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Why’d I check out Flirty Mania Plus? Well, every day I turn on the news and hear about more shit the pandemic has fucked up. Weirdly, the talking heads on the tube never seem to address my main concern: getting my rocks off in the age of social distancing. The usual Tinder fatties in my town have been replaced by conspiracy theorists and pneumonia-plagued hospital patients, so naturally, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the webcam sites.

FlirtyMania+ is a webcam site where you can beat off to and interact with real, live women. Like other sites in similar molds, they’ve been getting more and more traffic ever since people got stuck at home, afraid of drowning on their own lungs. It’s getting to be kind of a crowded scene, so let’s see what FlirtyMania+ has to separate them from the rest of the cam sites out there.

Putting the Plus in FlirtyMania Plus

I’d heard of FlirtyMania before, and at first, I assumed this was basically the same damn thing. Sometimes companies will release the same product with a new feature or two and add a Plus or a Pro, maybe a Super or a 2.0 if they want to sound high-tech. FlirtyMania is a (clean) video chat and online dating app, so I think it’s natural to believe FlirtyMania Plus is just a video dating app with a new dark mode and some Snapchat-style filters. Enjoy chatting with a babe while hiding your snaggle tooth under a cartoon hog snout.

That ain’t what it is, though. I looked back and forth between and the main FlirtyMania website, trying to figure out what the difference is. The first thing I noticed was the Plus site didn’t advertise an app. FlirtyMania+ has a similar setup, but it’s dark and all the pretty girls are in lingerie. They also mentioned sex and adult chats, which are conspicuously absent from the main page.

If you want my opinion, they’d sell themselves better if they added Adult, XXX, Porn or Sex to their name. FlirtyMania+ is a sexed-up version of FlirtyMania, from the same creators. If they just would have said so, I would have whipped my dick out a lot sooner!

Not Your Typical Sex Cam Site

Right away, FlirtyMania+ tries to distinguish itself from other cam sites. Instead of dropping you right onto the wall of cam thumbnails, the landing page sells you with some classy looking images and fancy-talk about Modern Pleasure, Adult Games, and Doing What You Want. Combined with the lingerie-clad hotties, that’s more than enough to get me to sign up.

Once you do get into the member’s area, it still doesn’t look like a typical cam site. The round-edged, asymmetrical thumbnails make it look more akin to something like Pinterest or Tumblr at first glance. Of course, those image-sharing sites for ladies aren’t typically full of sexy ladies showing off the goods. dropped me straight into a menu of the newest babes to grace their live cam shows. I love the diverse mix of camwhores immediately; all kinds of chicks are doing shows and posting on this site. There’s a blonde chick in a swimsuit, a brunette in a sheer nightgown, and a black-haired babe wearing jeans and no top. I see MILFs showing their fuck-me faces and (legal) (18+)teen bimbos flashing titties in their bedrooms. There are Asian girls, Latina broads and a ton of white sluts.

I guess I should have realized from the format, but the site actually has more content than just cam shows. They’ve also got tons of fap-worthy pictures and videos. Many of the newest additions aren’t live shows at all. That swimsuit chick I mentioned is just an image, and another babe posted a lingerie photo entitled Waiting For My Husband to Get Home from Work.

I clicked on the Video tab and enjoyed some fap fodder with names like I Lifted My Skirt, Fucked a Beautiful Girl, and Sex with a Sleeping Husband. The social media porn element on FlirtyMania Plus isn’t really hyped on the landing page, but it’s definitely worth a look.

Show Me Live Naked Titties!

As much as I fucking love the DIY nudes and amateur fuck movies, I came to the site to shake my dick at live webcam chicks. With that in mind, I clicked the Live tab to see who was online and ready to give me a show.

One of the big selling points of the major cam sites like LiveJasmin is the huge selection of babes doing live shows at any given time., on the other hand, only seems to have dozens of live shows at any moment. That’s definitely a little bit of a bummer, because it means less masturbatory options for the end user.

Most cam sites hype themselves up by talking about all the free sex shows you can beat off to. With fewer total options to choose from, there are fewer free ones here for the cheapskates. When I was visiting the site, most of the girls were charging 124 credits per minute to watch a public show. That breaks down to about 12 cents per minute, which honestly ain’t bad at all.

I already blew my stimulus check on strippers wearing surgical masks, though, so I checked out a free show first. The most popular one when I was visiting was a chick filed under Cosplay with the simple description “Dancing” listed under her big-titty thumbnail. Fifty viewers were already watching when I joined.

Cheaper Live Shows Than Most Sites

I wasn’t quick enough on the draw; by the time I clicked the Cosplay chick, her show had ended. Only a couple of other free shows had more than a single viewer, so I checked the few that had dozens of dudes tuned in. On most cam sites, that’s how you end up seeing titties.

I didn’t end up seeing any free titties at FlirtyMania Plus, though. The pretty girls online for free chatted with viewers, waiting for somebody to donate thousands of credits for a dance. If you’re looking for a free crank to live naked chicks, check out one of the bigger cam sites I have listed here at ThePornDude.

FlirtyMania Plus deducts the first 124 credits as soon as you enter a paid show, so choose wisely. I accidentally blew a few hundred on an ugly chick talking to the camera and a cutie sitting there looking bored. I did a little better clicking on one that said Reality Show, where I watched a babe in her underwear cooking for a couple of minutes while her husband chatted in broken English.

I finally landed on a more traditional cam show when I clicked on another Reality Show, this one described as “Dancing”. The babe twerked to techno music while viewers begged her to show her boobs or flash her twat. With only a couple dozen viewers, there weren’t enough magnanimous motherfuckers throwing money in the hat to keep her exposing herself like on the bigger sites.

The cheap credits mean you do get to keep watching for a while without reupping. I couldn’t bring myself to throw garbage tips at the girls, though. These fools were sending her literally ten fucking cents at a time, but I guess even homeless people masturbating at the library deserve to see feet every now and then. Most cam sites don’t even let you tip that small.

I blew the last of my credits in a free “Cosplay” show. The girl wasn’t even in cosplay unless it was some character I didn’t recognize who wears small shorts and a white crop top. She offered to Jump Like a Bunny for 1380 credits, and I took her up on it. I just wish she would have taken her top off before the 10 seconds of hopping. ain’t a bad webcam site, but it suffers from a lack of traffic; they need more cam girls, and they need more visitors throwing money at the cam girls. I do really like their non-traditional cam setup, and their social media porn. The amateur nudes and videos help balance out the site since they don’t have enough cams, but visitors looking for a specific type of babe to shake her live tits might be underserved.

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