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Lewd Stars! There are more amateur bitches spreading their legs and flashing their tits for horny cucks than ever before. It’s a goddamn amateur porn renaissance out there. You don’t need to be paired up with a professional studio or even show your pussy to get betas to pay big bucks. It’s fucking insane. (18+)Girls are out there swindling losers for softcore porn without breaking a sweat. And who can blame them? If I could sit in a hot tub for 8+ hours a day doing jack all and make thousands a week, you bet your ass I’d be all over that shit. I have to respect the hustle of these bitches like Amouranth, Belle Delphine, and whatever other whore is popular right now. All of these e-thots blend together.


Don’t worry; I’m not about to suggest that you go out and spend hundreds of bucks a month to fuel your addiction to these amateur sluts. There’s a better way to get your hands on the good stuff. houses thousands of videos of amateur babes, e-thots, streamers, actresses, and much more. If it has been created, then it’ll likely be on this site for your viewing pleasure—the site launched in late 2020 and has been driving traffic like crazy ever since. No, really, these guys are pulling in over 2 million fappers a month. That’s some incredible growth for a site that’s not even been around for a full year yet.



Modern Site Design with a Stellar Dark Theme and Borderless Previews

And the site looks pretty fucking sweet. It’s got a sleek dark theme with previews running down the center of the page and a simple header with a few options at the top. You’re not dealing with some poorly-designed site that looks like it was dredged up out of an e-waste bin from the early 2000s. This site is modern and looks sexy as all hell. I dig the red accents and large, borderless video previews. It gives the whole thing a nice uncluttered feel to it.



Oh, not having hundreds of ads cluttering the site does wonders for the appearance. I swear most sites that have something good going on in terms of a design end up shooting themselves in the foot with ad clutter. Not here. The main page is clean and clear of any annoying banners or flashing pop-ups. But that doesn’t mean this site is ad-free. You’ll have a few floating around on the video page, and I got redirected once or twice. It’s nothing that’s going to spoil the experience, but be on the lookout for ads here and there.



Content from OnlyFans, Patreon, Snapchat, and Much More!

The main page just lists out the newest videos to get added to this site’s ever-growing catalog. But I imagine you betas want to narrow your search down a bit. You’ve probably got a favorite piece of ass that you want to jerk your dick to. You can sort through this catalog by social platform, so you can find bitches based on where they originally made or make content. You can sort by platforms like OnlyFans, Twitch, YouTube, Patreon, Instagram, Snapchat, and actors. That last one is for content of famous sluts showing off the goods.



Lewdstars also lets you plug whatever name you want in manually if you happen to know the name of the fine piece of ass that you’re trying to blow a load to. Once you’re ready to start this journey, click on one of the header options to get a full page of the good shit. Now, you can’t sort things further. There aren’t any filter options for most recent, most viewed, or trending videos. Bummer, but at least the header categories were fairly robust. You betas will have to take what you can get, especially when it’s fucking free.



Stream HD Videos of the Hottest Amateur Sluts for Free

No matter what you choose to filter the catalog by, you’ll be greeted with a lengthy page of previews. The previews are decent and tell you the basic shit. You get a title, upload date, and some tags for where the video came from. No video length, view count, rating, or anything like that. This site keeps that shit bare-bones. Though having a video length tag would be nice, just so I know what the hell I’m getting into. I need to know if I’m getting a short video under a minute long or something I can actually sit down and rub myself raw to.



Click on the video to preview to, you guessed it, get taken to the full video page. You get a decently sized player, and most of the videos seem to be in at least 720p-1080p HD. Fuck yeah. Down below will be a long list of tags, so you can get more videos just like the one that you watched. The player has options for liking the video, but I don’t get the point if there aren’t any filter options for most-liked videos. Anyway, you can autoplay videos to keep the good shit rolling, and you can click a lightbulb to darken the surrounding page even further for optimal viewing.



Take Amateur Porn Content on the Go with a Sleek Mobile Site

The only thing this site doesn’t let you do is download videos. Now, the mobile experience was great as well. You can take Lewdstars with you on the go with its well-formatted mobile site that doesn’t skimp out on useful features. You horny fucks will retain access to all of the same pages, menus, and search tools. And the ad experience was pretty much identical. There weren’t any additional ads tacked onto the mobile experience as you see other sites do.




NoLimitsFun’s Favorite Features

You fappers know what good shit looks like by now. This is one of those sites that has the good shit. And it’s one of the even fewer sites that aren’t actively trying to fuck you over. You don’t have to dish out a single dime to get your hands on some of the hottest porn being made right now. These amateur porn videos are housed all in one easy-to-browse place with minimal ads and no hidden costs. You don’t get such a good combination of quality content and a good user experience on most other sites.



And, fuck, this is some good shit. You’re not getting shitty quality videos from years ago that nobody gives a fuck about. Some sites are still solely relying on content from the fucking Fappening. Come on, get some new content. And this site has all of the latest and greatest videos from top babes from a variety of popular platforms. You’re not stuck with just content from a single platform. This site catalogs it all.



NoLimitsFun’s Suggestions

Just add some additional filter options in and tack on a tag for the video length and this site would practically be perfect. Seriously, there’s not much that this site does wrong. It’s just missing out on a few quality-of-life features that would take the experience to the next level. Aside from those minor gripes, I can’t think of much negative to say about this site at all. It set out to be a hub for amateur content and accomplished exactly that. There aren’t many sites that can offer this good of an experience while dishing out HD videos of the newest and hottest babes in the industry.




NoLimitsFun’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a must-visit site if you’re looking for content from OnlyFans, Patreon, and Snapchat content. This site has all of that and so much more. You can browse through and get your hands on awesome content The cucks running this site upload that shit fast. And the user experience was solid. You guys should have no issues browsing this catalog and finding videos of your favorite whores on here. And, best of all, it’s all available for free with minimal ad clutter. Hell, you don’t even have to make an account. I highly recommend that all of you simps get over to this site and check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

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