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JAV19 seems like a nice, round enough number for a Japanese Adult Video site. Then again, I have a thing for hot teenagers. That’s not to say this a teen-themed JAV-tube, since I see teens, MILFs and in-betweens all over the landing page. I’m not sure what the number stands for, to be entirely honest, but I know it certainly isn’t going to stop me from ejaculating into this silicone toy snatch I’ve got all lubed up here.


If you thought the name might be a reference to the year they opened their doors, guess again, smarty pants. has been giving out full-length JAV pornos since 2016, and they don’t show any sign of slowing down. I’m a sucker for a good free tube and I’ve got a cravin’ for Asian this morning. Maybe I’ll get sushi for lunch, but for breakfast, it’s looking like college cuties, big-ass bimbos and some creampies on the side.


Fapping to the Smooth Sounds of JAV 19

The first big difference you’ll notice between JAV19 and non-JAV porn tubes is the thumbnails. Most places stocked full of Western porn show you a wall of screengrabs showing girls eating cock, scissoring and squirting all over the place. Here, you’ll see the DVD covers of all the movies they’re adding to the site. I always think it’s weird that DVDs are still such a popular porn format in Japan, considering they’re always on the cutting edge of shit and don’t have a ton of space to store physical media.



Whatever, though, because if you zoom in, you’ll see these babes getting into all kinds of kinky sexual situations on both the front and back covers. JAV is known for having the typical dirty sex you see in American pornos, plus a lot of wild, intense, fetishy shit that you don’t usually find on English-language porn sites.


Without even leaving the front page, I see girls taking cowgirl dick rides and sucking dingdong deep. There are just-legal teens, a couple of white girls, and a chick with crazy massive L-cups. There are cosplay chicks in sailor suits, pixie elf outfits and 18+ schoolgirl uniforms, a whole section of amateurs, and a couple of Japanese gangbang pornos for those of you who like it hard as fuck when they’re getting hard as fuck.


A Healthy Selection of Uncensored JAV

Of course, since this is Japanese porn, there’s also a ton of fucking censorship. The selection of new shit at the very top of the front page is labeled as Censored, part of over 36,000 movies in their collection with blurred-out, pixelated private parts. The good news is that if you scroll down just a little bit, you find their newest Uncensored stuff. It’s not quite as deep as their covered-up section, but there are over 15,000 uncensored JAV movies available.



I really fucking appreciate that JAV19 chops up the stash like this. I’ve seen too many JAV sites that make no effort to separate the censored from uncensored content, and it’s a real dealbreaker. At JAV19, even hardened masturbators who demand fully visible penetration can be sure they’ll find something good to beat off to.


That’s not the only place the site’s organization shines. The Studio page has a breakdown of hundreds of Japanese porn studios with content on JAV 19. This may not be much use to the casual Asian porn fan who just drops in to watch a bukkake film from time to time, but connoisseurs of the genre will appreciate the easy access to their favorite dirty filmmakers from the Land of the Rising Sun.


Amateur JAV and a Porn History Lesson

If you keep scrolling, you’ll actually find two more broad categories of Japanese smut at JAV 19. They’ve got an impressive stash of amateur fuck flicks, currently totaling almost 12,000. Amateur porn can be really hit or miss, with more than a few sites full of old swingers flashing saggy tits and balls that reach their knees. These broads barely look like amateurs; they’re all consistently model-level hot, and some of them are wearing the fake nurse outfits, office lady outfits and bunny-eared hoodies you expect from professional JAV.



The cover for that “nurse” amateur DVD made me take a little detour from my review tour. It’s an 80-minute flick that feels a lot more polished than the homemade masturbation videos you find on OnlyFans. A cute Japanese chick meets a white dude at a train station, chats him up, and then they go back to a hotel room to fuck.


Maybe it’s splitting hairs, but after destroying a few hours of productivity and a whole box of tissues, I’m ready to say this isn’t exactly amateur smut they’ve got filed under the label. Even though I don’t speak the language and can only guess what they’re saying, this feels more like gonzo/reality porn, similar to what you get with Western studios like Reality Kings and FakeHub. They’re selling the illusion of spontaneous hookups with gorgeous, sexually talented sluts, but without the lousy camerawork and old uglies associated with “true” amateur porn.


(Incidentally, for the aspiring porn scholars out there, Japan was actually ahead of the curve with gonzo porn. They were making POV flicks as far back as the early ‘80s, which grew into a format known as hamedori. This dude named Company Matsuo is the Japanese equivalent of directors like Rocco Siffredi or Pierre Woodman, but he was shooting the stuff with no-name hotties all the way back in 1991. If anybody gives you any shit about browsing JAV 19, tell those prudes you’re doing research for a history paper!)


Finally, the last big category at is their selection of Chinese-subtitled JAV. I don’t speak Chinese, either, so that’s not a big selling point for me personally. Over a billion people speak Chinese, though, and I’m sure they’ll appreciate the 6,000 movies with Chinese subtitles in the archives here.


Dozens of New JAV Flicks Daily

The size of the library is really fucking impressive, and it’s obviously taken them a lot of updates to get that far. Based on the upload dates, it looks like they do batch uploads, adding dozens of movies at a time almost every day. I went to their Uncensored section and the entire front page is all stuff uploaded a couple of days ago.



I figured the newest uncensored stuff was a great place to really dig in, so I clicked on the latest video. It’s a 42-minute adventure starring a girl in 18+ schoolgirl uniform. Weirdly, her mouth is censored in the main screengrab when the video player loads. It opens with a slideshow of other censored shots, but the video itself shows everything. Misaki has a hairy and very wet pussy that gets filled with various toys before she takes some uncensored dick.


I did run into some spam, which is pretty much expected on any JAV site. My adblocker was able to adjust after the first couple of videos and mostly take care of the issue. Still, I’d occasionally see a flash of a pop-up before it got shot down, and I sometimes had to click the Play button more than once—all in all, not much of a hassle considering the explicit content on display.


The video player itself on JAV 19 is a little more full-featured than you find on other full-length movie sites. There’s a cast button and playback speed controls, plus a picture-in-picture option so you can keep working while you crank off to a naked 18+ Asian schoolgirl in a tiny window. I also like how the player remembers where you left off, so you can jump right back into your masturbation session after being rudely interrupted by your boss.


The movie ends with Misaki catching a cumshot in her mouth and flashing it at the camera. You often have to watch those blasts of sperm shooting out of blocks of flesh-colored pixels that look like Tetris, but you don’t have to settle for that 8-bit bullshit here.


The huge selection of uncensored, full-length JAV and regular updates are’s biggest perks, and they’re easy to find thanks to the site’s organization of the content. The spam and abundance of edited material are minor bummers, but no worse than you’d find on any other free website in the genre. In fact, this is one more accessible Japanese Adult Video sites thanks to their category setup. Just remember to use an adblocker.

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