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Babe Station! While gamers are still struggling to get their hands on the PS5, Babestation is delivering interactive entertainment that ain’t just readily available. It’s also way fucking easier to jerk off to than any installment of the Assassin’s Creed series will ever be. With real, live video, it also beats the Playstation on graphics, plus it’s way fucking cheaper. Well, assuming you don’t get addicted to one of the camwhores, I mean. is one of the most popular webcam sex sites in the UK, earning millions of visits every month. They’ve been around since 2002, meaning they’ve been around just about as long as LiveJasmin. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the original camwhore sites, and it’s still alive and kicking. Whether you’re a longtime webcam enthusiast like me or it’s your very first time checking out an online peep show, these guys offer all kinds of live adult entertainment at any hour of the day or night.


Chat Up a Broad on Cam or Phone

Sites that have been around as long as Babestation have sometimes set the curve, coming up with designs and features that all the copycats imitate. Maybe that’s why I was a little bit surprised when I loaded up the site and didn’t see the typical wall of webcam thumbnails you almost always see on these sites. Instead, I’m already staring at a live, sexy, black-haired chick laying around in a tiny dress and corset. Most of the time, these sites wait for you to choose a show instead of dropping you right into one.



The broad, Charley, is talking and laughing with somebody off-camera who just handed her a purse full of makeup. I can’t hear any of that, though. Instead, I’ve got a mellow techno soundtrack that kind of makes me want to go to sleep. As Charley puts on makeup and occasionally glances at the cam, perverts in the chat window below comment on how sexy she is and sometimes tip her some tokens.


After she finishes putting on her lipstick, Charley wiggles a phone at the camera. Babestation has a feature called Babecall that lets you chat on the phone with these chicks. It’s an interesting setup. Every cam site lets you chat with the girls, but their system lets you use your actual phone. It’s like the phone sex of 1995 combined with the webcam shows of the 21st century. If you’re outside of the UK and don’t want to pay for an overseas call, you do have the option of using your PC audio.


You can also connect via Babestation’s Pervcam, Private and Cam2Cam features. I put them in that order because that’s how the babe-set prices are usually tiered, but the basic features between shows ain’t all that different. As with any cam site, you’re going to get the best shows by being loose with your wallet. Tight-asses can still see some tight asses, but you may have to be more patient about it.


Who Wants Free Tits and Ass?

I’ve got to tell you; I’ve been taking my sweet fucking time writing this. In the half-hour or so since I started, Charley hasn’t done anything sexy. She’s got a pretty face and her cleavage is making my mouth water, but she’s been talking to somebody off-camera the whole time and the audience hasn’t tipped her enough to even flash her tits. The Viagra I snorted a while ago is kicking in hard, though, so I went off in search of something harder.



The wall of thumbnails most cam sites hit you with immediately is out there on’s front page. They’ve just opted to place it below that preselected webcam show. There’s also a column of live shows along the right edge of the page. I wish I knew how they were sorted, though, since the easiest way to find the free sex shows is to look for the rooms with the most spectators. In a crowded show, there are usually enough monied motherfuckers throwing coins into the hat to keep the girls happy and keep the audience even happier.


Charley was the girl at the very top, which I guess is why Babestation dropped me into her show. I had much better luck when I clicked the girl right below her. She was already fully naked, posing doggystyle on her bed with her ass and twat facing the camera. Nobody was talking in the chat, so she got dressed while staring awkwardly at the camera when she was done shaking her butt.


While I still wasn’t able to figure out how many people were watching, at least I now knew really does have free sex shows. The topless girl with the enormous boobies I saw next confirmed it again. Every sex cam site out there promises free nudity, but they only deliver when the site has enough traffic to support it. In this case, cheapskates can rejoice while masturbating at the library.


Find Your Perfect Cam Slut

There aren’t any search functions out front, but you’ll find a bunch of filters to help find your ideal camwhore if you click the Live HD Webcams button in the dropdown menu. You can select your preferred age range (18+), location on the planet, and check off categories like Big Tits, Blonde and Bondage, Feet Fetish, Trimmed or Lesbian.



I couldn’t help noticing a different set of girls in the cams area and on the front page. There’s overlap, but I’m not sure exactly what the breakdown is. The front-page chicks do have icons that say if they’ve got a pervcam available, which I don’t see in the cams area. is currently offering an extra 50% worth of credits as a bonus for first-time buyers, so I loaded up and went looking for some fun. This time, I landed on a thick, sexy, tatted-up goth chick named Jane Lane. Like any good camwhore, she drained my credits while I drained my cum into a pocket pussy. She was one of the only girls who was actually talking to the room instead of waiting for a call and giving us a playlist, and I’m a sucker for an English accent.


Buzzing Bitches Across the Internet

I knew going in that Jane had a “Vibratoy”, because the icon next to her face told me so. In case you’re new to cam sites, the ubiquitous pink gadget hanging out of every camgirl’s twat will let you send a buzz through the Internet. I hit the buzzer almost as soon as I got into the room, making her moan for 50 credits. The buzz prices go up each time you give one, but she promised a spanking if she got a certain number of them.



The girl made a pretty fucking enticing offer. It wasn’t long before me and another viewer bought enough vibrations to earn that spanking she was talking about. Some dude came out and beat her ass with a leather paddle while she giggled and squealed and squirmed.


I asked to see tits and she obliged, seeing as I’d been so generous with the buzzing. She showed us her feet when I asked, too, saying she usually saved that for the private shows. I had enough credits left for a few minutes of one-on-one in a private room, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. This time, I asked Jane to play with her pussy for me. I think I’m going to try taking my keyboard back to the store and telling them it was already covered in semen when I bought it.


Babestation’s biggest weakness is the overall small number of camgirls compared to sites like Chaturbate. It was evening in London when I fap-tested the joint, and I only had a few dozen chicks to choose from. There were plenty of hotties, but you may feel underserved if you’re looking for something specific or extra kinky.


The only other minor issue I ran into was a slight lag in the communications systems. If I tipped, buzzed, or typed a message into the chat, it always took a few seconds before it came through on the other end. Although noticeable, it wasn’t a big enough delay to really impact anything. isn’t the biggest cam site in the world, but there’s enough going on that you’re likely to see some free T&A while you’re there. If you want to see more than that, buy some credits and see what these babes are willing to do for you.

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