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I had Thots Blog open on my screen this morning as I sipped my daily cup of joe, chasing down the handful of Viagra I had for breakfast. I gawked at boobies and butts, masturbation scenes and sex videos. The more I perused the site, the more into it I got. At some point, I realized I’d had my hand down my pants for a while, just jerking away while my coffee got cold. That’s about the same time the baristas started yelling at me to get the fuck out of Starbucks before they had to call the cops. Again.


Now I’m whipping up this review and a batch of homemade mayonnaise in the comfort and security of my NoLimitsFun lair, equipped with the latest in masturbatory technology to help fully enjoy what has to offer. If you’ve been shaking your dick around the internet at all over the last few years, you’ve probably already guessed from the title what the site’s all about. It’s a free collection of social media porn from sites like OnlyFans. You ready? Let’s get fapping!



Thot Gawking with Thots Blog

As heavily implied by the title, Thots Blog is, indeed, a blog. The front page is covered in sexy-girl thumbnails similar to what you’d find on your typical free tube, but instead of singular videos, each image leads to a little preview gallery of the content in question. It’s a clean presentation, free of clutter, letting all those naked ladies shine through in all their glory.



If you’re at all familiar with the format, you already know that most of those thumbnail pics are of solo girls, as opposed to the usual grab bag of sex acts you’d find on a tube. That’s just a natural result of OnlyFans models shooting their own content in their own homes, though you will find plenty of actual fucking and sucking when you start poking around.


Before we get to the humping, though, let’s talk about those girls. ThotsBlog features some of the hottest thots on the internet. On the front page right now, I see homemade sex starlets and traditional pornstars alike, all of them shooting their own new-school smut. Even if you ain’t a professional masturbator like myself, you’ll probably start recognizing babes right away. Lisa Ann, Adriana Chechik, Octokuro, and Jewelz Blu are all featured out front as I type this up.


Not to toot my own horn, as I did into an old sock a few minutes ago, but I also recognize a bunch of these babes from when they visited me at PornDudeCasting. Penelope Kay, Lexi Luna, Nicole Doshi and Lauren Phillips are just a few of the big names ThotsBlog has in common with my own humble little casting porn site. Hey, if you like sexy women, you’re in good company!



Call a Plumber—That’s a Lot of Content!

ThotsBlog has a focus a lot tighter than your average anything-goes free porn collection, so they don’t have that all-day, everyday stream of fresh uploads you find on those sites. That said, they’re actively building the site, adding a handful of fresh content every day. I’m writing this on a Wednesday morning, and they’ve already added a GabbyGotFans stash with a few hundred pics and videos. Yesterday, they added a trio of content featuring Erzabel, Lilly Hall, and the aforementioned famous MILF, Lisa Ann.



The Catalog page offers a full text-based index of all the content, in case the sprawling picture menu is too overwhelming for you. To date, they have accumulated over 700 social media pictures and videos. In other situations, this would call for a plumber, but around here you just need to be ready with some lotion and tissues, or maybe a good fap sleeve if you’re feeling fancy.


It’s definitely worth mentioning that the content here is fucking huge. If I drop a number like 700 in reference to a free tube, it’d be kind of a paltry video collection. Everything on Thots Blog, though, is a multi-gigabyte stash of naughty content, sometimes consisting of literally thousands of pics and videos. Hell, one good video here can keep you fapping for the rest of the week without cranking to the same thing twice.


Christ on a cracker, this joint is a fucking wet dream for collectors of the stuff, so I hope you’ve got a lot of space on your porno hard drive. Honestly, I might have to upgrade if I hope to save even a fraction of this masturbatory gold. offers a wide range of content. The site as a whole really skimps on the tagging, which is going to make it difficult for wankers looking to scratch their fetishistic itches.


They do include some little blurbs in every post, which the search function sifts through. I was able to find content featuring most of the keywords I tried typing into the box, like ASMR, Cosplay, Feet and Anal. I wish the overall tagging was stronger, though, because I’m sure there’s good stuff being lost in the shuffle.



Stock Up Now While Supplies Last

One of the big gimmicks about Thots Blog is that you can download anything and everything here. It’s a killer perk, but there is a flipside to it: this ain’t exactly the perfect site if you’re trying to squeeze a quick wank session into your lunchbreak. The format basically requires you to budget some time and space for downloads, since the preview galleries are small and there are no streamable videos.



ThotsBlog doesn’t actually host any of the content themselves, instead using file locker services like Keep2Share. I clicked the button to get the links for Starry’s video, and was presented with dozens of Keep2Share files to download. If you’ve ever used a porn download blog or smut-sharing forum, you already know where I’m going with this. While the site is technically free, you’re going to run into some bottlenecks if you don’t want to bust out your wallet.


Filehosts like Keep2Share come with their own set of issues. Namely, free users are going to find their download speeds severely limited, giving the older users flashbacks to the dialup days. What’s more, there are usually daily or hourly limits imposed on free users. Twenty-two gigs may end up taking days to download, and that’s if you’re staying on top of your wait times and grabbing files as soon as you can.


It’s worth mentioning that a premium Keep2Share account starts at around thirteen bucks a month, making it a hell of a lot cheaper than your average paysite, and even more cost efficient when you think of how much you’d pay subscribing to all your favorite OnlyFans accounts. Still, I know a lot of you basement dwellers hate shelling out your precious allowance money for porn, and yeah, I get it. Downloading a few videos at 1990s speed may change your mind, though.


The slow downloads are arguably a pretty fucking small price to pay for access to such a wealth of free masturbatory content, especially given what the stuff usually costs. has archived thousands of videos and even more photos from some of the hottest internet chicks out there, making it a hell of a library for fans of OnlyFans content. Check out their Catalog page and see if they’ve got any of your favorite models on the roster.

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