checked out Fapeza’s Video section next. It feels a lot like the front page, though the thumbnails here pull up vids instead of galleries. One of the first things I noticed is that they’re stocking the shelves with a nice variety of content. Social media porn always features a lot of solo shows, which is a reflection on the DIY style of the OnlyFans set, and yeah, there are a lot of solo shows on Fapeza. That certainly ain’t all, though.



Recent vids on the site include stripteases and twerk shows, dirty talk and sexy dancing. There are amateur doggystyle sequences, lesbian cosplay sluts, skittle diddling extravaganzas and one babe going to town on a couple different dicks at once. I see public exhibitionism, pussy eating, ahegao-faced fucking, and a chick in a shiny latex BDSM getup.


I watched a short video of this chick Haleigh shaking her big ass. It’s only five seconds, but hot enough that I could watch it on a loop for hours—or at least until I pop. There’s no Download button baked into the Fapeza interface, but I was able to easily save videos by right-clicking on them. Go ahead and stock up on all your favorites.


If I have one complaint about the general setup at, it’s that there doesn’t seem to be any tagging. The pics and vids are presented as-is, with little if any meta data. That’s a bummer, because it’s going to make it a lot harder to find specific material catering to your kinks and fetishes. There’s no Categories or Tags to peruse, and the search function is largely limited to usernames.


I ran a couple searches to see what I could see. “BDSM” turned up two profiles, though I didn’t see the acronym listed anywhere on them. “Blowjob” also turned up just two, neither of which contained the word “Blowjob” or any dick-sucking media, even though I’d already witnessed such antics on the site. I had better luck with “Cosplay,” which brought back a whole page full of pretty girls in funny outfits. “ASMR” also had a lot of results, though it was mostly naughty photos of OnlyFans chicks with ASMR in their names. I put my headphones on, but the pics didn’t make any sounds, so I didn’t get any tingles.



Where Are All These Pretty Girls Coming From?

As I’ve been writing up this review of, I’ve periodically made my way back to the front page of the site. Every time I do, there’s new stuff for me to check out. They’re adding fresh content to the pile every few minutes. I’m not sure exactly how they’re sourcing all this stuff, but goddamn, they must be hard at work 24-7.



A lot of the updates are adding more photos to galleries they already had. Just now, they added 5 shots of this gorgeous Latina, Cindy Prado, bringing her total on the site up to 135. They’re building the stash a handful at a time, and their hands are constantly moving.


This is the part of the review where I usually like to mention how big any porn site is, whether I’m doing a writeup on a free tube, OnlyFans porn gallery, or paysite. With Fapeza, though, it’s hard to get a full and accurate count. They’ve got that endless-scroll presentation where you just keep scrolling and the page keeps loading more content. Without page numbers, I can only guess. Given the site’s age and the rapid rate of uploads, I know there are already thousands of media-filled updates here, at the very least.


I really hope it keeps growing like this, too. I love the women, I love the nudes and sex tapes, and I think the site’s got a fantastic interface for delivering the stuff. I didn’t see any spam at all on the site today. I was running my adblocker, of course, but the social porn sites can be a real bitch sometimes with the pop-ups, pop-unders and all that bullshit.


My only complaint is the lack of tagging. As the collection continues to grow, it’s only going to get harder and harder to find your preferred masturbatory material in the pile. I’m hopeful they’ll start adding tags to the newly uploaded stuff, but even if they don’t, I don’t think they’re going to lose many visitors. is a winner if you’re the type of pervert who likes beating off to sites like Instagram and OnlyFans, but I’d argue it’s even easier to catch a fap here than on the other sites. For one thing, Fapeza is totally free. For another, they’re only collecting the hottest media from the hottest chicks, meaning you don’t have to wade through a bunch of weak filler to get to the good stuff. Try typing your favorite social media slut’s name into the search bar and see what comes up.

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