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Do you count yourself among the Dark Fans, those perverts who just ain’t satisfied by the usual vanilla sex your parents are into? Hey, there ain’t no shame in it all, and in fact, you’re in good company. We’re arguably living in the golden age of BDSM and fetish porn, with more freaky content creators churning out fap fodder than at any other point in history. The internet is the ideal delivery vehicle for the stuff, too, letting you tune in instantly to a wealth of kinky material from the comfort of your home or the table where you’re wi-fi squatting at Starbucks.


The only catch is that you’ve got to know where to look to find the really freaky, kinky, weird material. You’re definitely on the right track here at ThePornDude, since my whole mission has always been to help horny masturbators find their chosen fap fodder. Today, we’re going to look at, an OnlyFans-style content platform aimed squarely at the fetish porn market. The domain has been around since 2017, but it’s safe to say they rode on the coattails of OnlyFans, picking up steam as the format took over the web and the world. With close to half a million visitors a month, I’m guessing there’s something in there worth breaking out the lube for.


Dark Fans of the Dark Art of BDSM

When I pulled up the front page of Dark Fans, I had a funny sense of déjà vu. I thought for a moment that it was just the similarity between DarkFans and OnlyFans, but the landing page here is a bit more revealing; OnlyFans hits you with a plain, SFW and totally non-descript signup page, while these guys at least show you a woman’s handcuffed wrists dangling above her shapely ass. No, the joint looked so familiar because it’s brought to you by the same folks who created LoverFans and ScatBook, both of which I’ve reviewed previously.



You can check out my full reviews of either site, but let me sum them up. LoverFans is pretty much an all-around OnlyFans clone, though I was happier with their preview situation and browsability than the original. ScatBook, as the name implies, is a similar service aimed at fans of more extreme pornography. The title hints at the genre, though it’s more wide-ranging than just poo porn.


LoverFans is obviously the biggest of the three because it caters to a wider set of demographics. I did notice something interesting about the landing pages at both and ScatBook, though. As of this writing, Dark Fans has 8.1k creators, 116k videos, and 66k photos. ScatBook has the exact same numbers.


And what do you know? It turns out my login for ScatBook worked on DarkFans, too. Signing up as a fan or creator is easy and fast, though creators will need to spend a few more minutes verifying their account. The payout rate is 80%, the same as OnlyFans, meaning this could potentially be a good option for anybody jumping ship from the big OF.


What’s New and Kinky in the Feed? has a familiar social-media presentation that you’ll recognize if you’ve been on the internet for more than a few days. The main thing you’re going to see as soon as you get signed up and logged in is your own custom, curated content feed. If you’re brand new and haven’t followed or subscribed to any creators, they’ll give you a feed of Recommended Content to whet your palette.



Since DarkFans let me sign in with my ScatBook credentials, I was really expecting the poop-smeared batch of promo shots I found recommended over there. True to form and true to the title, though, I found instead a nice variety of BDSM and fetish material. I’m not sure exactly how they’re divvying up the content between sites, but the featured content gives DarkFans a distinctly different and more pleasingly aromatic vibe.


Before I’d even Loved, Favorited or Subscribed to anything, Dark Fans was recommending masked dominatrixes dominating their slaves, hardcore cock and ball restraint with chains and harnesses, stern mistresses in corsets and fuck-me faces, and one chick posing with her adorable cat in her lap. There’s also a roleplayed forced masturbation sequence with a tub of butter, an adult baby getting his diaper changed, a guy in a cage getting huge toys shoved up his ass, and a beautiful woman stepping on a little man’s cock.


If there’s one thing I dislike about the setup, it’s that much of the Recommended Content in my feed is hidden, blurred out until I pay for it. The flipside to the equation is that, unlike OnlyFans, there’s a ton of free content on DarkFans. When you see those blurred-out promo shots, you can follow the link back to the creator’s profile, where you will typically find some freebies available.


As with its sister sites, is easier to search and browse than OnlyFans. For one thing, there’s a lot of Recommended Content and it seems to be driven by your own actual preferences, rather than the random/paid algorithms at OnlyFans that have still never recommended anything good. I also had a solid winning streak using the DarkFans search bar to seek out fetishes like Ballbusting, BBW, Pegging, Giantess and Findom. OnlyFans is nearly useless if you don’t know any creator names, but you can find your ideal homebrew bondage porn here even if you’re brand new to the internet.


There’s also a Video Tube feature. I was hoping it’d be stocked full of more freebies, but all the thumbnails had padlock icons and price tags. I do think it’s a nice feature I’d like to see rolled into other content platforms, though, because it gives you a centralized, searchable collection of VOD movies available for sale. The Categories menu full of checkboxes for genres like Dirty Anal, Pregnant and Gape is a nice and very useful touch.


Subscriptions, Vids, and Maybe Some Used Panties

One of the freebies in my starting Dark Fans feed was a 25-second clip of a dude in a chastity device crawling to his masked mistress and sticking his head in her crotch area. I clicked through to the profile page and find out the mistress had 118 free pics and videos to keep me busy while I decide if it’s worth the money to see more.



If you find a creator who you feel is worth the money, you’ve got a few options. The models of DarkFans sell subscriptions, Video On Demand, as well as physical objects. This particular babe is only asking eleven bones for her monthly memberships and includes everything with the package. Other models sell subscriptions as well as Premium content that ain’t included in the monthly deal.


As far as physical items, most of the creators whose profiles I peeped were not selling any. I like that the option is there and feel like it could take off at some point, but right now you’re probably better off with another site off my Buy Used Panties list if you’re looking for soiled undergarments. DarkFans could improve their physical object sales by simply making them easier to find. Perhaps a searchable tag or a section full of creators hawking their tangible wares?


Another underutilized portion of the site is the Live area. In addition to the other income streams, models can also do live webcam performances. Again, this is the kind of thing that could be a big seller, but at this point might not be worth seeking out specifically from DarkFans when so many superior options are available. If you’re already a fan of a DarkFans model doing Live shows, great. If not, there are only a handful of them listed on the page of “STARs who do Lives frequently.” Your mileage is probably going to vary a lot.


Even though some areas of ain’t getting the attention they deserve, the site is definitely worth a look if you like OnlyFans-style content but you’re a bit kinkier than the average wanker. Besides the focus on BDSM and fetish content, DarkFans is also a much more easily accessible site than OnlyFans, hooking visitors up with enough freebies and samples to know what you’re about to pay for, and search functions that will let you find it in the first place. It doesn’t cost a damn thing to poke around with your dick out, so give it a peek.

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