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What is it that dFans are fans of? Speaking as something of a pervert, I know I have a certain dish in mind when I say I’m about to feed a babe some D—you might have even seen me serving the enormous snack over on the NoLimitsFun couch. After poking around for a while, though, I don’t think the site is necessarily aimed at fans of ding-a-ling, ding-dong, or just regular ol’ dick. On the other hand, I do think you’re going to enjoy your visit if you’ve got one.


There’s no shortage of OnlyFans copycats out there trying to get a piece of that new amateur porno pie, but takes an approach that I haven’t yet seen elsewhere. They’re an adult content platform based around cryptocurrency, a gimmick that might send you running or might have you reupping your crypto wallet. I was curious how well they’d integrated the concept into their website, and even more curious what kind of smut their creators were peddling, which is how I ended up with lube all over my dick this morning. Let me tell you all about it.



OnlyFans, dFans, and Porn Fans in General

I used to start every review of an OnlyFans imitator with a little rant about the original’s weak front page. The big OF has gotten better about putting some preview material out front instead of just a boring signup form, but that spread of sneak peeks still feels weirdly SFW for a site designed for jacking off to. dFans takes a similar approach with their landing page, straddling that fine line between naughty and nice. The imagery is a little more overtly sexy, though, heavily implying you’ll find real nudity within.



I was able to click through to the dFans profiles even before signing up for my own account, but there really wasn’t much in the way of actual previews. I registered an account, hoping that would unlock a little more T&A. Signup is quick, free, and easy. I used my Google account for one-click convenience, but you can also use MetaMask, WalletConnect or regular ol’ email. It’s an interesting and unusual set of signup/login options, which I think reflects the geeky demographic they’re shooting for.


I’m mainly aiming this review at the same horny batch of dudes, the ones on the user end of dFans, but it’s worth mentioning some of the perks they’re offering creators to get them on board. They’re paying the same 80% rate as OnlyFans and most of their competitors, but with instant payouts, no minimum withdrawal, no possibility of credit card chargebacks, and anonymity guaranteed by blockchain. The site’s still in Public Beta as I type this up, and they’re also running a contest where new creators can win $499.



Jerking Off into Your Crypto Wallet is loud and proud about their status as a crypto-oriented social porn platform. They tell you at the top of the front page to “Support your favorite creators with Ethereum”, and their motto is “Monetize creator influence better through Web3.” You can tell they totally relate to non-nerds by how catchy that slogan is. They often refer to their platform as Your Web3 OnlyFans, prompting me to Google Web 3; it’s not something I see mentioned regularly in this business. Web 3.0 is the concept of a next-generation web that’s tied in tightly to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.



I’m going to be honest here: I fuck with crypto a little, but I’m not a total convert nor an evangelist of the technology. I’ve made a few bucks gambling on imaginary coins with funny names, and one of my favorite books is Buying Illegal Bugs with Bitcoin by George Billions, but crypto is not something I tend to recommend to the average person. One of my big concerns going into was how accessible it was going to be to folks who might not be familiar with these types of transactions.


Unfortunately, they haven’t made it easy for the average masturbator. They give you a wallet address as soon as you register an account, and you can even pull up a QR code in case your copy and paste fingers are broken. That’s great if you already know how to use crypto, but not very useful if this is going to be your first time. runs on Ethereum (ETH), but you’ll have to buy it on another site. There are no recommendations given, nor does the dFans whitepaper have much in the way of instructions.


I’ve seen other crypto-oriented sites solve this issue with a simple payment gateway that lets people use their credit card to fund their ewallet. It’s a step more than just using regular money, but it’s way more accessible to the average user than the current setup at dFans. The site’s still in Beta, and I do expect them to roll this feature out soon. I’d bet they just haven’t chosen a gateway service yet.



Finding Models and Becoming a Dedicate dFan

My biggest longstanding complaint about OnlyFans is how it’s basically impossible to browse or search for your preferred types of content without already knowing the names of a few models. One of the first things I did in the member’s area was type a few keywords into the search bar. My queries went largely unfulfilled, as the search engine only sifts through usernames.



I’ve seen a few OnlyFans knockoffs roll a more robust tagging system into their platform, which goes a long way in making the site easier to use. If profiles and posts were tagged, you could search for your own kinks or browse a list of them. dFans has a sidebar menu of Suggestions much like OnlyFans, and much like OnlyFans, it’s a random assortment of creators who paid for the spot. It’s not catered based on your tastes, like the recommendations on almost any free tube you’ve spent a few minutes poking around on.


The good news is that, browsability issues aside, they’ve got a nice range of babes signing up to peddle their amateur smut. There are blondes and brunettes, Asians and Latinas, cosplay chicks and classic girls next door. I’m not sure exactly how extensive the roster is, as I couldn’t find any numbers listed.


I’ve got another piece of good news, too. Before I signed up, it seemed like all the profiles were fully locked down, with nary a preview pic visible anywhere. Once I got signed up, I found a fair amount of previews among the profiles. Freebies are integrated a little more tightly than on OnlyFans, eliminating the need for multiple accounts per model.



Who Wants to Get Intimate?

I’d been lusting after this 18-year-old Argentinian chick named CandyQueen from the moment I pulled up the front page, so her profile was one of my first stops once I got inside. Her freebies include some sexy selfies, but I was hoping for something with a little more visible flesh. She’s got some posts that I can unlock for a few bucks a pop, or I can buy a monthly membership for about $8 worth of ETH. Models set their own prices, just like they do on OnlyFans.



In another nod to the original breakout social porn platform, users can slide into their favorite creators’ DMs. That sense of intimacy is a major draw for these platforms, because you’re not going to get it from your average free tube, paysite, or even Tinder if you’re ugly. You have to follow a model before you can hit the Chat Up button, but that’s pretty standard anywhere. In case you’re wondering, Following is free, but Subscribing costs money.


I hit the Follow button quite a few times today, and now my default feed is a sexier spread of free content than it’d been when I signed up earlier. As the site continues to grow and gain new models, those regular freebies are going to be an even bigger draw for the average internet masturbator, along with premium variations for anyone who needs a stronger hit. It remains to be seen whether the emphasis on crypto will make or break the platform, but I’m hoping to see more models climb aboard and start shaking their titties for us nerds.

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