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Do you have Lucky Crush on anyone, or are you looking to find one? Perhaps you’re just looking for a quick wank with a stranger or even just a friendly conversation with a pretty 18+ girl. Fuck, how long have we been social distancing? I’ve lost track, but this next website promises at least a temporary solution to your loneliness, isolation and ball-aching horniness without forcing you to breach the respiratory safety of your dank, weed-and-BO-scented basement lair. is a video chat site that’s something of a cross between Chatroulette and a webcam sex site. Their whole gimmick is connecting users to one-on-one webcam chats with opposite-sex partners. Their traffic has been a roller coaster over the last few months, shooting up to 1.25 million visitors in July and down to 500k a couple of months later. Now in November, they’re on the upswing again, pulling nearly a million visits last month. I was already curious before I looked at the traffic graph, but now I’ve just got to see what they’ve got going on.


Have You Got a Lucky Crush?

I got the link to in my inbox this morning. I’d just had my morning bowl of Viagra, and the name told me this would be the kind of site that would help me get the most about my morning fap routine. I clicked the link and got a message from my browser saying my connection wasn’t private. There’s a certificate error, which basically means the server isn’t wearing the hat my browser expects it to be wearing. “This may be caused by a misconfiguration,” Chrome told me, “or an attacker intercepting your connection.”



I didn’t become ThePornDude by being a pussy, though. I’ve always been a risk-taker, and I know you perverts expect that of me. So, with that in mind, I forged forward through the safety barricade to Lucky Crush’s landing page. A box appeared asking me if I was a man or a woman. After successfully passing this pop quiz, they told me how the site works: “Men are randomly paired with women. Women are randomly paired with men.” I guess the man lovers and trans girls fans are out of luck around here.


Bad certificate or not, it’s a decent-looking place. It has the feel of a dating site or social media network more than that of a cam site. It’s got a really clean vibe, with no mention of sex and nary an exposed nipple or even any cleavage to be seen. There’s a screengrab of an averagely pretty, fully clothed babe chatting with some dude in the LuckyCrush interface.


They say they’ve got a million members from over 100 countries. That’s good to know, because this kind of site lives or dies by its numbers. If there weren’t any babes to chat with, there wouldn’t be much reason to check out the site. Since their traffic is coming up, this will be a good time to see who’s online.


Come to Me, Unknown Women of the World

I didn’t have to sign up for an account to start video chatting with a lady, at least not at first. LuckyCrush gives new users a brief trial, no signup necessary. I hit the Chat button and a message popped up saying I was joining the queue. I waited and waited, and at some point, it told me somebody named Bianca had disconnected. Bianca actually disconnected twice without me even seeing her, if the onscreen text was to be believed.



After a minute or so, I finally talked briefly to a Serbian girl. She said, “Hi,” asked where I was from, and then disconnected. I got that “joining the queue” message for a few minutes before I canceled, hoping to try again. Instead, Lucky Crush said I had to sign up and buy some credits.


They don’t mention it out front, but dudes have to pay. Women can make money, but men have to buy credits at about a buck a minute. I got a handful, hoping they’d let me see more than the free trial did. I’d never had a paying camgirl drop out of the chat like the Serbian broad, and I was hoping a few bucks would ensure I never suffered the indignity again.


I have a feeling that paying members really do get dropped into a different queue. After I topped up, there was less waiting for the girls to pop up on the screen. LuckyCrush connects you to a random broad, and you either chat her up or click Next to see the next girl.


Chatting Up My Sweet Rosibel and Her Tits

After a couple of clicks of the Next button, the camera landed on a beautiful pair of tits barely concealed by a black bra. A sly smile topped the camera image as my partner typed, “Hi,” into the chat. We exchanged a few pleasantries before she came entirely out of her top.



Rosibel turned out to be from Colombia, a country well-known to webcam perverts who have a thing for Latinas. Rosibel didn’t speak any English, and my Spanish is rusty as hell, but has a built-in translator so you can chat with babes around the world. It isn’t perfect, and at times, we laughed at the strange translations, but it definitely made communication a lot smoother than it would have otherwise been. (No matter how many times I rephrased it, she couldn’t understand that I write reviews for a porn site.)


It’s an interesting setup, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. LuckyCrush is essentially a webcam sex site. The chicks get paid by the minute to talk to you, while you pay for the privilege of having a video chat with them. You can jack off or chat politely, but you can’t give the girl more money to get her to do something.


That’s right. There’s no tipping at LuckyCrush. That’s either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it and who you are. The cheapskate library masturbators are going to think that’s great. You may be less enthused if you have a fetish you want indulged or just want to show a beautiful camgirl a little extra appreciation.


What’s it really mean when you can’t tip a camgirl or pay for a private show, since you’re already in a private show? Well, for one thing, you socially awkward fuckers may have a much harder time than the smooth-talking dudes getting girls to indulge your kinks. For another, the site is only going to attract certain types of girls. Specifically, I mean camwhores who are comfortable being paid a flat rate for their time. I found a camwhore forum where they said you can earn around $20 an hour with LuckyCrush, and most of the chicks thought that was a fucking ripoff.


That means you’re going to be cranking it to a lot of Eastern European and Central/South American babes. That’s pretty standard on any cam site, but sites like Chaturbate and LiveJasmin have a more diverse selection just based on their payment structures. You’re not going to see any American college girls fingering their buttholes for the rate they earn at Lucky Crush. To be honest, I find it strange that third-world chicks would bother either, considering there are no tips or opportunities to make more money.


Should I Talk to a Stranger Tonight?

I guess the big question is whether or not LuckyCrush is worth sinking a few coins into. With a typical webcam sex site, it’s usually pretty fucking easy to see whether or not you should buy some credits, because there’s a lot going on in the free area. On a regular cam site, you can wait to purchase tokens until you find a chick you like. That doesn’t work on LuckyCrush since they connect you to a random girl every time.



The free trial I got absolutely wasn’t worth a fucking dollar, I’ll tell you that much; I literally got about 15 seconds of G-rated small talk with a fully clothed Euro chick. The actual service seems better since I was able to video chat with that pretty Colombian girl with jugs, but what if I hadn’t landed on her? Would I have been satisfied paying a buck a minute to click Next through all the girls I didn’t want to chat with? Would you? Fuck, would you even give your credit card digits to a site with a certificate error? It’s not exactly wise. might be worth a look if you’re into video chatting but don’t like what the typical cam site is offering. This is Chatroulette with a pseudo-dating element, but it’s not real dating because they’re getting paid to stay on cam with you. Check out the free trial and see what it does for you. Your mileage is really going to vary with this one.

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