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A cam site doesn’t thrive for over a decade for offering a shitty experience. Credit to Cam Contacts for all the hot 18+ girls with no fake fucking titties, plastic surgery, too much makeup and have that ‘girl-next-door’ vibe. Being an exhibitionist or simply a voyeur, hot girls from over 170 countries willing to assist you to realize your sexual fantasies.


A lot of sites have great interactive features, but just takes it a notch higher. The site makes it possible for you to meet-up with freaks with common interests as you. Of course, whether it ends there or not, that totally up to your fucking balls. All factors considered, get your game mask on because I don’t see why you shouldn’t hit a golden pussy once or twice in a while.


Unique design with everything placed to enhance user experience.

It doesn’t take much to realize that Cam Contacts distinguishes itself from other webcam sites. Instead of taking you straight to the thick of the action, the site loads with a static homepage that links to different sections of the sites. It’s basic, yet effective. Some may not like the predominant yellow color, but clearly the site designers have picked simplicity over aestheticism. It helps the site maintain a certain level of inscrutability. The model they use on the homepage is sumptuous enough to get you interested. Not like you needed any prompting though; the prospects of hooking up with a hot bitch usually is enough motivation.



The homepage is more like a pre-membership FAQ that allows users to familiarize themselves with way of the land before embarking on their webcam journey. Do you need a cam? Not if you are only here to watch. Possibilities are limitless; you could be chatting with a nude model one minute and a bitchy wife on the next. Don’t you love the sound of that, because I do?


A plethora of chat options

The first thing I noted when I clicked on the ‘who’s online now’ tab on the homepage was the sheer variety of chat options available. What became immediately clear is that there are ladies willing to just have a fun conversation while others are down for something raunchier. Whatever fucked up mood you are in, there are plenty of hot bitches to help you get through it. The categories include non adult, adult soft-core, and adult hardcore. The three major chat categories are then subdivided for a better adventure with my favorites being;



Long term/marriage; this is strictly a non-adult category where nudity is strictly prohibited, but there is every chance of you finding your perfect life partner and forget about jerking off as if it was a full-time job.


Glamour girls; if you feel like chatting with an exotic, gorgeous supermodel, this is where your horny ass should be. Adult behavior and nudity is not only allowed but also encouraged.


Girl home alone (a little shy); the models here may be a little shy, but don’t let that fool you. They are ready to spice up your chats with some strip shows and soft-core action. However, that depends on your sweet talking skills because these shy bitches need a little warming up.


Girl/girl; this category features two shy girls who are brave enough to explore their sexuality together for you. And there is plenty of bashfulness to look forward to with this one.


Girl home alone (not so shy); if you are looking for a full adult experience where everything goes, try this section. These girls are not timid at all and comfortably show off their naughty sides. Full and explicit nudity is to be absolutely welcome.


Girl/boy; adult action is the name of the game here, and if you are a voyeur who likes peeking on other couples, you could pick a few tips from the amateur couples in this section where nudity and hardcore action openly played.


Fetish; I know you have a secret fetish. Well, so do these whores, and they are just looking for someone to share them with. Examples these include nail, feet and toes, stockings, high heels, and more fetishes.


No one walks into this fuckhole and comes back with his balls full

It doesn’t matter what unorthodox tastes you are bringing on the table; there is someone on the other side to help you with them. Apart from the girl on girl action, there are groups (2 girls, 1 guy, and vice versa), gender benders (trans girls), hot boy on boy action, BDSM and more. There are a lot of adult activities to look forward to and a whole universe of erotic possibilities. Exciting, huh? There is a catch though; check a model’s page to know what she is comfortable with.



Registration is a bitch, but worth it

It is free to browse and check out who is online, read their profiles and check out snaps they may have taken during their cam shows. But if you want to do some further exploration, for instance, engage in any free adult webcams show, you will have to be a registered member. A credit card must be given at registration (to prove you are over age) and while this is not something all cam sites adhere to, it’s probably a perfect way to weed out trolls and fucking jokers. In any case, the registration is free, easy and safe. Charge rates depend on the individual cam girl although there is a good price/quality ratio. An open chat session starts at around $1.90 per minute. A private one2one session starts at around $2.90 per minute (cam2cam possible).



Multiple diverse chat hosts from over 170 countries

There are over 40,000 registered chat hosts. However, they are not all always online since most of them are amateurs working from home under different schedules. That said, there were hundreds online in the adult and non adult sections at the time of writing this review. They come from over 170 countries which include Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, Poland, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, and South-Korea among a host of other countries. Majority of them are single, and although some don’t have a good grasp of English, the competitive price rates should compensate.



The site had it for me in terms of;

Low-cost per-minute; there are two chat options- open session or the private one2one session. Both have one thing in common; the price rates are hugely competitive. Fuck it, I saw some cam girls I’ve seen in other sites but offering much lower rates. Certainly on the lower end of the live cam spectrum judging from experience.



Lots of chat options; whichever cam experience you are after, there is an option to suit your exact needs. Pick from the non adult, adult soft-core and adult hardcore options and related subcategories to maximize on the untold fun that lies in wait.


Huge number of models; to go along with their plethora of chatting options is thousands of models from all over the world, all of whom are hot, friendly and open to trying a new experience.


Advanced search; what’s more convenient than being able to narrow down your searches to suit your tastes? I’ll wait.


I was disappointed by;

Lack of free video chats; while many cam sites allow you to enter a model’s room for free so you can decide whether to go private with them, it is not the case at Cam Contacts. Here the only free thing is the text chat; otherwise, you will have to pay the fuck up to see their live cams.



Poor cam quality; there are plenty of girls with high-quality cams, but the majority are pretty average. Even worse, you can only determine the cam quality after paying. Not so cool.


Design could be better; to be honest, the site design looks a little dated and could do with a revamp.


What I think should be done;

Add a free video chat option for fuck’s sake; People want to know what kind of shit they are paying their hard earned money for.



Bottom line

With a huge variety of sexy amateur cam girls and generally low price rates, Cam Contacts is hugely appealing. The site gives you plenty of opportunities to have some adult fun and hook up with sexy ladies from around the world. There are lots of chat options to pick from with most of them involving loads of nudity. You deserve a good fucking cam site that gives you everything in one place. And you can bet there is no going wrong with Cam Contacts.

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