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You favorite camwhore Is Live, or at least she might be. Given the way traffic has been rising on this next website, your chances are looking even better than they were a few months ago. Visitor numbers are one of the best ways of gauging the health of a webcam sex site, and these guys are currently getting close to a hundred thousand visitors a month. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to the behemoth platforms like Chaturbate and LiveJasmin, but speaking as a professional masturbator, I can confidently say you sometimes find the best faps off the beaten path. That’s actually why I’m banned from the hiking trails at my local park, but hopefully I won’t run into a similar issue today. is a webcam sex platform based in the Netherlands. While Americans often think of world-class weed and red-light districts as the primary vices of the region, this site proves they’ve also got some expert-quality adult entertainment. I was thinking of booking a flight to Amsterdam for a weekend of debauchery, but maybe I’ll save some money and shake my dick at these broads from across the ocean. Who’s coming with me?


Getting Live with Is Live

IsLive doesn’t have the biggest online profile compared to some of the other cam sites out there. Hell, unless you’re a connoisseur of cam shows, a respected smut expert like myself, or perhaps a cam model of the Netherlands, there’s a decent chance you’re just hearing about the site now. That’s why I was surprised to find out the domain was registered way back in 1999. I’m not sure how long they’ve had their current setup, but the long-running existence of the joint is certainly a good sign.



The presentation doesn’t give many clues as to the age of the site. IsLive looks pretty much like any other cam site established in the last couple decades. I like their simple, understated logo that would look as at-home on a SFW chat site as it does on one full of naked women. Almost the entire front page is taken up by a wall of thumbnails showing off a beautiful variety of camgirls. Do you have a type? Because chances are, you’ll find her here.


As I type this up, the top row of IsLive babes on the front page includes a big-titted exotic Dutch camgirl, a similarly well-endowed blondie, a curly-haired thin chick who shows everything but her face, and a sexy Latina with bright red lips. The Latina is actually camming from Bogota; the site ain’t strictly limited to Dutch women.


The selection opens up even further as I scroll down the page. There are blue-haired emo chicks, slutty Asians and MILFs showing off their bodies. I see a girl in a BDSM cat suit, tatted-up goth sluts, a couple chubby hotties and an ebony goddess with an absolutely enormous rack. The thumbnails are relatively tame compared to some sites, but there are plenty of visible titties, g-stringed asses and only the occasional flash of pussy. I guess the real shows are inside, not on the thumbnail tour.


I’m sorry to keep comparing Is Live to the bigger cam sites, but it’s hard to avoid such an obvious point of reference. IsLive doesn’t have the sprawling, thousands-deep menu of camgirls you’ll find on the sites that everyone knows, but it’s a far more respectable spread than the smaller, shittier cam sites. I’m writing this up on a Tuesday afternoon, and there are just over a hundred babes with a green Online dot beside their names.


You should have your pick of a hundred or so live babes at any moment. They’ve got the whole thing set up to show you the women who aren’t online, too, which easily numbers in the thousands. Just don’t get mad at me if you click a girl with a red dot and don’t get to talk to her because she’s offline. Instead, click the Heart to add her to your favorites.


Finding Out Who Is Live and Sexy

One of the regular bits of advice I dispense around here with regards to cam sites is to hit up the crowded sites if you’re looking for a free show. A public show with a thousand viewers is probably going to be a fun time because enough of those viewers will be making it rain to keep the models satisfied. I wasn’t expecting as much from a smaller site like, but I was expecting at least something for free.



Turns out, the main freebie here is just the signup bonus. New members get 120 free credits just for getting on board, which is a nice little incentive. You will have to sign up for an account, obviously, but you’d have to anyway since you can’t see anything without one. The big question is how well the free credits will satisfy you compared to the free shows elsewhere. (Spoiler alert: they don’t go far.)


There are no free public shows on IsLive. Even in the group chats listed out front, you’ll have to burn those credits by the second just to watch, so you’d better spend those free credits wisely. I wish they had a filter to find the busiest group chats on Is Live, because that’s often a good way to find the best stuff.


There is a decent set of filters, though, for dialing in your ideal camwhore. You can sort by age (Teen 18+, Young 18+, MILF or Mature), spoken language, ethnicity, boob size or hair color. There are checkboxes for Toy Shows and Free Shows, though the latter came back with zero search results. I think a few more filters might be useful, like for finding camgirls with the body type you prefer or the kinks you want to see indulged. For example, where are the BBWs doing Anal and Cosplay?


This Hottie Is Live As Fuck

I just couldn’t decide today. I ended up leaving my filters wide open, so I’d have my pick from the whole selection. A busty chick named Adayolie near the top of the screen caught my eye, so I clicked my way into her chatroom. I couldn’t find the number of viewers listed, but based on the empty chat window, I think I was the only one watching. “Hi baby,” she typed, while saying, “Hola.”



If you’re into cam shows, you may want to go ahead and top up your account before you even get started. Since you pay by the minute here, those free credits are only good for a couple minutes, or less if you’re tipping like a good masturbator. That’s a recipe for blue balls if I ever heard one since you’re going to get cut off almost immediately. The Basic package is 603 credits for 10 euros, which breaks down to about €0,99 per minute. Fatter packages break down to better rates; for 50 euros, you’re paying about €0,79 a minute.


Adayolie was very responsive to tips. has a pretty typical tipping setup, where you can give them gift icons full of credits or just type the number you want to send them. I started with a 500-credit tip, which got her on her feet, dancing with her tits out. A few minutes later, she was fully naked, shaking her ass while blowing me kisses.


Paying by the second is kind of a mixed bag. On one hand, I feel like it drains the credits at a fucking terrifying rate. On the other hand, I appreciate just how accurate that countdown clock is when you’re getting near the bottom of your wallet. There have been plenty of times on other sites when I thought I had a minute or two left, only to be kicked out of the room before I could fill an old sock with sperm. I can definitely live with the setup here.


At the end of the day, my only real complaint about is the lack of free shows. That alone is going to be a dealbreaker for all the cheapskates and the bums, and I’d argue it cuts off some potential revenue streams. Freebies absolutely lead to sales and signups! If you’ve got a few bucks to spend, though, they’ve got a good selection of camgirls and a nice system for watching and chatting. I recommend taking a look at that front-page menu of women to see how they make you feel, and then taking it from there.

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