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What makes a fan spicy at Fan Spicy? That’s a rhetorical question and a play on the title, but I bet a lot of you are genuinely curious. Most OnlyFans imitators start putting their own spin on the concept right from the front page, setting themselves apart from the competition and from the original. These guys go the old-school OnlyFans route, with almost nothing but a signup form out front. That worked for the big OF, especially once they started building word of mouth, but will it be as successful here?


Looking at the visitor stats, I’d say they ain’t hurting, though they’re barely pulling a fraction of the traffic of OnlyFans. Still, half a million monthly visitors ain’t half bad. In case you haven’t guessed yet, is an adult content platform where amateur models can hawk their homemade smut. Since they don’t make it clear what all’s inside, allow your old pal ThePornDude to take a peek and report back. You ready?



Who’s Ready to Get Fan Spicy?

OnlyFans still dominates the absolute fucking hell out of the amateur porn content sales niche, so I can’t help but compare every knockoff to the original. I have a handful of longstanding complaints about the platform, and I’m always looking to see how competitors improve on these issues. OnlyFans has a better tour page than they used to, but it’s still weirdly SFW when we all know why you’re signing up. FanSpicy rolls with the extreme barebones style I mentioned in the intro. It’s the same barren landscape OF used to show out front, giving first-time visitors absolutely no reason to sign up.



Fortunately, signup is quick, free and easy. I used my Google credentials to get inside with just a couple clicks, but you can use your email address if you prefer the old methods. Only then will you begin to see what’s available within.


Like its inspiration, Fan Spicy is set up like a social media network with a heavy focus on the naughty stuff. Since I’m brand new and haven’t started Liking or Subscribing to anything, my default feed is stocked with recommended content. Most of that content is locked, so much of my feed consists of empty space; if I pay to unlock it, that empty space can transform into leather underwear photo sets, foot fetish videos, boob flashing and BDSM pics.


There are a few sneak peeks mixed in there, teasing me with small samples of that unlockable content. A two-second video of tantalizing tootsies serves as the preview for that foot fetish content I mentioned, and a topless babe teases a longer version of her solo show. Mostly, though, I’m guessing at what’s contained in the locked posts based on the captions.


The good news is that seems to have a lot of little previews. The bad news is that, goddamn, they sure are tiny! Scrolling through my starter feed, I found teensy clips of sexy dancing, twerking and dick riding. Scrolling further, the feed just repeated, showing me the same freebies I’d already seen.



Where Do I Find My Dream Girl?

My biggest complaint about OnlyFans is that the platform completely drops the ball when it comes to discovery. It’s almost impossible to find fresh content on the big OF unless you already know the names of some creators putting out the kind of material you’re into. Fans and models have to find each other on other platforms, which sucks for everybody.



This is one area where most of the copycats seem to improve over the original. FanSpicy didn’t have the tags or genres menu I’m always hoping to see, but they do have some other options for flipping through the stack. My first stop after my Home feed was the Creators area. By default, they’re organized by popularity, but you can reshuffle the deck by newness, recent posts, who’s online and which profiles are free.


I checked out a few random profiles from the top of the Popular list. Again, I found a handful of very short freebies along with a ton of locked content. Profiles are set up almost exactly like they are at OnlyFans, which was a slight disappointment. Lately, I’ve developed a preference for platforms with a tighter integration of free material, eliminating the need for models to have multiple profiles.


That’s why I checked out the Free profiles next. As with OnlyFans, the free profiles on still have content you can pay to unlock, but the freebies were much meatier in this area. I clicked the Follow button on my favorites, stocking my feed with blonde bimbos, sultry MILFs, tatted-up goth chicks and a kinky-looking dominatrix who hasn’t posted anything just yet.


There are only a couple dozen free profiles on Fan Spicy right now, which tells you a lot about the size and popularity of the platform as a whole. I dug into their documentation a bit to see what kind of perks they were offering creators, and found the same 80% payout rate as OnlyFans. While OF sets the standards, I can’t help thinking these smaller outfits would get more models if they offered a little more.



The Babes Who Do That Thing You Like

Next, I tried typing some popular tags, keywords, sex acts and fetishes into the search bar. Unfortunately, this is another area where FanSpicy really hasn’t improved over the OnlyFans formula. The search function seems to flick through usernames and nothing else. I pulled up a few results for Blonde, but nothing for Anal, Asian, ASMR, BBW, BDSM, Cosplay or Cunnilingus. I could go on, but you get the point.



As the roster continues to grow, I’m sure we’ll eventually get search results for those terms, if only because we’ll see models putting the keywords in their usernames. This is how it works at OnlyFans, and it really kind of sucks. Masturbators can be pretty damn particular about their preferences, but it’s so hard to find anything here. If models could tag their content and their profiles like they can on any free tube or paysite, it would go a long way in making the joint more browsable and searchable.


The good news is that the current lineup is pretty diverse in its sexiness. They’ve managed to attract a nice variety of models from all around the world. The list of Popular Creators right now includes doe-eyed Middle Eastern hotties, British chicks with enormous boobies, big-booty Italian babes and a stunning Polish chick who looks like a legit supermodel.


Models can set their own prices on, and they’re all over the place. For an OnlyFans competitor, I’d say their prices run a little bit higher than they do on the original, which was a bit of a surprise. I only found a few models offering subscriptions for less than $10 USD, with a lot of price tags in the $20 range. Some of these chicks are high-class, super-premium luxury models asking over $50 or even more than a hundo for a monthly sub. Do you happen to have a financial domination kink, by any chance?


I don’t know about you, but if I’m paying that much, I’m definitely going to slide into those DMs. One of the biggest draws of this niche is that you can interact with your favorite models, and yeah, that applies at FanSpicy, too. These kind of interactions can be hit or miss depending on what you’re asking for and how you’re asking, and I recommend making use of that Tip function if you’re hoping for anything really special.


Whenever I review these sites, I’m hoping to find the next big OnlyFans killer. I hate to say this, but FanSpicy just ain’t it, at least not yet. This seems more like a note-by-note cover song than a remix, as they’ve still got some of the biggest drawbacks of OnlyFans. Namely, it’s just too damn hard to find what you’re into, especially if you’ve got less-than-typical sexual interests.


I wouldn’t go as far as saying is a bad site, but it just feels like OnlyFans Jr: it functions almost exactly the same, but with fewer models to choose from. It’s definitely worth a signup if you already know your favorite Instagram and Snapchat chicks are here, and most masturbators will be able to find something worth busting out the lube for. That said, if you’re looking to go exploring for new amateur models to jack off to, I’d recommend another platform off my list of Premium OnlyFans Sites here at NoLimitsFun.

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