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Bent Box! The coronavirus has shaken up the pornography landscape, in case you haven’t noticed. On your end, I’m sure you’ve got more socially distant alone time to spend with your barrel of lube, but it’s also affected how new movies are made. It’s hard for a woman to gag on a stranger’s cock when everybody is hiding at home, guarding their toilet paper with a shotgun. That’s just one of the reasons more Internet sluts and sexy attention whores are turning to sites like BentBox. calls itself “a sales platform for photos and videos,” which certainly sounds innocent enough. The thing is, I doubt they’d be pulling nearly 4,000 visits a month if they were just selling photos of DIY scrapbooking crafts and millennials showing off their fucking Starbucks. The landing page looks pretty sparkly clean and family-friendly, but before I can even read it, a disclaimer pops up, asking if I’d like to see adult content. They ain’t doing that at Shutterstock, I can tell you that much.


Girls Who Show Their Boobs and More

Just for shits and giggles, I checked out BentBox with the adult filter turned on before I went in for the full picture. I can see from a bunch of exposed titties that some of these girls maybe haven’t read the rules. Then again, maybe they play by a more European model of “adults only.” Americans are known for freaking the fuck out at the sight of a nipple, which is considered far more offensive than showing actual murders on TV.



You know what, though? Even in the “clean” photos without any exposed nips or genitalia, it’s clear these girls are all really selling one thing: sex. There are babes posing in bikinis, blindfolded beauties in lingerie, beach babes with their asses hanging out, and a whole fucking ton of cosplay girls. The top of the clean stream features a really hot Spider Gwen, and a stunning Leeloo further down.


If is this sexy in SFW mode, it’s probably going to fucking rock when we turn the filter off, right? Goddamn right! Suddenly those foot fetish videos and pinup model shoots are buried in a wash of full nude beach shots, pussy-flashing bedroom photos, DIY masturbation scenes, and a video of a dude straight-up fisting his wife. The scope of perversion runs wide and deep at BentBox.


Each thumbnail in the stream represents a piece of premium content available from the artist herself. On BentBox, clips and galleries are sold as a Box. The cunt-diddling redhead has 2 videos in her featured box, and an 18+ teen slut in a really revealing Christmas outfit has 102 jpegs in her box.


I was all hard and drippy, so I figured I should make an account to get a more in-depth look. Signup is free and only takes a few seconds. Give them your email address, a username and password, then tell them whether you’re an explorer or content creator. I’m more interested in the fapping side of things, but the setup looks pretty appealing for web sluts looking to sell their pics and vids. Content creators set their own prices, with a 35% commission tacked on for the smut peddlers at BentBox.


How Much Do You Want to Spend

With most premium porno sites, the price is always the same. You can usually score a month at a lesbian collection, an amateur anal library or teen reality network for thirty bucks. That’s just the going rate for a paysite these days.



Shit’s a little bit different on these social media porn sites where the babes are hawking their own X-rated wares. On some of these a la carte clip and gallery sites, you’ll find relatively consistent prices as if the girls have an unspoken agreement. That doesn’t seem to be the case at, where the prices are really all over the fucking place.


I can’t blame some of these girls for charging twenty bucks for a few dozen beach photos, assuming they’re actually making sales. The law of the market says you can charge what people are willing to pay, and I bet a lot of these girls have a bunch of willing and giving fans worshipping at their feeds. I’m all about this topless babe in the hotpants, but Jesus H. Crackers, I don’t know if I want to trade a Jackson for 8 goddamn nudes.


It’s not all $20 interracial sex sets and $30 erotic Asian nudes. There’s more reasonably priced shit, like the fetish model selling a five-dollar BentBox offering… five fucking photos? Goddamn, that’s pricey! There is a featured MILF selling a 48-pic set for $8, but it’s non-nude, according to the title. Maybe I’ll settle for a ten-dollar set of a blonde in a few dozen bikini shots.


I was going to say that if we’re comparing BentBox to a traditional paysite, the cost is really going to depend on how horny you are. I take that back. Even if you’re buying the cheapest boxes at, you’re going to be spending way more by volume than you would on a paysite subscription. The good news is that most of the money goes directly to the models.


They do offer a BentBox Pro subscription for five bones a month. Most of the perks are going to apply to content creators as opposed to general masturbators, but you do get a 10% discount on all box purchases. That makes it hurt a little less, but the site can get as expensive as a cam site in a hurry.


Some of These Babes Are Freaky!

I clicked on their Categories link expecting the usual sex tags like Teen, MILF, Big Boobs and Anal. Weirdly, BentBox gave me just half a dozen categories, and most of them ain’t porn: Experimenta, Pop Art, CosPlayground, Weird and Wonderful, Nude and Beyond, and Male Art. It made me wonder if the site really was intended at first to sell SFW content.



The Best Sellers gives what I think is a more realistic cross-section of their content. It’s a lot of solo naked babes from their teens (18+) to their MILFs, many with dildos and others with friends. I was hoping to find some better deals under Best Sellers, but nah, these girls still want $10-$20, usually for just a few dozen photos.


The popularity of photo galleries over videos is one of the bigger surprises of BentBox. When I’m browsing a site like ManyVids or OnlyFans, the homemade fingerings, webcam butthole-dildos and boyfriend blowjobs are mainly moving in full-motion formats. Here, boxes full of photos are the norm even though they allow video sales as well.


Since I couldn’t find a real Categories or Tags page, I started typing random things into the search bar. Seriously, needs a Tags page, because they’ve got all kinds of good shit on the menu. The porn standards like Lesbian, Blowjob, Anal and Teen all bring back a ton of available boxes. Even more obscure and hardcore shit like Bukkake, Fisting and Ass-to-Mouth are well represented. Kinksters can dig deep, with tons of fetish fun like BBWs, BDSM and Ballbusting, plus Feet, Piss, GILFs and even some Furry stuff.


BentBox is a really well-designed site, and the growing catalog of homemade fap fodder is really impressive. My biggest complaint has to be the high prices of the content, but I get it. A lot of these girls have big social media followings outside of BentBox, and are capitalizing on that fame to help move boxes here. The major upside is that you really are helping out the models directly when you buy their dirty pictures, which ain’t really the case when you sign up for a paysite. Those girls usually get paid once for the shoot and that’s it. ain’t a great place to get off if you’ve got shallow pockets. Their growing stable of babes selling their own nudes and sex movies is impressive, wide-ranging, and sexy as hell, which is why they’re able to charge what they do. I recommend the site to those of you who get crushes on Internet hotties, because this site puts them right at your sticky fingertips.

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