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Whoever owns MyAV has been sitting on that domain for a good, long minute. As a world-renown pornography reviewer, smut peddler, and the porn webmaster who runs, I can’t help noticing these types of things. A four-letter dotcom is prime internet real estate, a true rarity even among big-name outfits with insane budgets. Somebody registered this one back in 2003, and I’m kind of surprised they’re now using it to give out free porn instead of trying to sell to the highest bidder.


Not that I’m complaining. What could have been used to build a wholesome social video-sharing network is now a growing free archive of Japanese Adult Video (JAV). went from zero to almost a million visitors a month just about as soon as they launched recently, which is some truly impressive growth. My only question was whether they owe that traffic to their top-shelf domain name or if they really earned those users. There’s only one surefire way to find out, and it involves this bottle of lube and custom silicone butthole I just got in the mail.



Get Your Sticky Hands Off My AV!

How do you like your Adult Video? My AV rolls with a simple, clean interface. It’s a familiar look for any free tube, with a wall of thumbnails covering the front page. It does look less cluttered than a lot of the other JAV tubes I’ve reviewed, keeping things simple and the bullshit to a minimum. With my adblocker running, I wasn’t greeted by any spam as I loaded up the naked Asian ladies and oiled-up boobies. The logo is unpretentious and classy, just the site’s name in two-tone text.



If you’re a fan of Japanese porno, you probably have some expectations, which the site will probably start meeting the moment you land. For one thing, the thumbnails ain’t the usual grab bag of screencaps you find on your typical tube. The site specializes in full-length JAV samples, so the front page spread mainly consists of DVD covers, front and back.


The diversity of content is at least as good as the white-girl tubes, too. MyAV stocks their virtual shelves with a wide range of Japanese depravity, from MILF blowjobs to 18+ teen titfucks to first-time amateur experiences. There’s interracial and family roleplay, public nudity and the kind of “random” hookup movies you expect from American reality porn companies.


Japanese porn is known for being pretty fucking kinky, and yeah, I started seeing the freaky shit even before I’d made it off the front page. Recent updates include BDSM flicks with Japanese red rope bondage, cuckold gynecology, drunken orgies, and something called Demon Chi Po Poisoning De M Spearman Black Bitch Gal Creampie Meat Urinal Azuki Kuromiya. What a catchy title!


I’m reviewing the joint on a Monday morning, and has already added about ten hours of fresh content. This ain’t unusual–they’re uploading a shitload of new movies every day. Today’s new additions included public exhibitionism, “ejaculation detox”, and a movie with both interviews and humping, similar to what I do over at PornDudeCasting.



I Prefer My AV Uncensored

As a fan of Asian porno, I bet you have one of the same major complaints I have pretty much every time I visit one of these sites, whether for masturbatory business or pleasure. Like pretty much every other JAV site out there, My AV has a fucking ton of censored videos. Instead of visible dicks and pussies, most of the girls out front are getting boned in their obscured orifices by flesh-colored stacks of Tetris blocks.



The good news is that, in addition to the big stash of censored stuff, they also carry a nice collection of uncensored JAV. I like how there’s a whole section labeled Uncensored, which makes it a lot easier to find the good stuff than on sites where they don’t bother to categorize it. It’s a fat fucking stash of unedited videos, too, currently stretched out across a picture menu running more than 1600 pages.


MyAV makes it simple to find their uncensored videos, but I’ve got a couple tips in case you find yourself shaking your dick at a JAV tube that ain’t so well organized. The thumbnails are often a giveaway, as the uncensored movies are usually represented by screengrabs instead of scanned-in DVD covers. The JAV codes listed at the beginning of the titles are usually a major clue, too: censored Japanese porn titles usually start with a 3-4 letter studio identifier, while uncensored ones begin with a 6-digit release date.


MyAV’s stack of Uncensored movies ain’t growing quite as quickly as the rest of the library, but they’re still dropping flicks at a more than respectable rate. It looks like they do batch uploads, and we just got a fresh batch of 13 new uncensored movies a few days ago. At this rate, I’m never going to finish masturbating!



My AV, Your AV, and Everyone Else’s AV

I’ve already hinted at the size and scope of My AV’s Asian porno collection, but it’s even bigger than I’ve suggested. According to the little blurb at the bottom, they’ve got over 100,000 movies in the library, plus all the flicks they’re adding on the daily. That’d be amazing enough if these were the usual 12-minute samples you find on the usual tubes, but the movies here run an hour or two easy, with plenty of vids clocking in at over four hours.



If I have one complaint about the setup, it’s just that I’m not sure all the videos are readily accessible. is really only a couple months old and the collection is already massive and growing fast. The problem is that the search indexes seem to max out at 2000 pages. Both the Recent Update and New Releases sections hit the wall at 2k, and I’m pretty fucking sure the stash is even deeper than that.


Still, it posed a dilemma for a professional masturbator like myself, just trying to decide where to begin my official fap test. As a jaded pervert, I have a strong preference for uncensored videos, so I started there. A pair of pretty Japanese ladies in a thumbnail for a recently uploaded threesome movie caught my eye, and I couldn’t resist a closer look.


MyAV’s uncensored movies tend to have shorter runtimes than the censored ones, but this one is still a good 51 minutes long. I didn’t have any spam slip through my adblocker as I started the video, but they do have it set up to stop playing if you change the focus on your screen; I couldn’t keep typing as I watched, which is a pain in the balls for me, but probably won’t affect you unless you’re multitasking and mono jacking at the office. does offer downloads, which made things a little easier on my end. The catch is that files are hosted on file locker services like RapidGator, which means you’ll face potentially long wait times unless you’ve paid for a premium account. I just took a little break from this review while the file slowly wormed its way to my laptop.


Frankly, it was worth the download even if I wasn’t writing a review. The girls pleasure each other for about the first third of the video, beginning with a long shower sequence before moving to the bed. As advertised, it’s fully uncensored, with none of the naughty bits hidden as the ladies make out and caress each other’s bodies. When the dude shows up, he plays with their uncensored pussies, and then the real fucking starts about halfway through.


You know what? I’m going to wrap up this review so I can give the movie my full attention. comes through with a JAV collection that anybody would be proud to call their own, whether you’re an obsessed otaku neckbeard, an Asian porn enthusiast, or just a regular ol’ casual masturbator. The collection is absolutely massive and wide ranging, with so many new movies added daily that even the most compulsive masturbators will have a hard time keeping up. If you love Japanese Adult Video, Asian women, or porn in general, this one’s for you.

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