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The folks over at deserve some credit for coming up with that killer brand name. For one thing, it’s memorable and rolls right off the tongue. It’s also got that surface-level cleanliness that could work for a totally wholesome, SFW website, though horny dudes like you and I might immediately think of the same dirty jokes when we hear the title. Since you’re reading this on ThePornDude, it’s a safe bet they really are hinting at the same metaphorical joystick you may be playing with right now.


In this professional pervert’s opinion, can be summed up as a porn-infused version of Twitch; it’s a live video streaming platform focused on video games and sex. I’m whipping up this review the same day Twitch rescinded their new rules allowing “artistic” nudity, but Joystick TV is much more lenient when it comes to outright naked boobies and dildo-stuffed twats. They get a good quarter million visitors a month, a drop in the hat compared to what Twitch is pulling, but I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy myself even more here. Let’s get into it!



What If Twitch Allowed Sex and Nudity?

Joystick TV establishes their vibe the moment you land on the front page. It really feels a hell of a lot like Twitch combined with a good webcam sex platform. The presentation is sleek and polished, and most of the front page is covered in thumbnails of sexy streamers. Out front, they’re grouped broadly into three groups: Live, Featured, and New Streamers.



If you’re a fan of the gamer girls on sites like Chaturbate or you’re the kind of nerd who looks for the naughtiest Twitch streams, you’ll probably be in heaven the moment you land. The place is packed with hot gamers, cosplay chicks and other amateur models. There are more dudes and trans streamers slanging dong beside their game controllers than I’d expected, but like most adult streaming platforms, it’s mainly ladies on camera.


I think there’s historically been a stereotype of gamer chicks as either posers or fat, ugly chicks with poor hygiene. The current crop of OnlyFans girls and camwhores across the web disproves this archetype, but if you’ve got any doubt left, just lay your eyes on the beautiful women of Joystick TV. It’s a fantastic range of sultry blondes, pink-haired cuties, Latina video game enthusiasts and tatted alternative chicks. Even the chubsters look cute as fuck here.


There is one inescapable drawback here, which I’m sure a lot of you have already guessed based on the traffic stats I mentioned in the intro. Woman playing Elden Ring or Super Mario Bros Wonder with their tits out are more popular than they’ve ever been, but this is still a pretty deep niche. I’m whipping up this review on a Friday afternoon, and there are only 15 streamers live right now. Good thing they’re mainly my type of broads!



Real Live Gamer T&A for Free ain’t your typical webcam site, which may be part of the reason they ain’t making the usual claims you find on every knockoff of LiveJasmin. Most cam platforms promise free T&A, but the smaller joints don’t always deliver. Joystick TV is even smaller than your average cam platform, so I was curious how much flesh I could see before busting out my camera.



If you’re looking for the legitimate free shows on any adult cam site, look for the public rooms with the most viewers. As I type this up, there are a handful of streams with a dozen or more viewers. Femboys ain’t my thing, but I peeked in on a feminine metalhead’s stream because it was the most crowded at 18 viewers. Sure enough, dude was jerking his dick and playing with his dog-tail buttplug as soon as I clicked my way in.


He wasn’t the only one doing kinky shit out in the open. This is fucking wild, my dudes: by the numbers, I think Joystick streamers are just more likely to expose themselves than camwhores on other platforms. Even with just a handful of live streamers, each with really just a handful of viewers, you can witness legitimately free, live sex shows. Speaking as a dude who reviews these sites for a living, the numbers don’t add up right, but I certainly ain’t complaining!


Besides the femboy with his dick in his hand, there’s a redhead getting fucked by a machine while she plays video games, a thick-booty babe playing GTA Online, a BBW with her jugs out, and an orange-haired Latina playing a first-person shooter with one of her three cameras aimed at her lace panties. If the pickings are this good at lunchtime on a Friday, I have a feeling this place is a real party after hours.


With such a heavy emphasis on video games, it’s safe to say the gamer chicks on are a little bit more tech savvy than your average camgirls. I love how so many of them have multiple cameras going, letting you gawk from various angles while also watching them game via picture-in-picture. High video resolutions seem to be the norm, a nice contrast to the low-fi streams you still find on a lot of the other platforms. The obvious disadvantage is that these chicks probably ain’t going to be impressed by the cheap tips you give to camgirls in poor countries. Maybe it’s time to ask mom for a raise on your allowance.



Gawking at My Dream Gamer Girls

Things seem to be picking up for Joystick TV as the afternoon grinds on. There are more models and more users connected than when I started writing this, opening up my options even more. Even though there are fewer shows going on than elsewhere, I do wish they had some sorting and filtering options for finding your ideal stream. There’s a search bar, but it’s pretty weird that you can’t at least filter by gender, let alone niche.



Still, I didn’t have any trouble finding a stream that did it for me. I went back to that ginger gamer with a camera between her legs. This time, she was taking a brief masturbation break and had her fingers deep in her snatch. After scratching the itch, she went back to sniping motherfuckers through a scope. She’s really fucking good at it, too!


I tipped her a few tokens. Still aiming and shooting with one hand, the talented babe loudly thanked me en español before putting her hand to her naughty bits once again. She has a Tip Menu showing what she’ll do for how much, so I tossed 15 tokens in the hat for a boobie squeeze. Her tits are glorious and the act came with a beautiful smile for free.


After watching the ginger for a little longer, I switched to one of the chicks I’d seen with a fuck machine. Now, she was wearing nothing but socks and a chained BDSM collar, and was smacking her ass hard as soon as I tuned in. The first chick didn’t have any videos for sale, but this kinky broad does.


Creators on can also offer Video On Demand along with their live streams. I unlocked a few of the BDSM babe’s cheaper posts for a few tokens a pop, though prices can vary like crazy. I like seeing VOD anywhere, but I think it’s particularly valuable on a site like this with a relatively small base of models plying their trade. If none of your favorite gals are connected, you can unlock some of their videos instead.


My biggest complaint about is just that I wish the platform was more popular than it is, which would give us a bigger selection of gamer chicks to shake our dicks at. I love the theme and the overall vibe here, and think they did a fucking fantastic job making up for what I see as the major downsides of Twitch—namely, the lack of real adult content. There’s a lot going on here even with the relatively small volume of content, making this a very easy recommendation for Twitch fans looking for something harder, or webcam enthusiasts with a taste for gamer girls.

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