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Reddit Snapleaks, aka r/Snapleaks! Is there anything fucking hotter than looking at leaked Snapchats of hot sluts? I’ll make a goddamn executive decision and give a resounding, ‘hell no!’ These bitches seem to think that their Snap is going to be for one person’s eyes only, so they’re less reserved and show their truly slutty side. When it’s leaked, you get to see them for what they are – and if you love amateur content as I do, you’ll know it’s some of the sexiest, rawest shit you’ll see. Snap sluts are at their nastiest when they don’t think anyone else is looking. That’s why when it comes to the number of tugs I’ve done over leaked Snapchat content, the number has got to be in the tens of millions.


That’s why I was ready to blow my load in my pants instantaneously when I came across The notion that there is a subreddit devoted totally to leaked Snapchats was enough to make me want to subscribe and save the subreddit to my bookmarks folder. However, the name of the subreddit is quite misleading. If you think you’re going to see leaked Snapchats of any kind, I have bad news for you



No leaks here

This isn’t a subreddit for leaks the moment you read the rules on the sidebar. Rule #4 states that content cannot be posted without the original person’s permission. So why the fuck is this place called! If leaking Snaps is against the rules, it goes against the very meaning of the subreddit’s name!



Look, the ol’ ThePornDude cannot blame for banning any Snapchat leaks to the subreddit. That would likely get the subreddit banned extremely fucking fast, and it would cause an uproar that would see people doxed with the fury of 10,000 otters biting your ankles simultaneously. It wouldn’t be pretty, but it still does not change the fact that this makes the subreddit feel like a lie.


The sub should have never been named /r/Snapleaksin the first place. It’s going to cause a lot of people to be disappointed once they visit. I imagine tons of horny bastards have logged on ready to jerk off to content they’re not supposed to see, only to find only Snapchat sluts posting their content so everyone can compliment them on their tits. And not that I’m complaining or anything, but when you think you’re looking at shit you shouldn’t see only to discover that all the content was posted with permission, it takes the edge out of the sub and makes it feel like every other NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddit. Consider a name change, if possible.



273,000 members and counting must be doing something right, as the subreddit has approximately 273,000 members. That’s not a terrible number for a NSFW subreddit that has been around for nearly five years, and with a few hundred members and lurkers online at any point in time it seems active enough (though it could be better). You’re not going to see an endless wave of new posts like on some NSFW subreddits, but for those that visit only a few times a week or even once a day, there is usually something new to look at.



And while the only seeing a few posts a day isn’t terrible, you’re going to wish there was more to see. Even though feels like the name does not reflect the nature of the subreddit, the content is still fucking sexy. You’re going to wish there was more to see here, and the fact that there are only four-to-five posts per day is a shame.


For a subreddit with this number of members and lurkers, you would expect there to be more content posted here. Again, you have to wonder if the name of the subreddit is keeping some people away from actually posting on here. Is there confusion, or do most beauties on Reddit prefer other, more appropriate NSFW subreddits to post sexy Snapchats on? I don’t have the fucking answer, but there has to be a reason why more people do not post on here. In due time maybe posts numbers will improve, but for now, the sub may leave you feeling quite unsatisfied.



Only amateur content from OG posters

That’s not a knock on the type of content on, either. Despite the subreddit not having any leaks of any kind, the bitches that post their tits, pussies, and asses here are fucking amazing. This is amateur GIFs and images at their finest. If you love amateur content, you have to subscribe to this subreddit!



It isn’t like you’re going to only see amazing knockouts on I found that the types of females that make this subreddit so fun to browse, are as varied as the types of NSFW subreddits that are out there. I saw BBWs posting their pussies, two of the finest blonde-haired bimbos I’ve seen in recent memory making out with one another, and a petite knockout just pouring suds on her tits in the shower. The content differs, the women starring in the Snaps vary, and you never really know what you’re going to see next.


What makes this subreddit even more compelling is when you remember that the females posting the content are in the Snaps! The fact that these beauties are also browsing Reddit is enough to make you want to engage with these beauties and get their Snapchat from them. Many of them are probably sellers (with bodies like those who could not be?) even though you won’t see them selling here. If you don’t mind forking over the cash, you can probably get unique content from them via a subscription.



Verified labels show who is real

Not only does give the impression that the ladies posting content on the subreddit are real, but there is also an option for them to prove they are who they say they are! The subreddit makes it simple for these beauties to verify themselves. Once verified, every post shows a badge stating they are verified Snapchatters. It’s another layer of transparency that gives subscribers the confidence they need to know that they are interacting with real women.



While not everyone is labeled as verified, that doesn’t ultimately mean that the beauties without a label are fake or disingenuous. Some of them are possibly still working on getting verified. Others may not have gotten around to doing it. Whatever the reason may be, it’s simple for females to be verified, creating subscriber confidence among everyone that visits the sub.


And that’s what counts here. When you’re dealing with a subreddit that touts original, sexy content from a platform like Snapchat, it’s important to know who is proven to be real and which members are still unverified. It’s especially true if you decide to engage with them. While Reddit is a great place to be anonymous and get as kinky as you fucking want to, knowing you’re not engaging with some fat desperate fucker on the other end goes a long way to wanting to return to this sub.


Subs like don’t exactly place a high priority on being anonymous – nor should they. When the subreddit’s appeal is to look at hot bitches posting hotter content of themselves, there should never be any doubt that the person posting the content isn’t who they say they are. That’s why so many of these amazing women verify themselves the first chance they get, and why this subreddit is ideal for looking at amateur content of those who want to share the best parts of their bodies.



Browses/sorts like Reddit

Whether you have browsed Reddit in the past or this is your first foray into the world of subreddits (and why the fuck would it be?), it’s extremely easy to browse and ultimately sort At the top of the subreddit, you will notice sorting options labeled hot, new, top, and rising. Further, it’s easy to sort these options by time period.



To do so, select the top and choose from the drop-down menu labeled today. Select the menu and choose from either now, this hour, today, this week, this month, or all time. This will allow you to see only the top posts based on a certain time period. It could not be fucking easier!



Suggestions: is a fucking amazing place for looking at verified, sexy girls. Unfortunately, the name of the subreddit undoubtedly makes people think there are leaks here when there isn’t. The subreddit needs a name change (if possible). Further, there needs to be more content posted here.

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