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Do women Flirt Back with you when you try to put the moves on them, or do you just get weird looks and disparaging comments about your fedora and wrinkled Naruto button down? There’s honestly a lot of middle ground for most dudes, whether you’re some alpha Chad or a Redditor with an inferiority complex. Some guys never strike out because they never even try, but this next joint promises to make sexy chitchat easy enough for even the loneliest dorks and the homeliest shut-ins. calls itself The Ultimate App for Finding Hot Sexting Partners. That certainly sounds great, but it also sounds like the kind of brag I expect from basically any dating site, hookup app or chat platform. The tagline doesn’t make it entirely clear what kind of site it is, but I’d sum it up as an OnlyFans-style content platform with a heavy emphasis on sexting. They only launched recently, but their traffic has been rising by millions in just their first few months. Could this be the next big thing?


Flirt with Real Women Who Flirt Back

FlirtBack makes a strong impression right out of the gate with a sleek, modern tour page. I can never review an OnlyFans knockoff without mentioning how shitty and boring the big OF looks from out front, and I think these guys sell themselves much better. Instead of being vague as hell about what you’ll find inside, they start spelling out the benefits and showing you some pretty girls right away.



The presentation is attractive, but the basic premise doesn’t sound all that different from most of the other content platforms I’ve reviewed. “Flirtback is a premium subscription site for like-minded Flirtmates, ready to share their stories, nude pictures, sexy thoughts, and fantasies through text, pictures, or videos with you in a completely private way.”


They go on to hype their built-in chat features, going as far as selling the wait times between texts as “breaking the current trend of instant gratification.” One thing that stood out to me is that you can start sexting even before you go premium. The intimacy of interaction is one of the biggest selling points of OnlyFans, but it’s typically limited to paying fans of any particular model.


Users get 15 free trial messages when they match with any new creator. After burning through those, you’ll have to subscribe to a creator to keep the chat going. This is supposed to ensure compatibility between Flirtmates, though I wonder how many potential models it scares away from the platform. The cheapskates will love the feature, but it might require more effort from the models to earn those subscription bucks. The upsides and downsides seem pretty fucking obvious.


There’s so much emphasis on sexting in the tour area of that I think I should mention that the whole thing is anonymous. It works just like anything else on the internet, regardless of what terminology they’re using to equate their chats with SMS. You don’t have to give up your name, face or phone number.


You can and probably will use a phone to Flirt Back, though. I always write these reviews from a desktop because it’s easier than typing with my thumbs, but they’ve got an app available for Android or iPhone. Technically, it’s a PWA (Progressive Web App), not a real mobile app, and works with your browser. Installation basically just adds a link to your home screen.


How Many Babes Are Really Flirting Back?

There’s a rapidly rising counter on the front page of that claims nearly 5,000 Flirtmates signed up last week. They define Flirtmate as “A person you chat with on Flirtback whose passion is to arouse, flirt, and spoil you with content made just for you.” Despite the impressive traffic stats, I was a little skeptical that so many models and sexting partners were signing up so soon after launch.



A trip to the Creators page only seemed to confirm my suspicions. The lists of Male and Trans Flirtmates are so short you barely have to scroll to reach the end. The picture menu of Female Flirtmates, on the other hand, offered up hundreds of babes to choose from, include 12 of the newest, 12 of the hottest, 12 near me, 12 online now and 450 listed as Other Creators.


I’m only a little bit disappointed not to find the thousands suggested out front, because I really didn’t think I’d find this many creators on a content platform this new. They’re probably counting all signups toward the front-page total, which is misleading but not too surprising.


They’ve got a nice range of babes, too. It’s a diverse spread featuring everyone from slutty superhero cosplay chicks to bikini models, ebony knockouts to thick Latinas, freshly legal 18-year-old teens to sexy, sultry MILFs. There are slim girls, busty broads and straight-up BBWs; blondes, brunettes, redheads and pink-haired emo girls; girls next door, pornstar bimbos, sophisticated ladies and cruel doms in BDSM gear.


Even with just 500 women to choose from, I really wish Flirt Back had some basic search functions built in. Ideally, I’d like a set of filters like you find on the better webcam and dating sites, letting you click some keyword-loaded boxes to find the girl of your wet dreams. A regular ol’ search bar would work wonders, too. The only way to find your ideal Flirtmate right now is to look at all the pics and click on the pretty ones.


Who Wants to Talk Dirty with No Limits Fun?

At the very top of’s Creators page, there’s a row of Flirtmates currently running a Happy Hour special. Happy Hour gives you another chance to chat for free with your favorite models, provided you show up at the right time. The selection has changed as I’ve been typing this up and the countdown timers have dwindled, but a couple fresh ones just started their own Happy Hours. As the site grows, I think this feature will become a lot more popular. Who doesn’t like freebies?



If you’re looking to Flirt Back right now without waiting for a reply, you’ve got your pick of the Happy Hour girls and a selection of girls who are Online Now. I’m not sure it actually shows all the online girls, though, because it was always exactly a dozen during my visit.


I sent a couple messages without subscribing first, just to see what happens. I wasn’t sure I’d get any responses, but I was pleasantly surprised when a hot Polish chick hit me right back. “Hi naughty boy,” she wrote, adding a winking emoji. You may not have a 100% success rate with the freebies, but it certainly can’t hurt. has a lot of familiar features, like the ability to tip the creators right in the chat window. After starting a conversation, I gave a girl a tip to sweeten her up, much like I’d do on a cam site. The rest, as they say, is history, or at least a wet, sticky spot underneath my desk.


After you use your free messages, you’ll have to sign up as a subscriber to keep the conversation going. Unlike OnlyFans, where prices vary all over the fucking place, you can get access to a Flirtmate’s content and slide into her DMs for €9.99 a month. I really like the simple, one-size-fits-all pricing scheme here, even if I worry it might scare off the higher-end cam girls, pornstars and fetish models. is still in its early days, but the platform is promising. I’m impressed by how many models have signed up already, giving users a nice selection of women to chat with and crank off to. This is only going to improve with time, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they integrate more features as the site continues to develop and grow. A good search function will go a long way in improving the usability, so I’d put that at the top of my wish list. If you ain’t quite sold on the concept just yet, take advantage of those free messages and see how they work out for you.

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