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We live on a planet packed with so many different cultures, languages, and history that exploring is often a wild ride. When it comes to sex, things can vary dramatically from country to country and form an array of pleasures just waiting to be explored by sexually open-minded people.


For example, letting a Brazilian harlot ride your cock all night is a lot different than sex with an American chick called Susan. Attending a German orgy in a Berlin fetish club has the potential to blow your mind in more ways than one. Finally, finding out why Ladyboys have such a formidable sexual reputation around the world as you sink between the soft thighs of one is unforgettable.


However, not all of us are lucky enough to have the chance to travel the world and explore the countless sexual experiences that each nation has to offer. Thankfully, this is where porn steps in to help out. At the click of a button, we can take ourselves on a virtual journey across the world of sex from the comfort of our own homes!


Well, in an ideal world, at least. The reality is that although there’s a wealth of international porn sites on the scene that can act like a tour guide leading you through the countless sexual niches there are to be explored, there’s also an array of shit-tier websites that are the online equivalent of being pickpocketed in Rio while trying to find a post-Carnival orgy.


It’s my job to act as your virtual fanny pack on this perverted tour around the world. Ok, that sounded weird, let’s try again… My mission is to be your virtual condom in a Nigerian brothel… Oh, fuck this! I want to keep you in the loop about which sites are worth visiting and those which you need to avoid; get it?


To paraphrase Ice Cube, today is a good day because we’re going into the weird and wonderful land of Japanese porn! Now, Japan is a country that isn’t the easiest to navigate due to the language barrier, the fact that everything is expensive as shit, and the local women not being too keen on fucking foreigners as those in places like Thailand and the Philippines.


But by using the right Japanese porn site that can guide us through the world of JAV porn from the country, we don’t have to go there and burn out Google Translate trying to find our way to a used panty vending machine or the local squid market looking for IRL tentacle porn. Today, I want to dive deep into a JAV porn site called to see if it’s capable of guiding us through this highly esteemed porn niche!


Now, as they say in Japan, saiko!



What is is a porn tube site that specializes in samples of Japanese Adult Video (JAV) movies from a broad range of XXX categories. According to Wayback Machine, the site’s history goes back to 2022, but it’s managed to develop a hearty selection of porn on the site as the categories page alone has 83 pages worth of niches to explore.



But, as always, a hearty selection of porn categories is only as good as the smut contained within them. So, let’s kick start our journey between the smooth Japanese thighs of and see what kind of porn it’s able to offer our Asian smut-hungry dicks!



What are the JAV Porn Movies Like on isn’t lacking in porn. But, on top of its meaty selection of smut, it’s worth noting that the bulk of the content on the site is more than 1 hour long. This means you’re forced to invest a decent chunk of time into exploring the site and discovering what it offers.



Usually, it would, but you’re being guided by the trusted hand of The Porn Dude today, and I did my groundwork beforehand to see what kind of smut was nestled between the pretty used panties of this Japanese porn site. Now, prepare to meet the highlights!


Well, my dudes, I hate to do this, but I have no highlights for you. Why? Because the damn video player didn’t work, despite trying it on different browsers and tweaking it in as many ways as I could. More on that shortly, but my cock is not happy right now!



The Design of the Site

The design of is centered around a widely-used porn tube theme that is being used by a range of other adult video sites. Nevertheless, the template allows room for customization, so let’s look at what measures the admins of have taken to make this corner of the JAV internet their own.



The site’s color scheme is black and gray with white and red highlights. The first of the highlights color is the same color as the spunk that goes flying across the room in a JAV Bukkake scene, and the latter is the identical tone to that of a Japanese girl’s asshole after she’s been fucked in the butt by a gang of men for over an hour. Nice!


The site starts with a logo centered around a scrawled design that spells out its name, and this is accompanied by a search bar to seek out any specific JAV porn titles you’re looking for. Underneath is a main menu taking you to places like the homepage, categories, JAV stars, censored and uncensored porn.


The site’s homepage starts with a small introductory paragraph explaining what is all about and what it can offer its users. Then, it introduces you to a selection of recommended videos displayed in rows of four thumbnails accompanied by the title, duration, user rating, and a button showing whether it’s in HD resolution.


This format is repeated across the rest of the page and is used to showcase further the most recent videos, the most viewed, and the videos that have been rated as the most popular. Towards the end of the site is a block of SEO-optimized text further explaining the site’s premise and outlining its numerous benefits and features.



What I Like Most About it

Over the years, I’ve come across several JAV porn sites that soon make it clear that they’re being run by people who aren’t passionate about the realm of Japanese porn. But with, it’s apparent from the start that this is being led by a team of Japanese porn fans, and this can be seen via the diverse selection of categories and niches represented on the site, as well as the vivid portfolio of JAV pornstars on display.




What I Don’t Like

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room: the site’s video player doesn’t work! Whenever I tried to watch a JAV porno on the site, I was hit with a buffering screen that went on for longer than my cock does! What the fuck, man? This site really made my dick roar into action at first, only to kill my hard-on by failing to load any of it. You’ve made my cock cry, and not in the salty way that I like!



Another, albeit far less severe, downside I found to the site was that it lacked a video preview feature on the video thumbnails that allows users to get the gist of each clip without having to click on them and watch the whole thing. The bulk of the movies are over 1 hour long, so this is a critical feature to include on the site.



Suggestions I Have for

It should come as no surprise as to my first suggestion here. The site’s most crucial function doesn’t work! Get the video player back up and running as soon as possible. Switch to a different video-playing software if needed. This site has a formidable selection of JAV porn to choose from, but it’s all worthless if the damn clips don’t play!



Once you get the video player working, take steps to add a thumbnail preview feature to the videos on the site to allow people using the site to navigate the formidable collection of long-form JAV porn in a way that’s as fast and flawless as possible.




Man, really enticed me at first, and I was more than excited to browse through this wealth of long-form JAV content and see what kind of open-minded filth the good people of Japan had to offer. However, my porn-loving heart was broken when I found that none of the videos were watchable and instead presented me with an endless buffering screen. needs to fix this as soon as possible or face being wiped out with ease by the countless JAV porn competitors currently on the scene!

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