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It’s Saucy Time! In the past, I managed to find all sorts of unique and crazy websites when I was expanding the type of reviews I do here on my website. In recent times, I still do, but it’s becoming rarer nowadays, which is why this review is so damn exciting.

Before I overhype or accidentally mislead, this is not a super-raunchy platform with adult entertainment that you have never seen. On the contrary, Saucy Time has a neat service that sort of combines internet dating, Chatroulette, and social media with a (semi) NSFW twist.


To be more precise, this web service presents profiles of women who are willing to chat with you live for scheduled FaceTime raunchy shows. I’m surprised that I only recently found it, as it has been around for years and has been ranked as one of the top five best adult chat apps, according to The writers over there are great and all, but I know that you all want to know my opinion so let’s get into it.


These Are The (Rough) Stats That I Could Find

Okay, now that we have outlined the basics, this is sort of an online “hook up” site that lists the biographical information and physical descriptions of the dames that all of you, Don Juans, will love. There are a lot of beautiful women, but based on the analytical data I have seen, you might have to compete a little bit to gain the attention of some of these girls. Still, it usually shouldn’t be too difficult.



Naturally, all adult women and men (or what have you) are welcome to join, but, unfortunately, only a few new members join regularly. Given what most people’s tastes are (at least in my experience) when it comes to youth and mental maturity, you’ll probably like the fact that most of the users cluster toward the younger side. Furthermore, you don’t have to be careful who you try to woo since there are no fake profiles, unlike similar web services. As it turns out, this website does not allow for a self-registration option. Instead, each camgirl has been exclusively invited and interviewed face-to-face before getting into the system.


While there’s no nudity on public profiles (or technically on the site), you can spend some quality time with some of the finest ladies who love using FaceTime and can directly message anyone on Saucy Time no matter where they live.


You Should Know About Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling is not at all critical since callbacks are practically instant. To get started, all you need to do is click on the Mail Me button to get things going.



Of course, things happen like connections being unstable or dropped, so they will attempt contact at the appropriate time three times when your session is supposed to start. But if you don’t pick up, you will have to reschedule, and refunds will not be given. However, that rarely happens from what I have seen, so don’t leave these lovely ladies hanging.


Also, you cannot switch appointments to a new model unless a model does not call within the first quarter of an hour of a scheduled session. If a lady does not contact you in the space of fifteen minutes, you will get onsite credit or a refund.


For That Matter, You Really Should Read The Dang Rules First

A quick look at the Saucy Time website will reveal that there are plenty of fine females flashing highly risque photos. But, again, that does not mean that they will upload an explicit photo since Saucy Time has a strict policy against hosting images of nudity. Also, they have this strange policy against the use of profanity, so as the prudes would say, “watch your language.” Also, do not be a douche and use racial language or bring up inc*st and other such creepy stuff.



This is another web service where you should really consider reading through the terms of service, even though they are tedious to go through. I analyzed them, and the most important thing to note is the refund policy. If there’s a payment issue, contact their 24-hour helpline to ensure your issue is resolved; otherwise, they might not accept the validity of your claim. Also, while they do not do credit card refunds, you might be able to snag onsite credit instead.


Finally, you will need to have FaceTime to take advantage of this service and an iOS device. However, I have it on good authority that Android users will be able to participate through a neat technical innovation as of the publishing of this review. And to finish this little section up, all are welcome to join, but you should know that most models speak English, so be aware of that.


And Now To End With Account Creation And Membership Costs

Okay, I think that you should have a pretty good idea of what this service is all about, and you can probably guess what I think about it. But to give this site an additional plug and recommend a free way to check what I’m saying, look up the @SaucyTimeDotCom Twitter feed. Like the main site, they promote most of the finer female members; unlike the website, they post nude images.



After you’ve made up your mind, start the application process and wait for the confirmation email. Like any decent, similar service, Saucy Time’s registration is super-efficient and should not give you any problems.


Now then, onto the specifics of payment. For each minute, you pay a mere £2, with five minutes of call time being the minimum. Please know that unused minutes will not transfer to your next call or be refunded unless a call is dropped or prematurely ended by one of the camgirls. I should note that there are no hidden fees or extra costs, nor are there any complexities such as a credit or tip system. Naturally, all payments can be made entirely via mobile devices.


I realize that this is a shocking revelation, but this web service gets four and a half hands from me. Do you also agree? If yes, then there’s no need to wait; go on ahead and get saucy.

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