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Camwhores at X Cams! What’s not to love about them? In the old days, you had to visit the dirty porn shop on the sketchy side of town, hoping the 18+ peep-show girls looked good enough to shake your dick at. Personally, I ran into hairy situations a few times and I’m glad we’ve moved on to online peep shows. These days it’s all about choice when it comes to live nude girls. always seems to have a bunch of babes to choose from.


The site specializes in Euro cam-sluts, so you’ve come to the right place in that’s your poison. X Cams may be one of the lesser-known players in the sex cam game, but around 400 girls were connected and ready when I visited the site.


Something for Nothing

When you first pull up the site, even before signing up or signing in, the default view is free cams. If you’ve checked out cam sites before, you know the free show is just to entice you into parting with your hard-earned cash for some harder action.



The selection of broads is really broad. I see petite teens and buxom MILFs. There are skinny chicks, medium sluts, and a couple of fat whores; Ebony chicks, Latinas, and a ton of White girls. Some make seductive faces at the camera, some play with their tits, others fuck themselves with dildos. One girl is licking yogurt or some weird-ass, chunky cum from her fingers.


When you hover over one of the beautiful women, you get a little preview of what their shows are like. Sometimes the broad will just be sitting there, staring at the camera, other times she’ll be fingering herself with the cam practically up her snatch. It’s a mixed bag.


On top of this preview, you’ll see the model’s name, the languages she speaks, and how many credits per minute her private shows cost. See what I mean? Free ain’t exactly free when it comes to cams.


Credits are cheapest if you buy 230 for sixty bucks, but if you’re short on rent this month you can buy a smaller amount. Be prepared to pay a small premium, but it’s not a huge difference.


Most chicks seem to charge 5 credits per minute for shows, and maybe a quarter of them charge 7. There are sluts on XCams charging more, but that’s the price range for most. That means the $60 credit package is good for around 30 to 45 minutes of interactive masturbation with the girl(s) of your choice.


Now would be a good opportunity to point out you get 25 free credits for just signing up. XCams accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin. You can also score a couple more free credits if you check the email you get after sign-up.


There are some chicks on XCams who seem to be in it for the sheer exhibitionist thrill. The first free cam I tried had some thick Black girl with her pussy spread at the camera by the time I entered the room. A few seconds later, she whipped her huge titties out. There are a few shows for the truly bum-ass among you, but you’re going to have to search for them.


So Many Broads to Choose From

XCams is in English by default, but the dropdown in the top right-hand corner will give you more options. You’re reading my site, so you probably won’t want to touch this.



You can filter the babes down to only the ones who speak English. French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Dutch are also available for all you worldly motherfuckers.


I gotta say, the language filter is fucking vital! You have no idea how high the language barrier is until you try to get a girl to stick a toy in her twat when she only speaks German.


By default, XCams shows you the cams with Women, but there are usually a few live shows going on with Couples. Sometimes it’s a dude and his boyfriend, other times it are two chicks. Guess which one I like better. There’s also a Trans section, if that’s what gets you going. An even smaller selection of Men is hidden in the dropdown beside the search bar.


You can sort by Top, New, Free, or HD. For my money, Top is where to go. I glanced at the section so I can write this, and I’m already itching to go back. I’m going to type fast before it’s too late and I ruin my pants.


XCams give you a few options for age, hair color, and breast size in the header, as well as the option to just search the girls with Internet-connected toys.


That dropdown I mentioned by the search bar will bring up a lot more options to narrow down your girls. Here, you can also sort by ethnicity, cup size, figure, and sexual preference. Piercings, Tattoos, Fetish, and BDSM can also be selected from the menu.


Let Me See Your Pussy

I clicked Top to go back to the top cam whores on XCams, and then I filtered them to English speaking sluts with Internet-connect toys. The search engine served up a couple of dozen babes, and most of them look good enough to fuck.



A chick named CuteKimberly did look pretty fucking cute with a string of spit between her mouth and the dildo in her pic. She fit my criteria and charged 5 credits a minute for the private show. CuteKimberly already had her tits out when I started the free show.


“Hi, my love,” she said. What a sweet girl! I entered the private show with her.


Fortunately, CuteKimberly turned out to be sweet and unwholesome, which is just what I like in a girl. She flipped around and let me take a look from the back as she started tickling her delicious taco. I gave her a tip, even though what I really wanted to give her was the whole thing.


XCams has a nice tipping system set up, so you can tip basically any number of credits. A digital rose is worth 1 credit, a cartoon condom worth 2, and so on almost to infinity. The site makes it very easy to spend a lot of money, so be careful.


If the girl you’re watching has a connected toy, you can activate it and turn the vibration up for a few credits. CuteKimberly got pretty vocal as she was fingering herself, so I didn’t stop her when she pulled the little pink gadget out of her cunt.


Besides the private show, you can also enter a VIP show for a higher rate. CuteKimberly charged 10 for her VIP show, or twice her normal rate, but I did notice a few babes asking for more. Considering how hard I nutted to the regular private show, I might need some IV fluids after the VIP experience. Seriously, check her out if you’re fucking with XCams.


When you start running low on credits, you’ll get a pop-up to reload your account before the action gets interrupted. You’ll get dropped out of the chat if you fall to zero, so be prepared.


XCams is set up so well it’s hard to find anything truly bad about the site. If I had to complain about something besides the price, I’d say I wish there was some bonus material besides the cams. I’d certainly be interested in some galleries, archived shows, or special videos for sale. Of course, this complaint could be applied to most cam sites. Cam sites do cams, period. It just seems like an easy income stream they’d want to cash in on.


The biggest detracting factor for most wankers is going to be the price. Like any cam site, XCams is going to cost you more money than regular porn. Most sites give you unlimited pre-recorded content for around $30 a month. XCams breaks down to about $60 for less than an hour of interactive fappery.


Whether or not XCams is worth the money depends on how much you like live sex cams. I enjoyed the site enough that I’m going to have to come back for one of those VIP shows. If you can afford it, I recommend taking XCams for a spin.

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