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Are you a Token Fox? I guess the answer would probably depend on how we define the term, and well, I’m just checking out the site now. I haven’t quite figured out if the titular foxes are the babes exposing their beavers on the platform, or the dudes pumping tokens into the machine as they pump the sperm out of their dicks. Maybe an easier question would take the newfangled terminology out of the equation: do you like beating off to live, sexy camgirls?

That’s really a rhetorical question, because I know that’s why you’re here in the first place. is a webcam platform where hot chicks get freaky live while you watch. It’s not a new concept by any measure, and I’d bet money that anybody reading this has already checked out some of the big players in the game, like Chaturbate or LiveJasmin. TokenFox lives on a domain that was registered back in 2016, though the current site is a much more recent invention. Naturally, I wanted to check it out for myself the moment I heard about it, so without any further ado…

Meet the Token Foxes

As a full-time internet pornography reviewer and professional masturbator, I see a lot of cam sites, perhaps more than even the horniest webcam enthusiast. Connoisseurs of the format have their favorite sites and don’t always dabble in the lesser-known webcam sites. Speaking from experience, there are good reasons to stick to the well-known joints. Oftentimes, the smaller cam sites are practical ghost towns, with maybe a dozen fully clothed women waiting around in their bedrooms with bored expressions on their faces.

That’s why I was impressed with TokenFox right away. For one thing, the layout is fucking gorgeous. I love the simple, streamlined header, the minimalist icons, and the way they pack those thumbnails in tight, building a solid wall of sluts to gawk at. If I have any immediate complaint, it’s that the thumbnails ain’t live previews of the current shows, but posed photos presumably selected by the camgirls themselves.

Oh, and what a fucking spread of babes! Since I hadn’t heard of the brand before, I was really worried that there’d only be a handful of chicks to choose from, but I was way the fuck off. As I type this up on a Friday afternoon, there are nearly 500 webcam models performing live. You should have your pick of hundreds of performers at any moment. As the site picks up steam, I could see this number jumping easily into the thousands.

The high number of camwhores is going to be the biggest initial draw, because like I said, you don’t always get that kind of selection on the lesser-known sites. With a lot of smaller sites, you often have to settle for a particular type of girl; I’ve seen cam sites that were mostly Euro chicks and others that were mostly Latin American mamacitas. TokenFox, on the other hand, has all kinds of beautiful live women to beat off to.

Even before I started clicking my way around the site, I saw big-titted blondes and thick brunettes, (18+)teen harlots and sultry MILFs, cosplay chicks, goth whores and broads that look like legit pornstars. There are Latinas, Asians, Ebony chicks, white girls and exotic mixed beauties. I even spotted a couple BBWs, at least one GILF, and a few kinky BDSM chicks. One leather-bound dominatrix is posing in a full-on S&M dungeon in her thumbnail, waiting to step on your nuts.

But What About the Freebies?

As I scrolled through the selection, would occasionally prompt me to sign up or login, but I wanted to poke around first and see what free, unregistered visitors could see. There’s no way to sort or filter through the babes to find your dream girl, but I was able to tune in to any babe I clicked on. Since they don’t have live previews out front, most of the girls were clothed and just flirting with the camera.

I did see some free T&A, though. Nearly every webcam site promises free shows, but the only ones that consistently deliver are the ones with plenty of users and plenty of camwhores. If you’re not planning on spending any money at all, I still think you’re better off on one of the bigger sites, but I was pleased to see some free titties, ass, and the occasional muff. I think the public shows out front are sorted by number of viewers, so your best bet for free entertainment is near the top of the page.

Maybe I’m something of a jaded masturbator, used to shaking my dick at the hardest of hardcore porn when I’m not banging pornstars over on the PornDudeCasting couch. It didn’t take too long before I got a little bored of searching so hard just to see a booby here or there. With that in mind, I signed up for a TokenFox account and got myself some tokens.

The titular tokens of Token Fox will run 0.10 EUR a pop, or 50 for a fiver. They don’t currently offer any discounts on larger packages of tokens, which is pretty damn unusual for a webcam site. They’re a newer site, though, so I’m hoping this is something that changes as they iron out the kinks and figure out how to make the most money. (Hint: it’s by making the visitors really fucking happy. For more tips on running a successful online adult empire, check out my other site, PornWebmasters!)

They do offer a few free tokens to new members. All you’ve got to do is confirm your email address and you get a handful of those foxy tokens to do with as you please. I’d tell you not to spend them all in one place, but you want to see something good, right? You only get ten for free, so spend them wisely!

Spending Tokens on TokenFox

Once I got all signed up and set up with a pile of tokens in my pocket, I was ready to see what Token Fox really had to offer. I was hoping registered users would have access to some kind of sorting, filtering or searching options, but it just wasn’t to be. Still, I had a huge wall of babes to choose from, and so many of them looked absolutely mouthwatering.

I quickly blew all my tokens on a couple Latina camwhores. On most cam sites, I toss some tips into the hat in a public chat and get some boobies. On TokenFox, nobody wanted to show me anything until we took it private. The footer text on the website talks about private chats and cam2cam, but the only option I was able to find besides the public chat was the paid group chat. I’m certainly not a newb to these types of sites, so either the functions have not yet been implemented or they really dropped the ball hard on the interface.

Most of the Token Foxes seem to be asking 10 or 20 tokens per minute for the group chats, though the second girl I chatted with wanted 34. The default tip is 100 tokens, so fuck with the settings if you want to give less than that per click. In my experience, Latin American camwhores will get pretty excited over a few euros thanks to the exchange rate. Ultimately, I enjoyed what I paid for, but ran into my usual complaint about any cam site: this can get expensive if you develop a crush or simply have poor impulse control. I’m not sure how much willpower I have not to reup my account just as soon as I finish banging out this review. is definitely worth a look if you’re into webcam sex. The interface looks great, though they still have some minor issues they need to work out. The biggest draw, though, is going to be the women. It usually takes a cam platform a while to build up the kind of momentum necessary to maintain a wide userbase of models and fans, but these guys somehow already have it. There are hundreds of live chicks online right now to choose from, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to see who’s already got her tits out.

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