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Cherry.TV has a cute logo featuring a pair of its namesake fruit. And while the image is clean enough, there’s some inherent sexuality to it that’s impossible to miss if you’re a horny adult or just a frequent masturbator. Part of it is that sweet drupe’s sensuous red color, calling to mind the lipstick and painted fingernails of your favorite sluts, as well as the fact that the pair of them together look as much like a thick shapely ass as they do a ripe berry. Let’s not forget the hymen is often referred to as the cherry, though in modern parlance, you can “pop your cherry” again with any sex act you’ve never tried before.


So, what’d you guess Cherry.TV was? Is it a free teen tube, a premium deflowering website, or a blog devoted to growing red stone fruits? Guess again, folks: it’s actually a cam site where you can watch live babes, trans girls, and couples acting naughty. The domain’s been around for a while, but the actual site’s currently in its beta version. I’m a sucker for some live T&A, and this seems like it might be a good way to see it without getting arrested for masturbating at Hooters again. But, of course, there’s only one way to be sure.


Popping Your Cherry on Cherry TV

At a glance, Cherry TV doesn’t look all that different from your average, random camwhore site. The joint’s got a clean white layout that might look wholesome were it not for all the naked titties I see as soon as I hit the front page. That’s a good sign already; on shittier cam sites, the front page is often a collection of visibly bored, fully clothed women waiting for some magnanimous pervert to toss some money in the hat before they start stripping.



The first “show” listed in the top corner is a prerecorded video called Welcome to Cherry.TV Beta. I figured I’d give it a look to see how they’re trying to set themselves apart from the competition. It turns out it’s more of a sales pitch to the models than the fans. The clip talks about how we’re living in the golden age of content, but most platforms are either censored or simply not doing enough to support their content creators. One of the site’s mottos is “Taking Your Cam Experience to the Next Level.” They say they offer better payouts and benefits for the performers than the other guys.


I’d be ready to call bullshit on those claims, but all the naked flesh out front tells me there’s at least some truth to it. In fact, Cherry TV is one of the smaller sites in terms of performer numbers — only a couple dozen were live when I visited on a Wednesday afternoon — but they’ve got more going on than some of the bigger mid-level cam sites. Moreover, the ratio of performers baring it all in free shows is much higher than it is elsewhere. That’s something every cam fan can appreciate, from the high-rollers looking for someone to act out their fantasies in a private show to the cheapskates who aren’t even going to sign up for a membership.


Let’s Look at Those Live Girls

Cherry.TV supposedly has Female, Trans, Group Shows, and Spy Shows, at least according to the links at the headers. I’m sure part of the issue was the time of day I visited the site, but I didn’t see any trans girls, groups, or spy shows while I was browsing. It was all females, though your luck may be different. (According to the leaderboard, there’s only been one trans performer this month.)



There may not be many performers at any given time, but does have a nice range of babes showing off their goods. Right now, I see masturbating MILFs, blondes, and redheads. There are skinny girls and chubby girls alike showing off their racks and a diverse mix of white girls, Asians, ebony babes, and Latinas. Given the random nature of signups for these sites, they’ve managed to luck out with a really nice, diverse mix of women.


Every cam fan knows the easiest way to see a good free show is to look for the ones with the most viewers. And by default, Cherry’s showing you the most popular rooms first. At the moment, the top rooms have hundreds of viewers, and the girls are fucking themselves in the moving previews out front. What’s incredible about this site is that even some girls with single-digit viewers are already topless or fully naked.


I was going to make a joke about low-hanging cherries, but the options do feel legitimately a lot better than you’ll find on most small cam sites. I felt like I could have started damn near anywhere and seen a nice show, so I opted for a thick Latina halfway down the page with just a couple dozen viewers.


This chick, Stefany, was already in her panties and busting out of a very tight tank top when I joined the room. As she gyrated lightly to the music blaring in her bedroom, I poked around the interface to see how the site works. And one of the interesting things here is that you don’t even get chat access without signing up for an account, so I completed the form and verified my free account real quick, at which point it said I entered the room.


Cherry.TV lets you give gifts to the models like other sites, and they’ve also got some Action Gifts that’ll make the girl do specific things. A minute after I got into the chat, somebody paid 50 tokens for a Flash Boobs Action Gift, at which point I got another glimpse of that spectacular rack. There are also point levels, as you find elsewhere, where the show gets hotter as the donations pile up.


What Do You Get If You Want to Pay?

Stefany’s definitely a sexy girl, but the show was moving a little slow for my taste. So next, I checked out this chick, Kailyn, who was completely naked and had her fingers deep in her pussy when I checked out her show, nearly 300 viewers deep. The Romanian cutie squealed while stroking her shaved twat, the pink Internet-connected vibrator inside also working her over as viewers buzzed her. And of course, the girls set their own prices, and this girl’s Action Gifts were all cheaper than Stefany’s.



She finished playing with herself, got dressed, and then flirted with the camera. I still hadn’t purchased any tokens, so I got curious about what it’d cost me to see more. Kailyn wanted 77 tokens to squirt or 300 to jam a butt-plug in her ass, but what’s that in real money? Well, packages start at a hundred tokens for ten bucks, with incrementally bigger bonuses for bigger spenders. (You get an extra 150 on the $100 package, which is okay but nothing to write home about.)


Cherry.TV also has a premium membership program called Club Cherry for about $18 a month. It comes with twenty bucks worth of free tokens, which is a nice bonus for new members, but I find it lame that some pretty basic features are accessible to paid members only. For example, you have to be a Club Cherry member to send private messages, which is a buzzkill.


I found another weird quirk that might be related. I know that Cherry TV has private live shows available because the FAQ talks about the girls setting their own prices. Weirdly, I didn’t see a button anywhere to initiate a private show. Since I didn’t spend any money during my visit, I don’t know if this was because I hadn’t bought tokens. I didn’t sign up for Club Cherry either simply because none of the current performers offered private shows. Paying multiple fees and subscriptions on the same show always sucks.


Then again, maybe the relatively high cost of membership is why Cherry.TV already has the makings of a superior cam site. I’m very eager to see how well this site grows because it’s easily one of the best small cam sites I’ve ever seen. You almost never see a small site with this much action going on in the free areas, so this place could become an absolute cam fan wonderland if and when it takes off. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed, our hopes high, and our dicks hard.

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