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Peeks Social

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Peeks Social

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Peeks calls itself The Most Rewarding Live Streaming Platform, which I bet gives you some immediate ideas about what you’d like to see on the site. It’s a fairly generic brag, because for all you know, it’s just full of bored virgin neckbeards chatting or gamers racking up kills in some game you’ve never heard of. Of course, I wouldn’t be talking about the joint here at ThePornDude unless there was something worth shaking your dick at, so let’s take a little tour and see how easy it is to jack off to this one., also known as Peeks.Social, is a video-streaming platform where folks broadcast all kinds of shit, including adult entertainment. It’s kind of an off-brand service, which is why there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of it, but they do get a few thousand visits a day. These platforms only survive and thrive if they’ve got enough people contributing content, and frankly, I’m only concerned about a very specific type of streaming content. For some reason, I have a suspicion you feel the same, pervert!


Getting Social with Peeks Social

Peeks Social doesn’t look terrible, but honestly, it doesn’t have the flash, sparkle or even polish of most live streaming sites. The whole place has got a last-generation vibe at odds with the 2024 copyright date on the bottom. The logo looks clean enough, but there’s nothing immediately impressive about the presentation at all.



The first thing you’ll see is a list of exactly three whole channels, which is pathetic. There’s a model in a bikini as part of the thumbnail for Discover People, which is cool, while the #livegaming channel looks pretty unfappable from the preview pic. The 18+ image, on the other hand, hints at something worth our time on Peeks, even if the girl is fully clothed.


I took a quick look at the Popular and Live tabs to see what folks are streaming, and again, I’m unimpressed. Everyone looks to be fully dressed, and a lot of these streams are clearly SFW. Who wants to watch a granny ramble at the camera or some loudmouth millennial showing off their fucking AirPods?


And then there’s the 18+ tab, which is maybe a little more promising. Then again, maybe not. The thumbnails are largely SFW, though I see one raging boner and another flash of pubes, plus a couple of thick broads with their asses aimed at the camera. Titles like Fresh Pussy and Horny AF are enticing, but the general vibe seems softer than your average tube site.


I clicked on one of the booty thumbnails and served up a live stream of a sexy ebony babe twerking for the camera in a tiny pair of shorts. My dick was already hard before she pulled her top up for a quick peek at those jugs and peeled the bottoms down for a little more booty. The tag at the bottom says it’s a Live stream, and you know, suddenly I’m a lot more interested in the whole site now that I know they have some free shows available.


Shake Your Money Maker

I’m watching this chick shake her ass, thinking it would fit perfectly on a cam site like Chaturbate, where the girl would probably get some fans willing to pay for a private chat. The video player has more of social-media style than what you’d find on the cam sites, though much of the other features look the same; you can chat, click a Heart or even give the chick a tip. (If you want to give her the whole thing, well, I hope you’re a smooth talker on the Internet.)



I was enjoying the feed when it abruptly cut off, replaced by a message from Peeks Social saying I needed to login/register to see exclusive free content. Fortunately, signup was easy and instant, and they didn’t give me any shit about using a temporary email service. There are also iOS and Android apps available if you’re interested.


If you’re looking to treat like a cam site, you may want to grab some coins. They start at around $6 for 75 coins, though you get a better rate if you’re buying a big stack. Ninety bones will net you 1401 coins, and you big spenders can pay with PayPal, credit card or crypto. See, mom? Bitcoin is good for something besides buying illegal bugs on the darknet. Naturally, the flipside to this is that you can make money streaming on the site if you’re so inclined.


I wasn’t ready to shell out any cash quite yet, though. Instead, I made my way back to the 18+ area of Peeks Social, hoping for something good enough to add another coat of semen to my keyboard. Again, what looked like webcam sex shows were interspersed with dudes smoking weed or showing off their assault rifles. I clicked a gun guy, wondering what exactly he was peddling, but he wanted 40 coins just to tune in. Fuck that.


Where the Live Horny Bitches At?

A good sex cam site usually has hundreds or even thousands of live shows available, but the pickings are comparatively slim over at Peeks Social. Most of the videos available were recorded earlier. Looking at the feed of 18+ content, you’ll notice a small smattering of thumbnails with a LIVE badge in the corner, and others with a dollar-sign icon that means you ain’t getting in without ponying up some coins. In cases where both icons should be on the image, they only show you the LIVE one, so I ended up clicking a few that I couldn’t get into.



I did find a cute black girl on with her pants halfway down. The title of her show is Send Tips For Show, and I really hoped there were enough magnanimous viewers tossing money in the hat to keep us cheapskates satisfied. Based on the popping chat feed, there were clearly a bunch of motherfuckers watching, but I ain’t so sure about the tips. They keep giving her hearts and telling her she’s hot, but the babe ain’t taking her pants the rest of the way off.


Finally, a dude tipped the girl a few times in a row. She leaned into the camera, whispered something I couldn’t understand, and gave us the long-awaited flash of muff we’d all been itching for. Well, I guess some dudes were waiting for that, but I was really hoping for a dildo in the pooper or something. I think I’m jaded by all the real webcam sites I review for ThePornDude.


Really, I think anybody who visits sites like LiveJasmin or MyFreeCams is just going to be disappointed. The best things about Peeks.Social are the elements that make it similar to those big webcam sex sites, but those elements are few and far between. Perhaps it’s because of the everything-goes approach they’ve taken to streaming. The strippers, amateurs and camgirls ain’t necessarily attracted to the platform because there’s other, more boring shit on the menu besides sex. It makes a hell of a lot more sense for them to perform on sites where 100% of the audience is looking for something to masturbate to.


To break it down a little more, the biggest problems with Peeks begin with the small selection of adult shows compared to the average cam site. That issue is further complicated by the fact that most streams ain’t even fucking live, and half of them cost money just to watch. Contrast that to any good cam site, where even the library masturbators who never tip can watch people humping live on camera without even signing up, let alone giving them a credit card number. (and Peeks.Social) ain’t a terrible site; it’s just nothing particularly special. In the world of online porno, that kind of mediocrity can easily be a death sentence because there are just so many better sites out there. Sure, you may find some unique beauty performing the most exquisite live striptease you’ve ever seen in your life, but your odds are going to be much better on any of the popular cam sites you’ve heard of. Check out my list of Live Sex Cam Sites if you want a worthwhile alternative to this place.

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