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Porno often has a roundabout relationship with social media. Sure, you can find dirty stuff on the major websites and apps, but the best content is usually just advertising for spicier, more exclusive movies elsewhere. That’s been changing lately as more Instagram-style porn sites appear online, giving the truly exhibitionist babes a more adult-oriented platform to show their cooters on. has recently exploded on the web, their traffic jumping to nearly 4 million visitors a month.


Swag calls themselves Asia’s Largest Private Adult Platform. I almost listed this site in my Asian porn section, but these guys are truly worldwide. Looking at the front page, you’ll immediately see a mix of amateurs of all different shapes, sizes, and colors, from all around the world. The one thing that unites them is their willingness to show their tits, finger themselves, and get fucked on camera.



Tons of Amateur Broads Around the World

During my first visit to, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Just based on the name, I expected some kid with face tattoos to rap at me through a haze of Xanax, but fortunately, I found something a hell of a lot better than that. Instead of young men acting like dipshits, I found young 18+ ladies acting like a bunch of sluts.



Preview scenes slide across the top of the screen. There’s a babe with big tits taking a shower and playing with herself, a hottie grinding against her boyfriend’s face while she sucks his cock, and a hot young 18+ thing taking an anal creampie.


One of the girls eating dick looks like a professional in a gonzo scene, but the rest look like legit amateur clips. One girl even seems to be putting on a WebCam show, with one of those pink, Internet-connected vibrators dangling out of her twat.


Scrolling down the page, I see more dirty little DIY videos from exhibitionist sluts around the world. I clicked one of the “Eurameracan” girls in the top row, a skinny black-haired babe with a nice rack. A vertical, Instagram style video appeared, briefly showing the girl’s gorgeous tits before going blurry. The hashtags, like #tits and #sexy, are still visible, but the video itself is hidden. The same thing happened with the social media sluts I found in the Latina, Asian, and Masturbation rows.


Maybe it’s because I haven’t signed up yet. Other free preview flicks on the front page are viewable, though. Under All-Star Flix and New Flix, I found snapshot-style presentations of students punished for bad grades with a stiff rod, babes in stockings doing stripteases and getting boned, and a hot little babe going ass-to-mouth and taking a creampie in her pooper.


I was able to watch some movies in the Trending row, but the ones in the More section were blurry again. That’s when I realized there is a Free Zone linked in the header that compiles all the free, visible stuff. Still, I was eager to get in and see the full, X-rated enchilada.



Asian Social Media Porn Going Worldwide seems like it really should be an app and even has screenshots of a phone running a Swag app, so I looked around the website for a download. According to their FAQ, the app was removed from iOS. In the section about how Android users can use Swag, they just provide a self-link to the web version and say to use Google Chrome.



The FAQ isn’t great. Written in broken English, it’s just another sign that Swag started as an Asian site and is still trying to adjust to their newfound worldwide popularity. Yet, some sloppy writing ain’t about to stop me from looking at some naked girls.


In order to get a better look around, I signed up for an account. The verification email took a little while to come through and came with a 10-minute window to use, so be on the lookout for that bad boy.


Once I got logged in, the front page still looked mostly the same. The biggest difference now is that all those video previews at the top have an Unlock button beneath. That same Unlock button also now appears below all those blurry videos I tried to watch earlier. I think I understand how this works now.



Give Her Diamonds, She’ll Show You Poon

Those Unlock buttons all list the price in diamonds. The featured videos at the top of the front page all cost 2000 to unlock, while those short blurry clips I tried to watch earlier are a lot cheaper. Some are free, while others will cost you a couple of hundred diamonds.



Diamond bundles start at about five bucks for 2,099 diamonds. They’re cheaper in bulk like digital currency anywhere, with 49,999 diamonds going for a hundred smackeroos. Then it’s just a matter of spending that fake money that costs real money.


I checked out today’s leaderboard and found a hot young 18+ blonde with perky tits in the number-one position. Clicking her thumbnail brought me to her profile page. The “Eurameracan” hottie is from Siberia and has added a bunch of smut I can watch. A couple of pieces of her story are free to view, but the rest were between 60 and 240 diamonds to watch.


“Do you want to see my naked teets?” she asks in a cute accent in a free clip, shaking her boobies in her bra. She’s got no panties on, but she’s carefully hiding her goods behind her hands. The clip is short as hell, but enticed me to drop 120 diamonds to see another, more explicit piece of today’s story.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to drop that 120 diamonds. The video stayed blurry, and I got sent back to the screen where I could buy diamonds. I already have diamonds! Looking at the Journal in my Wallet, I can see that I have a bunch of fucking diamonds and haven’t spent any of them, so I don’t know what the goddamn deal is.



Buggy But Promising DIY Insta-Porn

The really frustrating thing is that despite the Insufficient Funds message in red at the top of the screen, I know the site isn’t completely broken. I know that millions of people are jacking off to social media porn on the site. I’m just not one of them right now because I’m locked out.



Since my diamonds weren’t working, there were several features I couldn’t play with. The main thing I wanted to do was watch those videos, but I was also locked out of sending gifts or even sending messages to the girls. Some of these babes are expensive to chat with; I can’t even message the babe I was trying to watch in the first place unless I part with 700 diamonds.


Like WebCam sex shows, I can see how could get expensive in a hurry. If you’re not efficient with your fap sessions or you fall in love with a hottie across the ocean, you might end up spending everything you’ve got and going deeply into debt just to see a babe put a cucumber in her vagina. That is, if you can get those diamonds working, of course.


I have to give a little bit of credit. The traffic has literally doubled over the last month, and they are obviously struggling to accommodate this new influx of users. Naturally, there are going to be some kinks along the way. I just happened to check out the site on an awful day and got a really bad kink.


Given the site’s growing popularity and the money on the table, I fully expect Swag to get their shit together over the coming months as they adjust to their newfound popularity. Failing that, they will just completely fail and disappear.


Growing pains aside, I really do like the format at Swag. It has a feel somewhere between a social media site and a sexy amateur meat market. The stories feel like pornographic versions of Instagram, Snapchat, or some other social media attention-whore platform, but the site is easier to browse for the good stuff than those tired mainstream sites. With so many amateur broads uploading their own material, this could turn out to be a true gold mine for fans of DIY smut. Keep your eye on this one.

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