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Tokyo Motion doesn’t sound terribly dirty on the surface, so there are a lot of plausible excuses if your wife or your boss finds the site in your browser history. You could say you were just researching the logistics of people getting from place to place in the most populated prefecture of Japan, for example, or that you thought it was a tech company specializing in conveyor belts for sushi. They’ll never guess the real reason you were visiting the site: you’re a dirty pervert with a thing for Japanese chicks. has been around for a few years, serving up free Asian porn videos since the beginning. As you probably guessed from the title, the focus here is on Japanese babes, though it’s perhaps a little more inclusive than your typical Japanese Adult Video site. I’ve been wanting to visit Tokyo for a while now, but with the goddamn pandemic, I guess it’s going to be a bit longer. In the meantime, I can do some Internet tourism by beating off to this website. Like any good tourist, I’ll be sure to post travel pics to social media shortly before they ban me for showing my dick. Again.


Tokyo Motion is My Kind of Movement has a dead simple layout. It’s just a basic two-color text logo, a streamlined header with shortcuts to the site’s most popular areas, and the wall of porn thumbnails you expect from a free tube. One of the things that immediately sets this apart from your typical JAV collection is that the thumbnails show screengrabs instead of the DVD covers you get on a lot of sites. It’s a slightly different format, with shorter runtimes more akin to your anything-goes tubes than the JAV joints stocked with full movie rips.



It does look like everything goes, though… almost. The one unifying factor that separates Tokyo Motion from most other tubes are the casting choices. While I do see a couple of random white girls and, weirdly enough, a dude showing before and after photos of his weight loss, the rest of the page is sexy Asian amateurs, pornstars and AV idols. Do you happen to be afflicted with yellow fever, by any chance?


I’d initially assumed they were all going to be Japanese chicks, or even the local hotties of Tokyo. After all, it’s right there in the name. A lot of the thumbnails out front show obvious JAV scenes of gangbanged 18+ schoolgirls, public indecency, cosplay and those goddamn pixelated genitals. Still, upon closer inspection, I see a few other Asian chicks mixed in. There’s a busty Chinese nymphette in a Santa hat doing a cam show and another one fucking herself with a dildo in a car. A K-pop babe in a tiny skirt shakes her ass on stage, another Korean girl sucks a dick, and there’s a Thai pornstar taking a bath.


By and large, though, most of the girls showing you the Tokyo Motion are Japanese chicks. Oh, and in case you were looking for those JAV DVD rips I didn’t immediately see, hit the JAV link in their header. It will bring you to a collection of nearly 14,000 JAV pornos, mostly full-length films running a couple of hours. You’ll find the DVD covers you’re familiar with, and yeah, the censorship, too.


Like any smut peddlers worth their salt, TokyoMotion knows a lot of you ain’t going to be fully satisfied with the censored stuff. A lot of weeaboos, Asian porn fans, JAV enthusiasts and just general perverts tend to go straight for the uncensored stuff when it’s available, which is why they’ve made it readily available here. See where it says “Uncensored” in their header? That’s the doorway to unadulterated, unaltered and unedited Japanese pussies, pricks, penetration and poopers.


The thing is, the Uncensored tag isn’t applied to all the stuff with visible private parts on TokyoMotion. The section only has around 3.5k movies, which is just a tiny chunk of the full archive. Since the site doesn’t specialize entirely in those JAV rips, they’ve got a lot more uncensored stuff than Japanese websites that do focus on the official DVDs. In fact, I think most of the material on the site is uncensored.


Hundreds of Thousands of Free Asian Pornos

They’ve got a pretty fucking ginormous stash of JAV here, but it’s actually just a small fraction of their library. As of this writing, has around 180,780 movies in its collection. That’s pretty fucking impressive by any measure. Personally, I tend to measure with my dick. Currently, I’m at full mast, which is almost always a good sign except for that time at the dentist, or the incident at Starbucks, or when I ruined my sister’s family Christmas party.



With that many movies, you already know there’s going to be an incredible variety of perversion going on within the halls of Tokyo Motion. Since they’re Japanese chicks, you already know there’s going to be some of the extra-kinky content the country’s porn scene is known for. Even without leaving the front page, I see teens sucking dick, getting their pussies vibrated to screaming ecstasy by powerful vibrators, and the rough bondage fucking of a huge-titted nurse.


The Categories page gives quick access to a few dozen popular tags. There are Big Tits, Anal and Anime, Uncensored, JAV and SM. Watch girls from Korea, Japan, or Hong Kong; crank it to Schoolgirls, Pornstars, Wives or Idols; keep it simple with Amateur porn or go high-tech with VR 360.


If you don’t see what you want on the list, you could always dig deeper into the index on the Tags page. They’re doing damn near every kind of sex you’ve heard of on TokyoMotion, and probably a few you haven’t. There are over 1000 movies of Public Nudity, 577 with Deep Throating and nearly 1300 filed under Amateur CFNM for the fetishists. They’ve even got Pregnant Girls, BBWs, Hairy Pussies and a couple of hundred Mexicans to top it all off. They say you can have it all in Tokyo.


That’s a Lot of Japanese Porn

The geniuses in the audience may have deduced from all those dirty movies that these guys update all the time. In fact, there’s pretty much a non-stop stream of Asian porn being added all the time. Everything on the very front page was added literally within the last two minutes of me typing this sentence. It’s growing faster than your mom! (Tell her I said “Hi!”)



I figured I’d start my fap test with the very latest video, added 7 seconds ago according to the timestamp. I can’t read the title because it’s in Japanese, but the tags include Dildo, Masturbation, Orgasms and Webcam. The video started playing as soon as I hit the Play button, with no apparent buffering time and no dick-pill ads slipping through my ad blocker.


Sure enough, it’s a webcam video of a cute Japanese chick in a schoolgirl uniform. She speaks softly to the camera. I don’t know what she’s saying, but she’s clearly trying to keep her voice down. It looks like she’s in a public computer lab, which gets me hard before she even pulls the camera down below her skirt to show us her pussy.


She touches herself up close, her pussy unobscured by those goddamn JAV pixels, taking her time but really enjoying herself. Her muff is shaved completely bald, typical in Western porn but a little less common in Japanese flicks, and she’s sparkly wet. She’s quiet, but every so often, I can hear voices or movement softly somewhere in the background.


Masturbating while watching a masturbation video can be really hit or miss, but this broad hits it out of the park for me. I love that she’s fucking herself in a public place. We only see the bottom half of her face when she whispers to the camera or tastes the pussy juice off her fingers, but she’s a fucking cutie. When the shirt comes up halfway through the video, we see she’s got a great rack, too.


I think what I like most about is that it’s a Japanese free tube that ain’t just the same collection of JAV rips you’ll find on a lot of sites. They’ve got a bunch of those, sure, thousands of them, but they’ve also got a wide variety of shorter Japanese pornos and some other Asian stuff. If you’re into JAV but have been looking for a little more variety, check these guys out.

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