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Max JAV makes their purpose pretty clear right there in the title, though one small mystery does remain: what pushes this collection of Japanese Adult Video to the Maximum? Is it a question of quantity, with the very highest number of JAV pornos under one banner? Perhaps it’s a matter of quality, purveying the very finest in Japanese AV idols, kinky fetishes and full-length Asian fuck flicks samples. Then again, maybe I’m reading it entirely wrong; could Max be the dude who started the site, collecting his favorite JAV and sharing it with the world?


With a couple million visitors a month, it’s pretty obvious that is hitting one or all of those notes I mentioned. They wouldn’t be pulling that kind of traffic unless there was something worth lubing up the ol’ silicone 18+ schoolgirl snatch for. All I knew going in was that they’re giving away free full-length Japanese Adult Videos, which is honestly enough to get me in the door. Let’s see what kind of perks they’ve got to keep me coming back.



Free JAV, but What’s the Catch?

I review enough adult websites around here that I can glean a lot about one just from the title. Sometimes, I’m a little off, as I was in this case. I assumed Max JAV was going to be another free tube full of Japanese dirty movies samples, as video sharing sites are still the dominant format when it comes to free sites for wankers. Turns out, it’s actually a blog. The format looks different, but it’s the practical applications that we’re more concerned with. This probably ain’t the perfect site if you’re trying to jack off right now unless you’re willing to pay a few bucks for the privilege.



The biggest advantage to the blog-style presentation is that every JAV video on the site is downloadable. Downloads used to be a standard feature on every porn site, but these day’s it’s become a perk that I have to mention since so many sites have phased it out. The flipside to the equation is that MaxJAV offers very limited streaming options, even though that’s a standard feature almost everywhere else. doesn’t host anything themselves, instead using file locker services like TezFiles and UploadGIG. These services are a great way to run a site like this without paying out the ass for bandwidth, but do come with their own set of disadvantages. If you’ve gotten your porn from blogs or message boards before, you’re probably already familiar with the setup. Free users will be faced with limited downloads, slow speeds, and the inability to stream full movies samples.


You can skip the lines and get fast, modern-day access by shelling out a few bucks for file host accounts, which also helps support the site. It’s ultimately cheaper than a paysite, though I know only a fraction of you cheapskates are going to do it. That’s all fine and good, because most users will find the wait times a fair trade for all the free smut. It is worth noting that uses a couple different file hosts, and one of them doesn’t offer any streaming. That said, they do offer direct downloads, which is almost as good.



Holy Fuck, That’s a Lot of Asian Porn

Now that we’ve gotten the technicalities out of the way, let’s get down to the good stuff: the actual Max JAV itself. posted their very first movie sample back in April 2014, and they’ve been going hard at it ever since. To date, the site has seen around 134,000 full-length JAV videos samples posted so far. That would be an impressive number on an anything-goes free tube, but it’s even more of a feat when they’re a download blog with such a tight focus on Japanese pornography.



One thing that really impressed me about Max JAV’s collection is that every link I tried worked, even when digging way back into the older posts. Dead links are very fucking common on sites like this, enough so that I have to assume there are some broken links and deleted files somewhere in the huge pile. I just didn’t run into any of them personally.


Obviously, with a stash that big, they’ve been hard at work building the whole thing. They haven’t stopped or slowed down, either. I’m writing this on a Monday morning, and the entire front page of is full of porn movies added today. In fact, I had to flip through to page 7 to find anything uploaded yesterday. They’re adding dozens of new JAV movies every day. Again, that’d be impressive on a tube and is even more impressive here.


Today’s freshest Max JAV uploads include a couple first-time Asian pornos, an innocent-looking babe smiling while squeezing a guy’s balls and fucking him, hardcore BDSM with a ”meat urinal physician”, a couple gangbangs and some foot domination. There are only a couple of big factors for inclusion on MaxJAV: it has to be of the highest quality and it has to be Japanese porn. Beyond that, they’ve got a very wide variety of X-rated content. Japan is known for having some of the kinkiest porn in the world, and you’ll find examples all over the site.


My one big complaint about the setup here is that MaxJAV doesn’t really do tagging. The bigger a site is, the more important it is to tag the videos with all the relevant sex acts, fetishes, scenarios, outfits and other elements masturbators look for in their preferred fap fodder. Tags make a site infinitely more searchable. On MaxJAV, the search function is mainly digging through titles. If you want to see a Japanese BBW giving a blowjob, you’d better hope both tags are included in the film name. (In case you were wondering, I did a search for “BBW blowjob” and only got one video, and the girls ain’t even fat.)


If you’re a fan of Asian porn, you’re no doubt aware of the censorship situation. Everything officially released in Japan has all the dicks, pussies and penetrated bungholes hidden beneath pixel blurs. I did a search for “Uncensored,” and found that MaxJAV has a decent selection of uncensored content. You may find that the films with the tag are a bit hit or miss when it comes to actually showing the naughty bits, but you’re better off in this section if you crave unedited Asian hardcore.



Give Me Those Japanese Adult Videos

I found a thick, beautiful Japanese chick all oiled up and showing off her body on a JAV cover a few pages into Max JAV’s collection. I clicked through to the full post for JUFD-299 Honma Yuri Aiuchi Tsukasa, which included a grid of automatically generated, timestamped screenshots showing cocksucking, titfucking, missionary, cowgirl and doggy. They include some basic stats like director, video quality and film maker, which will come in handy if you have certain JAV studios that you prefer. MaxJAV has content from some of the biggest JAV producers in the game.



I’m less familiar with Japanese studios and sites than I am with American ones like Brazzers or my own PornDudeCasting. That said, this release from Fitch hit a lot of the notes I was looking for, so I clicked through to the free TezFiles download page. At 8.5 gigs, this one’s going to be a hell of a download with some waiting involved, but the price is sure right! has a couple small quirks, like movies hosted on file lockers and an overall lack of tagging. I don’t think these are going to be dealbreakers for many weeaboos, neckbeards and general fans of Asian porn, because what they lack in organization they make up for in sheer volume. The size and scope of their free JAV library is something to behold, whether you’re a major fan of the genre or just a casual masturbator with a minor case of yellow fever flaring up today. With my adblocker running, I didn’t even see any spam, which means there’s really nothing between you and all that Japanese Adult Video. Have at it.

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